Know how to remove the stains on your teeth

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Yellow teeth-The causes Teeth discolouration affects people across cultures and ethnicities. The leading cause of all dental problems including discolouration has been poor dental hygiene. Improper eating habits and unhealthy food has also gone a long way in wearing down teeth, genetics also has a major role to play. Even while dental care has advanced … Read more

Get rid of painful mouth ulcers easily with home remedies!

Home Remedies for Mouth Sores or Canker Sores

Canker sores, also medically known as “Aphthous Stomatitis”, are actually mysterious ulcers in the mouth which can attack any of you at any point of time. Now they are said to be mysterious because no one knows what causes canker sores. They are extremely painful spots or lesions in the mouth which make it really … Read more