Amazing Benefits of Sweet Potatoes That Everybody Should Know!

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    We used to consume them as raw just washing with cold water, used to eat it with it lite rose colour. It’s really good for health. These are unknown to most of the people stying in big cities. We used to purchase them in the weekend markets mostly in villages. Its very tasty to eat just boil them making only two or three pieces. Its also known as poor mans dish, used to prepare variety of curries, chatnies to consume with rice & also making sweets too. Good for health but for sensitve stomach it may cause stomach pain & indigestion taking as raw. But, habituating in little quantities it will automatically accustomed in due course. Just boil them as a whole on sinder with out adding anything will have a natural taste.

    • StyleDiva says:

      Its really nice to know about your experiences with the sweet potato. Indeed the people living in thee countryside are very fortunate to have access to the raw and fresh vegetables than those living in the cities. Please keep sharing, it will help others too. Thanks!

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