Breathing Techniques : Benefits of Deep Breathing And How to Do It!

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Life is busy to the core and you are utterly frustrated at its way. Blame it to the hectic work schedules and lifestyle. Everybody is busy to make life better and in that pursuit takes up extra stress that taxes the body. This extra pressure will give rise to stress, anxiety and cave a way to other health issues. There are no permanent medication to deal with the above. However, there are breathing techniques with which you can help prevent the extra stress and anxiety.

Breathing techniques are being practiced from a long time and has proven benefits to deal with the above. This is a complete natural method which uses the body’s own system to heal. Breathing exercises or relaxation techniques are specialised exercises that will sooth your body and help keep the stress and anxiety under control. It will also be helpful in preventing the same.

Do not wait until it’s too late! Bring your stress under control with some wonderful breathing techniques. The exercises will hardly make any difference to your routine, but the benefits are immense. Scroll below to find them.

Benefits of Breathing Techniques

Deep Breathing Techniques

The underlying reason that gives rise to depression, anxiety and stress is short breathing or shallow breathing. This shallow breathing will strain a part of the nervous system which will lead to the above problems.  Deep breathing techniques teaches the importance of breath and its cooling effect on the nervous system.The sympathetic nervous system is the one which responses to hard work and extreme pressure. Due to shallow breathing or improper diaphragm breathing the body receives less oxygen. This leaves the nervous system devoid of the required amount of oxygen and hence leads to stress. Deep breathing techniques will counteract the above activity. Deep breathing exercises will, in essence, activate the parasympathetic nervous system to cool down the sympathetic nervous system. This complimentary action will in turn calm down the response towards stress and hence prevent depression and anxiety.

A few of the famous deep breathing techniques are –

1. Coherent Breathing

This type of breathing exercise will activate the parasympathetic nervous system by increasing the heart rate variability (HRV). The technique requires a 5 minute concentration breathing. Count from 1-5 while inhaling and do the same while exhaling. Repeat the same for 5 minutes every day for better results. The brain will receive the most pure form of oxygen with this.

2. Resistance Breathing

As the name suggests, the breathing technique will provide relaxation to the nervous system by resisting the flow of air. It is nothing but a form of internal relaxation technique. Singing or chanting will restrict the vocal cords and will make you hold breath or resist. This in turn will calm down the agitated nervous system.

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3. Moving Breath

Breathing exercises for stress has a lot more to do with the brain than the heart and lungs. Moving breath technique is nothing but like a massage to your brain. Imagine the relief of a body massage, the same goes to the brain through breathing. Here’s how! While you breathe, imagine it is travelling right up to your brain and let it circulate over it. Keep repeating and let it sooth the brain. After a span of 15 minutes, what you will feel is magical.

4. Quieting Breath

It is more than breathing quietly. This breathing technique is an instant relaxation technique. Breathing exercises for anxiety and stress has been made easy with this technique. At an instant of stress, close your eyes and mouth. Put up an internal smile and relax the shoulder muscles. Then imagine some perforations on your feet. Once you are done, inhale as much as air you can. Feel the calm air is flowing from beneath and rising up your body. While you exhale feel that the hot air from your body is being transferred down and finally exhaled through the pores. Repeat this exercise for 10-15 minutes a day.

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5. Kids Breathing Technique

It is not for kids, because they never get stressed. This breathing technique involves a child’s play. All you need to do is borrow a kid’s teddy and place it on your belly bottom while lying in your back. Keep a hand on your chest. Now start inhaling, you will see the teddy rise. Once you are bloated with air, hold your breath and count 1, 2, 3 and then exhale. Repeat it a few times to feel relaxed.

6. Breathe While You Think

This is a combination breathing technique to attain calmness. The method is pretty simple, deeply inhale and exhale till a count to five. Count on every exhale never cross a 5. While you do this, think of the positive things about yourself. Think of the wonderful times spent and that are ahead of you. Make this a habit and you will be much relaxed than before.

7. Alternate Routes

Using the alternate nostrils to breathe is one of the best among breathing techniques. This form will help you attain the highest level of relaxation. Keep in mind not to do this before going to bed. This technique is to make you more awake, something like the kick of a cup of coffee. While you relax in a comfortable position, preferably on a mat on the floor, inhale through your left nostril. Keep the right nostril closed with the thumb. Once at peak, close the left nostril with your ring finger and exhale completely thorough the right. Repeat the same from the right and continue to the left nostril. Repeat it for about 15 minutes to attain ultimate relaxation. Best time to practice is morning.

Breathing exercises for stress and anxiety actually effects the bodily systems to bring relief. The main changes that happens due to breathing are:

  • Oxygen levels are equalised at all parts of the brain.
  • Blood pressure comes under control because the heart rate increases.
  • Metabolism rates are increased and matched to the requirements of energy.

Life will be always stressful and you must find a way to beat that stress. Breathing exercise is the best way to do it. Do not waste your precious time in dealing with stress, prevent it with simple breathing exercises like above.

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