DIY Paper Roses : How to Make Paper Roses As A Wall Decor Masterpiece!

Flowers are one such part of nature; though modest by look have the unravelled power of brightening anyone’s dull day! From cheering up a bed -ridden patient to lightening up the girl’s face when her boyfriend brings her a bunch of roses. We make a little effort in bringing colors in your living room by these DIY Paper Roses video. Hope you would give it a try!

Simple and Easy DIY Paper Roses as a wall hanging
How to Make Simple and Easy DIY Paper Roses as a wall hanging ?

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Today we bring for you step by step video tutorial for making this superb, amazing and easy-to-make DIY Paper Roses. It’s very beautiful wall decor craft that can be easily done in a very less time. Let’s have a look on this simple DIY Craft making!

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Material Required for Making DIY Paper Roses


  • Sheets of crepe paper
  • A pair of scissors
  • Craft wire
  • A pencil
  • Thread
  • Colored tape
  • A scale
  • Broomsticks
  • Craft adhesive

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Step by Step Procedure on How to Make Paper Roses

Step 1- Draw a petal-shaped design on the white colored crepe paper sheet and cut it out.

Step 2-Make multiple white colored petals using the first cut out as a stencil.


Step 3- Now take the craft wire and wrap a petal around it using thread.


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Step 4-Keep on typing petals around the craft wire one by one layering it until you get a flower.


Step 5- Firmly tie the thread around the base of the flower.


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