Best Out of Waste : How to Make Wall Decor With Plastic Spoons!

When you use recycled crafts as a home decoration idea, making them a part of your DIY Home decor project, like we have done by creating a wall decor using plastic spoons, you bring a creative vibe home. Not only does your house get a homely feeling but you create Best out of waste from something normal and ordinary, but it looks appealing too! Plastic Spoons couldn’t be used more effectively.

Best Out of Waste Craft Ideas : Plastic Spoons Wall Decor!

Explore Your Best Out of Waste Craft Ideas for Making This Plastic Spoons Wall Decor!

With this Creative recycled craft we create something that is best out of waste wall decor, and being an absolutely super easy Do It Yourself craft, you can surely get your hands on making this wall decor. Watch this step by step tutorial and get started!

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Material Required for Making This Best Out of Waste Craft


  • Colors & Palette
  • Color brush
  • Plastic Spoons
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun
  • Cardboard
  • Craft Glue
  • Glitter Paper
  • Decorative Stones
  • Mirrors
  • Divider and Pencil
  • Scale

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Procedure to Make Plastic Spoon Wall Decor

Step 1: Make a line measuring 30 cm on the cardboard and mark the centre of the line.

Step 2: Place your divider in the centre and make a semi-circle.

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Step 3: Take the same central marking and draw another semi circular of 10 cm diameter.

Step 4: Cut the semicircle out from the cardboard.


Step 5: Take a glitter paper and cut it out in the same size as that of the cardboard semicircle.


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Step 6: Cover the semicircle with this glitter paper.


Step 7: Take a few plastic spoons and paint them in yellow color. Let them dry completely.


Step 8: In another section of your palette, mix a little bit of red and white color to get a baby pink shade.

Step 9: Paint the plastic spoons with this baby pink color.


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Step 10: Paste the spoons one below the other in alternating colors, with the help of a glue gun.


Step 11: Arrange and paste the spoons on the glitter paper covered cardboard to form a design.


Step 12: Now take some decorative stones and add a sparkly touch with a pretty shiny mirror in the centre.



And before you even realize, your beautiful and vibrant Plastic Spoons Wall Decor is absolutely ready! Get set to flaunt this new piece of artistry as a part of your home decoration projects and get set to welcome the compliments that come for your creativity.

We would be immensely happy if you share your experiences of making this wall decor! We eagerly await your feedback!