Hey girls! It’s time to take up an exciting DIY Room Decor Project and learn how to make a beautiful Quilling Princess Frame for Room Decoration. Making crafts like easy diy wall art using quilling pattern is one of the most amazing ideas to give your home decorations a personalized and a creative appeal.

Invest your creativity in learning paper quilling art and spend some time in making this quilling wall hanging. Give your living room interiors an absolutely new look with this pretty Quilling Princess Frame for Room Decoration- an ideal Easy DIY Wall Art Idea for girl’s room.

Quilling Princess Easy DIY Wall Art!

Quilling Princess Easy DIY Wall Art!

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Let us have a look at how to make the amazing Quilling Princess Wall Decor Frame.

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Material Required in Making the Quilling Princess Frame


  • Red and White Coloured paper
  • Scissors
  • Quilling Strips
  • Quilling needle
  • Cutter
  • Adhesive
  • Pencil
  • Adhesive

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Procedure to Make Easy DIY Wall Art Using Quilling

Step 1: Take a stencil and draw the given shape on a red paper.


Step 2: Take a yellow quilling strip and divide and cut it in 4 equal parts. Make tight coils using them.


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Step 3: Start to make the dress of the Quilling princess by pasting the tight coils on the upper body of the princess, and start to form the design.


Step 4: Divide and cut yellow and blue strips into 4 equal parts.

Step 5: Take 1/4th part of each coloured strip and paste them together.


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Step 6: Make dual coloured tear drop shaped coils with them.


Step 7: Paste these coils at the waistline of the princess’ dress.


Step 8: Cut and paste quilling strips vertically according to the different size, in the upper body portion of the princess.


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Step 9: Cut out the shape of the princess from the red colour paper with a cutter.

Step 10: Paste the cut out of the princess on a thick white paper.


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