Food Myths and Facts

Food & Health

Food Myths and Facts that You Must Know…!

Food plays an important and most inevitable part in our life. Food is essential for growth and gives us energy which is needed to do our daily activities. Over the years, we follow a certain pattern in our food intake. This pattern is affected by the food habits and tradition that we follow from our…

Home Remedies to Reduce Stretch Marks

Skin Care & Beauty Tips

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks?

How many times have you tried to get rid of stretch marks on your body? Have you noticed stretch marks as yet? Plainly speaking, stretch marks are the unsightly lines appearing on your abdomen, thighs, arms, or buttocks soon after pregnancy or sudden weight loss/gain. With their off colour hue, they are easily visible on…

Learn Easy and Simple Paper Craft

Plastic Bottle Basket DIY Recycled Crafts

DIY Videos

Recycled Crafts : How to Make a Basket from Wasted Plastic Bottle!

The appeal of any DIY Recycled Craft is that you can learn how to make utility basket from Plastic Bottle in a very simple yet creative way. If you have taken up a DIY Home Decor Project making best out of waste crafts then this plastic bottle craft is a sure shot success recycled craft…

Amazing Origami Piano : An Easy Origami for Kids!

DIY Videos

Easy Origami for Kids : How to Make an Amazing Origami Piano

Whenever we think about fun and cute kid’s craft ideas DIY Origami paper crafts is the first thing that pops in the mind. If you wish to learn how to make an Easy Origami For Kids, then you have no better place than to stay! Make this cute Origami Piano for your children as a…

The Easy Tips on How to do Your Eyebrows that will Definitely Help to Accentuate Your Eyes Perfectly.

Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks

How to Do Eyebrows Perfectly at Home !

Perfectly shaped eyebrows frame your eyes and define your face. But it is not necessary to rush to a beauty parlour to keep them in shape. Rather you can learn how to do eyebrows at home and master this trick with the little practice. You can shape your tweezed eyebrows quite easily with makeup. Believe…

Healthy Foods for Strong Teeth and Gums

Food & Health

Best Foods for Healthy Gums and Strong Teeth

“Smile and the world will smile with you” is one of the sayings that we have commonly heard. Our smile gives a boost to our personality and confidence. A smile of our face is enhanced when our teeth are white and strong and gums healthy. Now, are there any the best healthy foods which are essential…

How To Videos : Watch and Learn the Amazing Paper Craft Tutorials!

How to make Easy Paper Roses?

DIY Videos

How to Make Paper Roses Step by Step Guide?

DIY Craft Flowers are a wonderful way to spend free time! Since ages, Rose has been a favourite among poets for poems and a muse for artists and painters. Just like a painting and a poem, our video on how to make paper Roses expresses the feelings and emotions of a person in the best…

Best Out of Waste Craft Ideas : Plastic Spoons Wall Decor!

DIY Videos

Best Out of Waste : How to Make Wall Decor With Plastic Spoons!

When you use recycled crafts as a home decoration idea, making them a part of your DIY Home decor project, like we have done by creating a wall decor using plastic spoons, you bring a creative vibe home. Not only does your house get a homely feeling but you create Best out of waste from…

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