Home remedies for flu and cold

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11 flu remedies for cold and flu

It is not a good proposition to fall sick even while at home. Body aches, fever, chills, and nasal congestion are all external symptoms of a disease. Well any disease will make you irritable and edgy. Once having taken sick, you don’t usually go to any physician on an impulse. There are innumerable home remedies that one can try, to get back on feet. Home remedies is going to be your first line of treatment. Watch if symptoms subside. Look for signs such as a rapid heartbeat. Do you feel faint or have any other red flags? If yes, then you need to get medical attention. Sooner the better.

The 11 cold and flu home remedies

Chicken soup- A tasty home remedy; slurp.

Chicken soup can soothe your dampened spirits due to any issue of sickness in your body. Chicken soup is not just tasty, but research suggests that it can slow down Neutrophils in your body. They are white blood cells instrumental in defending your body from many infections. Once their mobility slows down, they stick to places in your body where healing is most required. If you ail from upper respiratory infections, authentic chicken soup would be a great solace. Take care to cut down salt intake by choosing a low-sodium soup mix

Ginger- A kitchen home remedy

Ginger has been the king of home remedies for centuries. Modern science has validated its curative properties. If a sore throat, cough, or nausea is bothering you, then a few slices of raw ginger in boiling water can soothe the symptoms. If you are nauseated, research suggests that the above concoction is apt. One study states that it takes 1 gram of ginger to set right clinical nausea for various reasons.

Honey-A sweet home remedy you will fall in love with

Honey has a lot of antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Often tea with lemon with a bit of honey is universally accepted as suitable for soothing throat pain. Research suggests that natural honey is equally good as a cough suppressant. One study points out that a mere 10 grams of honey significantly reduce cough severity in children. Honey is harmless and suitable for everyone except infants as they contain botulinum spores. Their immune systems are not seasoned enough to ward them off.

Garlic-A seriously good home remedy

If you are suffering from cough and cold, you should supplement your diet with garlic to reduce its severity. Some research states that such a diet will help you from getting sick. The compound allicin found in garlic or garlic supplements may contain antimicrobial properties.

Echinacea- A home remedy prescribed since medieval times

Echinacea has been native to the Red Indians of America for more than 400 years. They have used the herb and root of echinacea for a long to treat various infections. Rich in flavonoids, chemicals and many other active ingredients, echinacea is sought for its supposed multiple therapeutic properties. Flavonoids in echinacea can boost immunity and reduce inflammation. Research has mixed opinions on the herb’s effectiveness in fighting the common cold and flu. One review suggests that echinacea tea may reduce your risk of catching a common cold by more than 50 per cent.

Vitamin C- Your forte of daily immunity

Vitamin C is vital in maintaining the health of your body. Fruits and vegetables, limes, oranges, grapefruits and leafy greens have ample quantities of vitamin C. Phlegm produced in the event of sickness can be well reduced with lemon tea mixed with Honey.The vitamin C in lemon will boost your immune system to fight off the cold; also help control upper respiratory tract infections and other ailments.

Probiotics-Your body friendlies

Probiotics are friendly bacteria found mostly in your gut. They are present in different foods and food supplements. Probiotics effectively keep your gut lining and immune system in great shape. The presence of probiotics in your system reduces the risk of contracting upper respiratory infections. Delicious to the palate and nutritious for the body, yoghurt rich in probiotics is rich in protein and calcium.

Saltwater-A home remedy to give you respite from cold and cough

Saltwater gargling helps prevent upper respiratory infections. It decreases the severity of cold symptoms. Regular gargling soothes throat pain and relieves nasal congestion. It also loosens and reduces mucus containing bacteria and allergens. Just one teaspoon of salt in a glass full of hot water; You can use it to swish and gargle. 

Vapour rub-A home remedy that helps you feel good

The old-fashioned topical ointments, such as vapour rub, seem effective in children over two years old. Twice daily before bed generally helps reduce cold symptoms, open-air passages, alleviate congestion, reduce coughing, and improve sleep quality. The same treatment is gaining popularity as physicians advise patients to use vapour rub to avoid unwanted side effects of allopathic medicines.

Humidifier- Prevents you from catching the flu virus

Installing a cool-mist humidifier will help reduce nasal congestion. It becomes easy for a sick person to breathe. The idea here is to keep the climate inside your home more humid. Dry air will make you prone to catching the influenza flu virus. During winter, re-calibrate the mist humidifier to compensate for the dry indoor heat. If such air is left unchecked, your symptoms could get aggravated.

Warm baths-A basic home remedy to bring down your fever

A warm sponge bath is a proven approach for reducing your child’s feverish conditions. Adults can add Epsom salt and baking soda along with essential oil sourced from tea tree, juniper, rosemary, thyme, orange, lavender or eucalyptus. Warm baths relieve and soothe body aches. 


Prevention of any disease is critical. Hence it makes absolute sense to boost your immune system. Care proactively to keep from falling sick. Around the world, people have many different approaches to treat their cold and flu symptoms. In some communities, prescribed treatments seem odd, but the people there vouch for them.

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