Vitamin A Benefits That Everyone Should Know!

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Oh hey, hi, so we are crossing our lunch time cross roads again at the potholes filled and strange alleyways comprised roads of the internet, where laws of sanity are weak. It seems that you are once again have come to my cave in search for some foods that can help you in your ‘diet’ but what I am going to talk about today is the vitamin A benefits!

Why? Because take that to my editor, that’s why!

So I was long ago in this health party where all of these famous vitamins, minerals, and steroids were present, and I was talking to vitamin A but then the ruddy vitamin D started fooling around as he got drunk on calcium and well couldn’t get to know the vitamin A benefits then!

Vitamin A Benefits

But then I caught vitamin A off guard in his apartment’s bathroom at 3 in the morning, don’t ask me why or how (I have loads of free time, answer enough) and got some amazing things to know from him, like he used to work for the mafia enzymes, you know, the bad bacteria, like, our world’s ‘bad works’, you see what am I doing here?

Anyways talk about rough past eh, who knew vitamin A once worked against health, but those days are long gone and here are the amazing vitamin A benefits.

Let’s discuss in detail about the Vitamin E Benefits as well as it’s sources…

(Author’s Note: so there are like two variants of vitamin A, they are – retinoid and beta carotenes, retinoid are gathered from animal products and beta carotenes are found in plant sources, so the thing is, don’t overdo them, they are bad for your health in excess! And also don’t be a doctor and start popping in those vitamin A pills because that does some serious health damage to your body. Follow doctor’s advice or my wacky columns….suit yourselves.)

Let’s See Vitamin A Benefits

1. Prevents Cancer

Ahh, who doesn’t want to prevent cancer, the more shmuck version of Catarrh, unless of course, you were going to the singing auditions to become the next Alisha Chinoy or Harpreet “Big daddy” Mann.

The dreadful cancer disease seems to hold no hold against vitamin A if you are having regular doses of it, naturally, of course. The overfunded university of York conducted a study that said that vitamin A could take down those malignant cells and many forms of cancer including prostate cancer.

Just one big health benefit of vitamin A!

2. Helps To Build Immunity for Smaller Humans

It seems that vitamin A for some reason is pretty good to build immunity for the little tykes of yours.

A study done in London found that vitamin A fortifies a child’s worn mortality, (mortality? They had to use this word, for children? I doubt their true intentions!) by 24%!

Wow that is like more than 23%, so, they increase mortality by 24% in the middle and low-level countries’ children (my common sense is seriously tingling at such sentences!!)

If there are some deficiency in children of vitamin A then that could lead to diarrhea and blindness and measles ad let’s stop it right here!

3. Superb for Fluent Bodily Functions

Vitamin A totally boosts up your body’s physical functions, like grease to a rusty chain of a bicycle, ahh, now that is an analogy!

So here is another biggie vitamin A benefit, it lets your body have control over itself smoothly, as it develops the central nervous system, regulates hemoglobin, produces the embryo, develops nuclear receptors TR4 that are like codes for these things to work for our body and  also…

It heightens sperm counts! I take cash and checks too, but no cards and yes, you are welcome!

4. Prevents Aging Signs

The antioxidants available in vitamin A are seriously sick in all kinds of body benefits, one such vitamin A benefit is that it prevents aging or lowers the signs of aging, exactly contrary to what your mother in law does for you at every sight of you!

It not only prevents the damage of free radicals but also renews skin, the retinoid is supposed to keep the age lines and those pesky wrinkles away as they produce more collagen, responsible for a young skin.

Vitamin A is also good for your health like the autotune is now good for your music career! Vitamin A also strengthens and elongates your hair like The Kiss band, so that’s another health benefit of vitamin A and also music benefit of Vitamin A!

5. Vision Improvement!

Vitamin A not just improves the holy bejesus out of your eyesight as it makes it simpler for it to distinguish between light and dark but it also keeps many eye related disorders far, far away from you!

Deficiencies like glaucoma, night blindness, cataracts and comedy attempts with Kapil, it gives you full protection against those deficiencies. That is one freaking serious health benefit of Vitamin A!

Also here are some important details about how much vitamin A does each of these kinds of people should be having (or the recommended dietary recommendation for daily vitamin A consumption)

  • For men (14 and above) : 900 mcg/day
  • For women (14 and above) : 700 mcg/day
  • For Pregnant women/men (this happened, it was in some paper too!) : 770 mcg/day
  • For Breastfeeding men/women (hey, this might be happening and we are not made aware of it for our own good but I think it has already been performed!) : 1300 mcg/day

So again, do not be a doctor yourself because people go crazy with vitamin pills thinking it won’t affect like the actual medicines if they took some more but it does, all of them do, so be wise and be practical!)

Also use fruits and vegetables and fresh meats to get vitamin A and not synthetic pills!

So basically these are the big things that you or anyone else interested about vitamin A benefits should keep in their minds about vitamin A and now I am off to see vitamin C, hmm, better wait for it till its 2 or 3 in the morning.  That is when I am most comfortable in intruding people’s privacy to see their true loyalties!

Thanks, bye!

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