Do You Know Best Exercises to Lose Arm Fat Fast?

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There are many people out there who has a perfect toned body with perfect attractive arms. Let’s admit! We all are jealous about that and wish we had perfect arms too! The fat accumulation near the arm area makes us look older and unattractive. No worries! We bring you top exercises to lose arm fat easily and quickly. If you are worried about flabby arms, this article is for you. Follow it rigidly and you can easily get rid of arm fat. Read on!

Exercises to Lose Arm Fat Fast

Exercises to Lose Arm Fat Fast

1. Horizontal Plank Walk

Horizontal plank walk

This arm exercise helps to tone the arm muscles very quickly. It mainly targets to melt the excessive accumulated fat in the arm area. This one has also worked wonders for those striving for upper arm fat reduction. This exercise is believed to be the fastest way to lose arm fat by the experts.

To do this exercise in a simple way, follow these steps sequentially:

  • Lie on your stomach on the floor and then keep your hands a shoulder width away from the floor. If the floor is too cold by any reason, you might use a yoga mat or carpet.
  • Join your legs and feet together.
  • Your whole body must be in a single straight line posture and your fingers must point outwards.
  • Next you have to place your right hand on the left arm and move left foot on the left side.
  • Repeat the procedure by alternative moves of left and right hands.
  • Get back to the same first step and repeat the exercise again.

It is recommended you repeat at least 5 rounds each for left arm and right arm. For best results, you can increase the counts to lose arm fat easily.

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2. Single Arm Triceps

Single arm triceps exercise

One of the best exercises to lose arm fat fast is this simple single arm triceps. It helps to burn the accumulated fat in the triceps region of your arms. Also it burns the excessive fat in back portion of arms. It is a proven arm toning exercise. Losing arm fat becomes easy with this exercise. And the best part is that you don’t need many equipments. All you have to do is follow these simple steps.

  • Fold your legs and feet together and sit on a yoga mat.
  • Keeping the feet flat facing towards floor, bend your knees and make sure your fingers are pointing towards hips.
  • Then you need to raise your hips and keep your arms straight. By doing this, most of the body weight will be borne by your arms.
  • Repeat doing the same procedure until you sweat or feel tired for best results. You remember the golden rule : ” the more you sweat the more you shine” right? So don’t step back from sweating to lose arm fat fast!

3. Push Ups

Push ups

This is the most common body exercise and most of them do it on a regular basis. Yet many people fail to realize the importance of such exercises to lose arm fat. Best part is that you don’t even need to have dumbbells or barbells or any other gym equipment. Your body weight is your equipment here. The stubborn fat that is accumulated in the arm region can be reduced by following this. Let’s get started:

  • Lay on your stomach on the floor
  • Keep your elbows straight and place your hands apart which must be wider than your shoulder width.
  • Join your feet together. Bend the elbows and move your whole body towards the floor. But then, make a note that your stomach must not touch the ground.

For best results you can do 2 sets of 12 repetitions every morning to get rid of arm fat fast. This will surely give your arms a perfect toned look.

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4. Weight Lifting

Weight lifting

This weight lifting exercise is only for body builders. Now, that is a myth! Stop believing people when they say weight lifting exercises to lose arm fat are for body builders only. You don’t have to lift weights as much as body builders do, but you definitely can lift some that are suitable for your body and strength. It makes your arm firmer and stronger. Firm arms appear lean and the weights will burn excessive fats in the arm area. How do I perform?

  • First of all remember that it is the weight that counts. The weight you use needn’t necessarily be a gym equipment. A 3 liter water can will also do the trick.
  • Sit on a chair with a straight back and lift the 3 liter water can with your hands. Lift it over the head.
  • Make sure while doing the lifting your arms aren’t bent and are very straight.
  • Then bring the bottle down near your belly and repeat the exercise again.
  • You can perform 2 sets of 10 counts each everyday in the morning for maximum benefits. Also, you can choose to increase the weight gradually as and when you get acquainted with more weights.

5. Tricep Dips

Tricep dips exercise

This is also a triceps exercise that is considered one of the top exercises to lose arm fat easily. Also you can get super hot toned arms by working on the triceps. All you need is a 2 to 2.5 feet chair or a table to do this exercise. Let’s get started:

  • Place the table or chair in any stable place wherein it doesn’t shake or wiggle.
  • Keep a distance of 3 to 4 feet and stand straight in front of the chair.
  • Turn to your back and keep your hands on the table or chair.
  • Bend your elbows and lower the body to keep it low to the ground.
  • Touch the chair through your arms as you bend and your body must be facing the roof. Repeat the same thing with usage of right and left arms both
  • Perform 3 sets of 15 repetitions for desired results to lose arm fat fastly.

6. Wrist Rotation

Wrist rotation

This one is an exercise which is in the limelight. It is the easiest exercise yet one of the top exercises to lose arm fat easily and quickly. It can be done at anytime from anywhere in your home. If you are a busy person, and cannot do so many repetitions of the earlier exercises explained, you should probably be vouching for this one. Rest assured you can get rid of arm fat easily. For this you will need to have a 1.5 or 2  litre water can.

  • Stand in a straight position and hold 1.5 or 2 litre water can in both your hands.
  • Rotate your wrist and the entire palm region by holding water bottles.
  • Make clockwise rotations first and then repeat by doing anti clockwise rotations.
  • Each rotation should be done for one minute or 90 seconds whichever you feel is comfortable.
  • Do atleast 5 rotations everyday in order to get rid of arm fat fastly.

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We are pretty much done. You can follow any of the above exercises to lose arm fat that best suits your body. Make sure you do it on a regular basis and do not take long breaks in between. If followed in proper and prescribed ways, getting toned arms will no longer be a dream!

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