How to Quit Tobacco Chewing?

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When was Tobacco discovered? How was the idea of the living dead introduced? Tobacco gets derived from the leaves of the genus Nicotiana. It is a nightshade family plant indigenous to North and South America.

As per Archeological findings, the first use of Tobacco was around the first century BC. That was when the Maya people of Central America used tobacco leaves for smoking. They used Tobacco as sacred smoke in their religious ceremonies. When the Maya community started migrating from south America between 470 and 630 AD, they took their prized tobacco possessions too. Through the Maya influence, it started spreading as far as high up to the Mississippi Valley. Later it got adopted by neighbouring and native tribes.

How Tobacco affects the overall body- How tobacco makes you a living dead

Smoking as a habit makes you highly vulnerable to complications in the body. It can also render long-term effects on your body systems. While smoking can cause immediate changes in your body, some become visible long-term. Know more about the symptoms and overall effects of smoking on the body below.

A mood stimulant: Actually makes you a living dead

Initially, smoking alters your mood with a powerful upswing. Later it becomes a habit because, without a puff, you will quickly get drawn towards anxiety and irritability, difficult prospects to manage.

Early menopause: Symptoms of the living dead

Female smokers tend to menstruate early and often display hot flashes above the norm. Such biological changes get to be attributed directly due to smoking.

Smelly hair, body and clothes: The smell of the living dead

Tobacco smoke does not disperse easily or quickly. It lingers and sticks around. Secondhand smoke often attaches to the smoker’s body and his immediate things rendering him smelly even while he is not at it.

Vision issues will set in: The living dead fail to see

Smoking is unsuitable for the eyes as it can accelerate ageing and cause cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Bland taste and smell: The living dead can’t enjoy life anymore

Smoking can erode the natural taste buds of their ability to discern different tastes. The dulled state of taste and smell can also reduce the smoker’s appetite for food.

The tobacco connection to dental caries: The rottenness of the living dead

Smoking from short to long-term can cause brownish stained teeth. It can also cause gum inflammation and loss of teeth.

Can smoking trigger Bronchitis in the living dead?

Smokers are at high risk for contracting Bronchitis. Those already suffering from respiratory issues like pneumonia and tuberculosis will only draw in more complications through smoking. Small children around them are most vulnerable even to secondhand smoke.

Lung cancer caused by Tobacco in the living dead

Smoking manifolds the risk of lung disease and cancer in men and women. As per the CDC, smoking is a leading cause of illness and death in both men and women. Even consistent secondhand smoke can contribute to the grave problem.


Persistent cough among the living dead

The infamous smoker’s cough gets caused by damaged airways caused by smoking.

Restricted Blood flow, a characteristic of the living dead

Nicotine is a causative that causes blood vessels to constrict, raising blood pressure, incidences of stroke and heart attack.

Heart disease; Towards the fatality

It gets proven scientifically beyond all doubts that smoking is a leading cause of death by a heart attack. People who are not smokers but are consistently exposed to similar smoke around are at grave risk of heart-related ailments. 


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is more common in smokers than nonsmokers. It gets diagnosed in 8 out of 10 patients with COPD due to smoking habits.


The immunity of smokers is always at the lower ebb of things due to smoking.

Yellow fingernails

Persistent handling of Tobacco and its products can leave your fingernails and fingers with a yellowish stain.

Cervical cancer

Women who smoke put themselves at increased risk of contracting cervical cancer.

Complications involving pregnancy and newborns

Smoking is more than a taboo for pregnant ladies as it increases the risk of miscarriage, ear infections, asthma and even death of your newborn. Even the newborn gets exposed to possible oxygen deprivation, develop physical deformities and can even become a fatality of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)


Smokers with type-2 diabetes are particularly at risk, as smoking significantly increases the level of insulin resistance in the body.

Erectile Dysfunction

Smoking hinders adequate blood flow to the organ, preventing it from achieving a full-fledged erection, thereby affecting performance.


Smoking affects the reproductive prowess of both men and women. Issues range from short-term to long-term for both sexes.

Overall cognitive decline

Everything gets old; even your sharp cognitive abilities are no exception.

Smoking accelerates the brain’s ageing, where you become more forgetful and may find everyday scenarios twice as tricky as your age. It gets observed that middle-aged male smokers generally experience more rapid cognitive decline than nonsmokers or female smokers.

