Mental Relaxation Techniques to Face The Various Stresses in Daily Life!

Mental relaxation techniques

Stress is that state of the body when the nervous system is overworked and is ready for a “fight” or “flight” situation. The example that is often quoted is when you are in the woods and you spot a tiger. What is the normal reaction? You try to run as fast as possible to evade … Read more

Effects of Bad Posture on Your Health!

Effects of bad posture

We don’t realize the benefits of good posture till our body protests in the form of pain. Many a time we don’t understand the Effects of Bad Posture and take our bodies for granted.  We sit, stand or lie down in postures which prove to be bad for the body in the long run. The … Read more

Stretching Exercises : 9 Stretches to Energize Your Morning!

Stretching Exercises

It is very well said, “Lose an hour in the morning, and you will spend all day looking for it.”  With today’s fast moving world, people have started matching up to the speed to cope up with the busy schedule. So, finding time for them has become a major issue. In such a scenario, stretching exercises … Read more