Easy Rangoli Design Ideas : How to Make a Beautiful Peacock Feather Rangoli

A peacock feather is known for the bright and luminous colors of its feathers that come to life when the peacock puts his beautiful plumage to display. The peacock feather symbolises royalty, love, purity, compassion and pleasure.

Easy Rangoli Design Ideas : How to Make Easy Peacock Feather Rangoli

Rangoli or sand art is a very ancient ritual. We bring for you a beautiful and elegant way to bring this beauty home, using sand art. You can use Rangoli art in a very easy way and with the help of our tutorial on how to make beautiful peacock feather rangoli, use your drawing skills and creative imagination and magically create this beautiful peacock feather Rangoli at your doorstep. Rangoli is a tradition followed by most Indians since ages.

Here is the Easy and Creative Rangoli Design Idea

 Rangoli or Indian sand art is simply drawing various designs and patterns with colored sand at the doorstep of the main entrance. Making Rangoli or sand art is a way to keep Gods and deities, happy and Rangoli is especially to invite the auspicious Goddess Laxmi into our home for blessing the family with prosperity.

Do You wish to bring a fresh look to your home? – Let’s have a look on how to create DIY home decor.

Use this DIY Easy Rangoli and decorate your home decor in a new way. Let’s learn how to make beautiful peacock feather using rangoli and you can use this rangoli pattern for competition also!

Material Required to Implement Sand Art Ideas

  • Pencil
  • Colored sand of the following colors:
  • White
  • Light and Dark Green
  • Blue and Turquoise
  • Dark purple
  • Light Brown
  • Yellow
  • Silver Glitter

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Procedure to Make Peacock Feather Rangoli at Your Doorstep

  • Draw a rough sketch of a large peacock feather on the floor or the desired surface, with a pencil or a chalk, as suitable to you, so you get an idea for colour placement.
  • Start from the middle of the feather with darker colors of Purple, Dark blue, Turquoise and work your way outwards to a vibrant combination of light and Dark Green.
  • Draw the edges of the feather with long curled strokes of Dark Green color.
  • Now, lastly put white colored sand around the feather to give it a background.

And, the end result of your imagination and drawing is a beautiful peacock feather, made using Sand Art.

Sand Art Ideas
How to Make Beautiful Peacock Feather Using Sand Art Ideas?

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Got your own designs of Rangoli or sand art??? Share them with us…. we could make it a part of our work and give you credits for doing so.

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