Origami for Kids : How To Make 8 Pointed Transforming Origami Ninja Star

Origami for kids is a fantastic idea to unleash the creativity & imagination in them and if they learn how to make an 8 Pointed transforming Origami Ninja Star then various Origami paper folding techniques, then a Fun DIY Origami Craft Project can be arranged for them too! Making a Shuriken or an easy Paper Ninja Star is a fun art and craft activity for kids that they can make as a part of their school projects or even as a DIY easy paper craft during their summer vacations.

A lot of avid paper craft lovers wonder how to make an easy paper ninja star and this easy step by step tutorial with instructions is an absolute must watch if you wish to learn how to make a an easy Origami 8 pointed Ninja Star.

8-Pointed Origami Ninja Star
Pretty 8-Pointed Origami Ninja Star for Kids!

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Let us have a look at how to make the Paper Ninja Star.

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Material Required to Make The Easy Origami Ninja Star


  • Color papers
  • Scissors
  • Cutter
  • Pencil
  • Scale
  • Decorative Stone

Let’s make cute and easy origami diy craft for kids…

Procedure to Make The Easy Origami Paper Ninja Star

Step 1: Take an A4 Size colored paper and cut out square colored paper measuring 10 cm on each side.

Step 2: Make 4 in yellow and 4 in blue color.


Step 3: Take the Square Origami Paper and fold it twice diagonally & twice to achieve bisecting crease.


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Step 4: Fold inwards, two of the top corners, using the middle crease as a guideline.


Step 5: Overlap both the triangles and fold in the top crease in between the two folded triangles.


Step 6: This will give you an overlapping parallelogram.


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Step 7: Fold all the other papers in the same manner, giving you 8 such paper units, 4 yellow colored and 4 blue colored.


Step 8: Insert one paper unit in the other and lock it by folding the corners.

Step 9: Insert all the paper units like this and lock them in the same way by folding the top corners of the triangle.

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Step 10: You will get a complete circle in alternating colors.


Step 11: Holding the paper circle in one hand firmly, rotate the paper in push out the paper units.

Step 12: In the end you will get a pinwheel like design in the centre and star like sharp spikes forming an easy paper Ninja Star.


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So friends, it just takes a handful of colored Origami papers to make an easy paper transforming Ninja Star. A fun art and craft activity for kids this cool craft of a Shuriken is sure to charm the hearts of kids and help them develop a hobby of creating easy paper crafts. Modular Origami paper craft ideas are a great way for encouraging your kids to make fun crafts to do with paper.

So waste no time and learn how to make this pretty 8 pointed origami Ninja Star and have fun!

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