What is addiction, and why is Tobacco addictive?

Addiction is a mental disposition that seeks out in the form of compulsive or at least some form of repeated seeking of a substance or habit despite having full knowledge of its harmful consequences.

Nicotine, a naturally occurring drug that makes Tobacco potent and addictive, is thought to be similar to heroin or cocaine. Regular use of tobacco products leads to bonding or addiction in many users.

What happens if you drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes?

Chronic drinkers eventually become heavy smokers. Drinking seems to be a powerful prompt to smoke in real-life situations. On the other hand, whether smoking prompts drinking is not known. By and large, heavy drinkers tend to be heavy smokers. Alcohol-tobacco interactions are essential, especially when trying hard to achieve or maintain abstinence from either drug. Studies indicate that alcoholics who quit smoking are likely to succeed in alcoholism treatment. Data consistently also state that prolonged alcohol consumption may provoke smoking relapse.

What is Vaping? Is it any better than smoking Tobacco?


Vaping is dangerous, too but less evil compared to smoking cigarettes. Regular tobacco cigarettes are house to 7,000 chemicals, many of which are toxic. E-cigarettes extract nicotine by heating Tobacco, flavourings and other chemicals to create an aerosol you inhale.

Vaping gets often promoted as a safer alternative to smoking, but little evidence supports this claim. Vaping involves inhaling and exhaling the vapour produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device. The steam produced is by heating a liquid containing nicotine, propylene glycol, and flavourings. The effects of Vaping get linked to several serious health problems, including lung cancer and other respiratory diseases.

What Tobacco is vegan? You might probably ask if you are one yourself.

Cigarettes manufactured without animal testing or used in any process stage qualify as vegan products. Generally, most cigarette brands en route to manufacturing get done at the cost of high cruelty extended to animals through testing. 

Haemoglobin processed from pigs’ blood gets used to filter out pollutants in cigarette smoke. Shellac, made from rubber varnish, is the excretion from an insect called kerria. For the purpose involved, kerria is made to suck on specific plant species.

Vegan brands of Cigarettes

  • Brookfield
  • Black Hawk
  • Dockers
  • JBR
  • Red Bull
  • Davidoff
  • Gauloises
  • Manila
  • Denim
  • Allure
  • Route 66
  • Turner

Nevertheless, it is best not to entertain smoking as the above brands do not discount the possible dangers of smoking.

How do tobacco companies target youth? Beware of the unholy smoke.

Through social media advertising

The big-time cigarette manufacturers have technology at their disposal to condition the younger generation. They tap into the ubiquitous smartphone to display their alluring tobacco advertisements. There are departments within such companies hosting experienced social media managers prying on the gullible generation through their favourite games and videos. Digitally the visualization of a tobacco-aided life to be free and colourful gets seeded in such impressionable minds. While some countries have stamped out promotion, advertising, and sponsorship bans, cross-border advertising is very much in order. The idea of using Tobacco anyways permeates through such porous policies, eventually reaching those it should not. One digital survey revealed that over 100 tobacco-associated hashtags were viewed more than 25 billion times worldwide between 2007-2016.

Through innovative displays in retail outlets

Cigarette manufacturers often contract with Vendors near schools to display their nicotine and tobacco props along with the stylized point-of-sale display. They are usually designed around playful themes and have a bright appeal to the immaturity of the young class of people. 

Even underage children get not spared.

 It gets observed that in many shops selling children’s wares, nicotine and Tobacco products also find their place on display. Worse still, they get placed at the eye levels of children whose curiosity eventually gets the better of them.


The chain of diseases and deaths unleashed by the unholy cigarette smoke will not wane. It will continue for implied reasons of voluminous profits guzzled by corporations feeding this addiction. Meanwhile, as long as the gift parted by the natives of America to Columbus keeps going around, many lives will prematurely continue to fall extinct. Wishful thinking, though, it would have been better if Tobacco in place of Dodo had vanished.

Finally, signing off by saying Tobacco is a controversial subject as people get divided over whether it should be allowed. The pro-tobacco lobby suggests that smoking is a personal choice and that people should have the right to decide for themselves. The anti-tobacco movement indicates it as dangerous substance that can cause cancer and other fatal diseases.

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