Knee Strengthening Exercises : Best Exercises to Get Rid of Knee Pain!

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My grandfather used to say that when life seems like very slow pacing and painful then there can be only meanings of that, you are either in a job interview or your knees are busted, and today to celebrate his riddance I am going to tell some really easy knee strengthening exercises that will help you have a painless life and grandfathers.

And as we try to sort our lives out at the expense of our working hours trying on these simple knee strengthening exercises, all our attempts at healthy life just like other people around us (like Kavita from 2 cabins up and Deepika from 10 million social levels up!) will not be fruitful if we do not stay clairvoyant and yes I now big words too!

And by clairvoyant I meant – don’t strain yourself with these, do them slowly and gradually, over time these will take effects and start some noticeable change in you!

Knee Strengthening Exercises

So without further ado, let’s begin with our daily productive routine, reading healthy and handy stuff on where there is one guy who is helpfully strange, weird and funny, like for realsies!

Here are some knee strengthening exercises that you can do to ease up on your knee pain and enjoy life like Leo “why is this guy suddenly everywhere?” Dicaprio does, without any knee pain!

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(Also here is a link for some really easy knee strengthening exercises, if you have any problem understanding all the exercise jargon… squats? Hips? Ball squeeze? Walking? Using legs? Our legs? What blasphemy is this handsome and smart guy is talking about here!!!).

Best Knee Strengthening Exercises

1. Mini Squats

Hold on to some chair, some not moving surface like the kitchen counter or your ambitions (ka-ching!), now with your knees away from each other, slightly bend your hips and knees as in a sitting on a chair movement, as you go forward a little…now slowly stand up back again, repeat 10 times.

That was one of the many easy and effective knee strengthening exercises, so buckle up.

2. Stand Up Hamstring Curls

Another knee strengthening exercise is, as you hold on to some chair’s back or some stationary surface, don’t move those hips, now bend one knee (of your choice), as far as easily possible, slowly, of course, bringing your heel up to your butts. Do this for like 10 to 12 times on every leg, however, many you possess!

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3. On Spot Marching (Hip Flexors)

Another knee strengthening exercise, on your own, as you hold some stationary surface or object like sleepy Manoj from accounting, take some alternative steps in place, bring your knee up to a painless height, now do this for 60 seconds. A nice way to use your office and Manoj from accounting for your health!

4. Heel Raises of Calf Muscle

Again hold on to some chair’s back because they are the stablest thing in all the multiverses, or maybe some other less stable surface like kitchen sink and slowly rise up on toes, as your heels lift up from the ground you return them heels back, now do this for 10 to 12 times or until someone asks your well-being with strange looks in their eyes.

Another good knee strengthening exercise!

5. Quad Sets

Lie on the ground and keep a pillow or maybe some soft grandchild under your knees, now get up and sit, keep your knees totally straight, lean against a wall if you have those, now try focusing on contracting your quadriceps muscles and hold it as tight as possible for like several seconds, relax and repeat for 10 times for as many times you can manage a pillow or soft grandchildren under your knees (2-4).

Also, contracting means to shrivel and quadriceps means front thigh muscles, and yes you are welcome.

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6. Raise Those Legs Straight

As with the same start position with the quad sets, sit with your favorite leg (one at a time and we all have a favorite leg and arm) straight ahead of you with toes pulled towards knee (umm, ouch?)

You can lie too if you want for this one, so anyway, keep your other foot bent with your foot on the floor. Now contract (shrink, pucker up, shrivel, contort etc) your front thigh muscles of the right leg, lift that junior for about 12 inches up off the ground and hold it right there for 5 seconds, now slowly get back to earth and repeat this thing 10 times switching legs.

7. Ball Squeezer on Wall Sliding, Wait-What?

Ok now, just get this done with, stand with your back opposing a wall and your feet apart at shoulder width distance, now hold a small soccer level inflated ball between your knees (oh lord, thank you!)now slowly slide down the wall by bending your knees and lowering yourself and your self-esteem (it’s the only way goddamit!).

And since I don’t have any clue about how to rewrite the next line from where I am copying this strange piece of… advises I am gonna quote them here for the next hint for this…exercise.

“Knees should form a right angle with quads parallel to the floor and shins perpendicular to the floor”.

So do that, and hold it for like 5 to 10 seconds and now slowly return to your start position, repeat until your soul screams at you!

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8. Clams and Bridges, Because We are English Now

Clams –

Lie, lie like you are being paid for it, on the ground on your side (one at a time!) and your hip and knee bent at 90 degrees with feet together (got it? Ok then) in this situation, without crying, raise your top knee up about 12 inches from the other in clamshell motion, repeat 10 to 25 times.

Glute Bridges –

lie on the back with both knees bent 90 degrees, tighten your buttocks as you lift them off the floor as high as gravity can allow you without arching your back! Your shoulders, knees, and hips should be in alignment. Hold this position up as extend one leg up with everything still aligned- and you know what just go to that link up above!

See ya if you are still left!

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