Best Foods for Skin Whitening

Food & Health

How to Look Naturally Fair? – Best Foods for Skin Whitening

With numerous brands contending for market share, it is very difficult to select any one beauty product that promises natural fairness for your skin. Many big brands try to fool consumers with false promises about fairness creams. Hence, it is wise to stick to a few old strategies to attain better results when it comes…

Home Remedies to Reduce Stretch Marks

Skin Care & Beauty Tips

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks?

How many times have you tried to get rid of stretch marks on your body? Have you noticed stretch marks as yet? Plainly speaking, stretch marks are the unsightly lines appearing on your abdomen, thighs, arms, or buttocks soon after pregnancy or sudden weight loss/gain. With their off colour hue, they are easily visible on…

Learn Easy and Simple Paper Craft

DIY Easy Paper Crafts: Spiral Flowers

DIY Videos

Paper Crafts : Awesome Spiral Paper Flowers For DIY Room Decor

The charm and simplicity of easy paper crafts are the highlight factor about them. This DIY paper project on how to make easy and beautiful spiral flowers for home decorations is a fun craft for kids too! Engage your kids in making DIY paper flowers like these and flaunt their talent in front of the…

Diwali Rangoli Design with Finger Technique

DIY Videos

Easy Diwali Rangoli Design for Beginners : How to Make Rangoli with Finger Technique

Hello, friends! Diwali the festival of lights is here and it’s that time of the year again to draw beautiful Rangoli designs for home decoration. Everyone is on the lookout for easy home decoration ideas as lack of time leaves us with no personalized preparation time. Confused on how to make Rangoli? This easy sand art…

How To Apply Eye Shadow Perfectly?

Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks

How To Apply Eye Shadow Perfectly For Flawless Beauty?

Eye makeup may seem to be the toughest in your makeup regimen. But actually, it’s not that tricky, especially if you know how to apply eye shadow flawlessly. You just need to focus on your eye shape, colour, and…

Homemade Hair Mask with Papaya

Food & Health

How To Make Amazing Homemade Hair Mask with Papaya?

Our hair is considered the crowning glory of our body. Beautiful and healthy hair enhances our appearance and personality. We need to maintain our hair regularly so that it remains soft, silky and voluminous.

How To Videos : Watch and Learn the Amazing Paper Craft Tutorials!

Beautiful & Super Easy DIY Kusudama Origami Flowers!

DIY Videos

DIY Origami Flowers : How to Make Kusudama Paper Flowers!

When we talk about origami flowers, learning how to make easy Kusudama Paper Flowers is the best DIY home project idea that you can make use of. Apart from being a great DIY Project for Kids, it is an awesome easy paper craft idea for beginners. Do it Yourself Crafts have lately been quite a…

Easy kids crafts- crepe paper dress

DIY Videos

Easy Kids Crafts : How to Make a Crepe Paper Doll Dress!

Easy kids crafts ideas are something that you can implement with a number of random things found in your house. These types of easy kids crafts are fun for children and equally for parents. They can spend amazing moments together and have wonderful parent-child moments by indulging in such paper craft activities. Here we bring for…

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