Stretching Exercises : 9 Stretches to Energize Your Morning!

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It is very well said, “Lose an hour in the morning, and you will spend all day looking for it.”  With today’s fast moving world, people have started matching up to the speed to cope up with the busy schedule. So, finding time for them has become a major issue. In such a scenario, stretching exercises and morning yoga has proved to optimise the performance to cope up with full day workload. The fresh start to the day with morning stretches gives a person a lively beginning and more endurance while performing daily tasks.

Morning Stretching Exercises are one of the best ways to begin the day in a healthy manner. It not only energizes the morning but also eases away the tension or stress from the previous day. These stretches should be performed gently, in case doing right out of the bed or after a hot shower for better results. This article discusses nine such morning stretches that help in energising the morning and making one feel strong, flexible and grounded. These stretching exercises do not focus on any one area but engage the entire body muscles.

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9 Stretching Exercises

Stretching Exercises

1. Upper Back Release


This stretching exercise targets the upper back and back of the shoulders. This exercise helps people fighting with the back pain. You perform it in a standing position. Stand with feet hip-distance apart. Now, clasp the hands and round the upper back while keeping the arms straight and active. Feel the shoulder blades spreading wide across the back. Stay on with stretch for at least 2-3 deep breath. Repeat the session for say ten times.

2. Chest Release

This stretching exercise focuses on the chest, biceps, and front of shoulders. The posture of the exercise is as if holding a door frame, a wall or window ledge with the left arm. Now take a step ahead with the left leg. Twist the entire body to the right. The turn should be made particularly in the hips. Hold this stretch for at least 4-6 breaths. For the left side, repeat it. Repeat the procedure for the left side. Repeat the full set for at least ten times.

3. Cat-Cow Stretch


One of the best is the best back stretching exercises. It is also known as all fours stretch. This stretch works excellent for the whole spine. As the name suggests, one needs to form a posture like a dog or a cow by getting down on all the fours. While looking up at the ceiling, one slowly drops the back down towards the floor while inhaling. Again arch the back up while looking down at the belly button just like a cat. Now exhale. Repeat this stretch for another 2-3 minute.

4. Seated Spinal Twist


This morning stretch aims at the spine as the name itself suggests. It mostly targets the neck and shoulders. You can perform it in a sitting position. Begin with s   sitting on the edge of the bed or a chair, bring the legs together. Now, lengthen the spine rotation from the waist. For a better support place one hand behind and the other hand on the outer thigh. To get into a much higher and deeper level of the stretch, twist the neck and try to look over the shoulder as well. Hold on to at least 2-3 deep breaths. Repeat the session for the other side as well.

5. Standing Forward Bend


This stretching exercise is also called a forward fold. This morning stretch primarily focuses on the hamstrings and the lower back. This stretching exercise stretches the hamstrings while helping to concentrate and feel the presence. To start with, stand with feet hip-distance apart. While maintaining this posture keep the knees slightly bent. Bend a little forward at the hips; ensure the hips are stacked directly over the ankles. Your upper body should hang over your legs, and you should clasp your elbows. Taking the exercise to advance level pull the abdominal muscles in toward the spine, letting the head hang. Now grab each elbow with the opposite hand. Hold for 5-6 deep breaths while nodding yes no from the head.

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6. Side Stretch


The primary target areas of this stretch are the outer thigh, shoulders and the oblique. Stand with right hand on the bed or the wall. Bring the left leg in front of the right leg with feet pointing forward. It is similar to the crossing of legs. Now slowly move into the left hip and try to reach the left arm up and overhead. It appears like a long line from the left ankle to the left fingertips. Hold back the same position for another 2-3 deep breath. Keep inhaling and exhaling. Repeat steps on the other side now. Perform this stretch repetitively for another 3-4 time.

7. Standing Hamstring Stretch


The feeling of the hamstring stretch is unparallel to any other stretch. Certain stretches involve the full stretch of the hamstring in either standing or lying position. Begin with the posture. For this morning stretch brings the right leg ahead in the form of a bench or a step. Raise the height with the flexibility. Maintain the leg-hip distance apart and parallel. Check for the back leg to be straight and flex the front foot. To get to a little higher level of stretch, hinge at the hips keeping the spine straight. Be careful o f not using the back or the waist while hanging. Don’t twist the spine. Hold the stretch for 4-6 deep breaths. Now repeat the session for the other side.

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8. Standing Quad Stretch


It is a stretching exercise involving the quadriceps workout. Begin with standing with feet hip distance apart. For support, one can hold a chair, wall or a bed. Swiftly loosen the left knee and reach out on the right foot or ankle. Now bend the right knee to point straight underneath to the floor. Maintain the pelvis neutral. Ensure that the spine is straight and tall with the head crown reaching the ceiling. Stay back in the position for 3-4 deep breaths. Repeat the session for the other side. You can substitute it with a lying side quad stretch.

9. Outer Hip Stretch


The last stretch is the stretch of the hips and the outer thighs. For this stretch raise the left leg with the knee bending onto the bed. Square off the hips ensuring the front knee to be outside of the front shoulder. Now hinge ahead at the hips keeping the tailbone un-tucked and spine tall. For support grab the bed. Maintain the position for 4-6 deep breaths. Now perform the stretch for the other side.

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Instead of snoozing the alarm for another 5 minutes one can find the time to perform theses morning stretching exercises which will boost up the daily work energy. These stretches will not just keep healthy but also stress-free and enthusiastic all throughout the day.

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