Diwali Lantern Ideas : How to Make a Easy Lantern for This Diwali!

That time of the year is back when there are lights and lanterns adorning and embellishing houses everywhere. Yes! The first thing that comes to mind with Diwali is Lanterns.  It’s shiny, glowing and glittering on Diwali everywhere. When you can make sweets at home, decorate coloured diyas in your home have you ever thought of making your own Lantern? Today we are going to give you easy Diwali lantern ideas for decorate and enjoy your festive season…

Diwali Lantern Ideas for Decoration
DIY Lantern Ideas for Decoration

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We give you here best Diwali Lantern Ideas & will help you make the best Diwali Lantern using your own imagination and giving your Diwali decorations an added personal touch.

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Material Required DIY Lantern

  • Thermocol Sheet
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Cutter
  • Glitter
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Scale
  • Handmade glitter paper
  • Decorative Lights

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Diwali Lantern Ideas : Step by Step Procedure for Making Lantern

Step 1: Take a thermocol sheet and cut out the strips of width 3cm and take full length of the thermocol(Recommended- 45cm).

Step 2: Slice the strips from the middle into two halves

Step 3: Take a needle with thread and make a stack of a few strips of thermocol.

Step 4: Now pass the needle through the bunch of thermocol, at the start of the thermocol stack. This is one end of the thermocol strips.

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Step 5: Continue the same thread and start sewing another end, the other tip where the ends of the thermocol strips are clutched together.

Step 6: Stretch and give the thermocol strips a curved shape, like that of a conch.

Step 7: Arrange the strips in a shell like structure. Keep in mind that it should appear as if the above strip is overlapping the one below it.

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Step 8: Line the edges of the thermocol strips with glitter and give it a decorative look. You can stick coloured stones and stickers to add more charm.

Step 9: Now the last step is cutting a triangle-edged strip out of the glitter handmade paper. Keep the dimensions of the strip 3×20 cm.

Step 10: Apply glue on this glitter strip and stick it around the base of the lamp.

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To give it the feel of Diwali place the decorative light in the lamp

And there you have! Your beautiful and glowing DIY Diwali Lantern is absolutely ready to adorn your house this festive season. Get ready to receive compliments for your talent from the Diwali guests and visitors as your DIY Diwali Lantern Ideas catch everyone’s eye!

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