Easy DIY Girl’s Craft : How To Make Pretty Stocking Flower Tiara!

Every girl feels ultra feminine and pretty with an amazing DIY flower crown and so, learning how to make a DIY stocking flower craft. Adorn a beautiful DIY Flower Crown is undoubtedly a beautiful accessory for girls. A complete step by step tutorial on how to make an easy DIY Stocking Flower Tiara is the most creative and useful craft idea for girls.

Now-a-days flower crown for bridesmaids are the most chic fashion fad at every weddings. You can also pair this beautiful Stocking Flower Tiara with a beautiful long maxi dress and experiment with the coolest headband hairstyles too!

Easy Diy Stocking Flower Tiara
How To Make Pretty Stocking Flower Tiara For Girls!

Come; Let us have a look at this easy craft idea of how to make this Easy DIY Stocking Flower Craft.

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Material Required to Make the Stocking Flower Tiara


  • Colourful Stockings
  • Craft wire
  • Stamens
  • Scissors
  • Decorative stones
  • Green Tape
  • Thread
  • Adhesive

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Procedure to Make the Easy DIY Stocking Flower Tiara

Step 1: Take the craft wire and mould it like that of the shape of a petal.

Step 2: Form a craft wire loop, and shape the craft wire like so with your fingers.


Step 3: Now take the stocking and stretch it over the craft wire loop.

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Step 4: Fasten the end of the stocking with a thread. In this way you make the petals for the flowers.


Step 5: Take a few stamens and bunch them up, tying the end with a craft wire.


Step 6: Now arrange and hold the craft wire petals like a flower and place the stamen attached craft wire in between the petals.

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Step 7: Tie a thread at the base of the flower. This is how a stocking flower will get ready. Make 2-3 such colourful flowers in different colours. Wrap the step of flowers with green tape.


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