Amazing Health Benefits of Moringa Powder

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The Moringa, a powerful food supplement

Moringa is native to India and Africa. Moringa leaves are derived from the Moringa Olifera tree. Benefits of Moringa powder; they’re power-packed with specific compounds like protein, fat, fibre, sugar, sodium, calcium, iron zinc, magnesium, copper, vitamin A. Then there are polyphenols, a proven anti-cancer agent, the moringa powder is also believed to be good for mitigating the risk of heart disease and diabetes. On the flip side, they also contain phytates which hinder the absorption of iron, zinc and calcium into the human system.

Health Benefits of Moringa Powder
Health Benefits of Moringa Powder

Weight loss benefits, supposed

An 8-weeks study involved 41 obese people versus a similar number of people placed in the placebo group being studied. The former subjects who were given 900mg of a food supplement containing Moringa, Turmeric and Curry over the stipulated timeline lost 10.6 pounds compared to just 4 pounds in the placebo segment.
In a different but similar study, 130 people at random were picked up and given the same supplement and the findings were compared with a group given placebos. Here too the results were promising. The one’s taking the supplement lost 119 pounds compared to their counterparts who merely shed 2 pounds over an extended period of 16 weeks.

Potential Benefits of Moringa powder

Popularly believed and diligently consumed by its believers Moringa is a potential health contender when it comes to reducing inflammation, pressure, sugar, cholesterol and even reversing heart disease. The Moringa powder is also actively sought for treating chronic asthma and diabetes.

Highly nutritious – Moringa Olifera

There’s hardly any part of the Moringa tree that cannot be eaten or is not used as ingredients in traditional medicines. The leaves and the pods have long been relished as a side dish in India and Africa. In western nations instead of table-top dishes, they are converted into highly nutritious capsule forms and regularly consumed. One kitchen cup measure of 25 grams of chopped Moringa leaves will yield the following constituents.

Riboflavin B2-11% of RDA
Vitamin B6-19% of RDA
Vitamin C-12% of RDA
Iron-11% of RDA
Magnesium-8% of the RDA
Vitamin A from beta-carotene-9% of the RDA

Rich in antioxidants

Quercetin found in Moringa leaves helps in lowering high blood pressure while Chlorogenic acid helps moderate sugar levels after meals. These life sustaining antioxidants keep fatalities at a distance.

Effective in dealing with cuts infection. Treating inflammation

Moringa is presumed to be a kind of broad-spectrum for treating inflammation cuts and infections. Isothiocyanates found in Moringa leaves are very effective in toning down inflammation of organs which happened in the first place as the body’s natural response to some underlying infection.

Lowers cholesterol. It is heart-friendly

Having high cholesterol is a near or future heart attack in the making. It is also related to other types of heart diseases. Now studies involving both humans and animals have shown that Moringa is highly potent in reducing cholesterol.

Lowers Arsenic toxicity – promising find

Except in the western world, Arsenic contamination found in food and water is a universal problem. Long term exposure to Arsenic greatly increases the chances of heart disease and cancer. Experiments involving rats and mice have shown promising results in controlling some of the effects of Arsenic toxicity. Moringa as some sort of treatment or antidote for Arsenic poisoning, its viability is still to be demonstrated.

Naturally protects liver

Patients put on a regimen of anti-tubercular drugs can largely assuage their liver function with regular consumption of Moringa leaves in different forms. The high concentration of polyphenols in Moringa leaves accelerate and repair liver cells, also protecting them from damage occurring due to oxidative stress. The liver is a dedicated organ for blood detoxification, metabolism and nutrient absorption. Such a function of the liver gets compromised if the production of liver enzymes is affected. Regular consumption of Moringa will retain liver function and stabilize the production of liver enzymes.

Naturally good for stomach disorders

Moringa leaves can relieve a lot of stomach disorders including constipation, bloating, gastritis, ulcerative colitis. A high concentration of Vitamin B, coupled with strong antibacterial and anti-microbial properties makes Moringa leaves most vouched for treatment of a long list of digestive disorders.

Improves bone health and density

Very rich in calcium and phosphorus, Moringa leaves have anti-inflammatory properties that help combat arthritis and even improves bone health. Moringa Olivera also inhibits osteoporosis, regular consumption of Moringa powder keeps bone and tooth decay at bay.

Most powerful antiseptic

They reduce clotting time and accelerate the healing of wounds, cuts and bruises. They are also good at fighting off many bacterial infections, hence a natural choice of most powerful antiseptic

Helps Lactation

The Moringa leaves is a compact source of proteins, vitamins and essential nutrients. Therefore, it helps lactation and comes highly recommended for newborns and their mothers. In India its association with lactating mothers has not been newfound, they have been around for ages promoted through traditional Ayurveda.

Weight gain. Slashed effectively

Regular intakes of Moringa leaves reduce food cravings, the primary reason for weight gain. It aggravates fat burning in the body and the process slims down the person without altering the body’s energy reserves. The person in the process develops a reduced BMI all the while feeling buoyant and refreshed.

Healthy skin and hair-proven

Moringa with an overdose of antioxidants and nutrients is extremely good for healthy skin and hair. Making Moringa leaves a part of your daily diet will which show up so vividly in the form of such pleasant and supple skin. Hair fall is arrested as it regains its lost lustre and bounce. Moringa paste is exclusively good for treating dandruff too. The paste applied on the scalp results in the removal of all broken skin and promotes the strengthening of hair follicles.

Benefits of Moringa powder versus hazards

Always source Moringa or any part of the plant from reputed companies as certain products have tested for high levels of lead. For pregnant women, it would be good for them to abstain from consuming the Moringa extract, bark or roots for a while as it could result in uterine contractions. Breastfeeding women should seek expert medical advice before consuming any Moringa derivative as they could contain harmful chemicals which could be passed on through breastfeeding to the newborn. Patients on a regimen of blood thinners also should avoid Moringa products due to their natural blood-thinning capabilities.


In a nutshell Moringa produce or extracts in any form is simply a superfood. It alone can compensate for a lot of nutrients and antioxidants the human body needs for effective daily functioning. However, consuming Moringa leaves or powder should be undertaken with a little caution for anything ingested in excess can backfire on the human system. So seeking expert medical advice will help you to know what part of the Moringa tree to consume and in what quantity.

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