DIY Craft Ideas for Kids : How to Make an Easy Origami Mini Notebook!

Step 6 : Join these folded paper strips with one another by inserting the corner of one paper strip into another.


If you are looking out to learn how to make an origami frog, Just click here to watch the right thing!

Step 7 : Add more strength to the points where the strips join by pasting them with glue, in the long strip.


Step 8 : Open and lay flat the long folded strip and apply glue, and join them together to give you pages for your book.


Step 9 : Take a handmade paper square and fold it in half to cut it.


Step 10 : Fold both the edges of the paper inside.


Step 11 : Place the note book in between of that strip and wrap the book inside the handmade paper.

Step 12 : Paste the bunch of pages for the book inside the cover of the book and chop off the remaining paper.


Your DIY Origami Miniature Notebook is absolutely done to be gifted to your kids and children. As an awesome handmade gift and also an easy paper craft idea, this DIY Origami Miniature Notebook works magically!

So when are you making this cool DIY Origami Miniature Notebook.

Priyanka Mohadikar

Hi Friends, I am Priyanka, a php coder as well as a crafter. I like coding, but I LOVE Crafting... That's why I am here to share my interest & new ideas of crafting, quilling & cooking.

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