Aloe Vera : How to Grow Aloe Vera Plant at Your Home?

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Aloe Vera is an incredibly popular plant found to be grown in all seasons across the globe. Owing to its immense health benefits, Aloe Vera has been widely chosen by many. Aloe Vera thrives well in all climatic conditions and can be grown both indoors and outdoors making it a very easy plant to cultivate. Wondering how to grow Aloe Vera at your home? Well, it is very simple. Aloe Vera is one of the simplest and easiest plants that can be grown and well taken care of.

Reasons to Keep an Aloe Vera Plant at Home

There are few incredible reasons that compel you to keep an Aloe Vera Plant at home. Some of them are –

1. Skin Health

Aloe Vera is a wonder miracle plant that is widely used to treat skin conditions like sunburns, acne, rashes and dry skin. The gel that is released from this plant is widely used as a base several cosmetic creams and lotions.

How to Grow Aloe Vera

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2. Healthy Immune System

Not just does it have topical benefits, but the juice of the Aloe Vera plant is also known to have immense benefits in maintaining a healthy body and immune system. Aloe Vera helps treat body ailments like heartburn, indigestion, arthritis, flu and even aids weight loss.

3. Beautifies the Home

While we consider a plant nursery at home, we look into the aesthetic beauty that each plant brings to the surrounding environment. Aloe Vera is one such plant that has smooth clean leaves and looks very attractive.

4. Freshens Air

Aloe Vera is known to purify the air, thereby removing dirt and pollutants giving you fresh air to breathe.

5. Low Maintenance

Most plants require extreme caution and care. However, Aloe Vera belongs to the Cactus family and requires very little care. Even if you forget about it for a week, no harm happens to the plant.

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How to Plant Aloe Vera

One of the first considerations in aloe plant care is to understand how to plant Aloe Vera. There are several aspects you need to look out for:

  • First, decide whether you want to grow the plant outdoors or indoors. Choose a place that has sufficient light, as Aloe Vera requires ample light to grow.
  • Once you decide the location, the next factor to be considered is the soil. Since Aloe Vera belongs to the cactus family, consider dry potting soil mix with perlite added.
  • During the process of Aloe Vera plant growth, make sure the position of the plant is upright and completely cover the roots and base with soil.
  • It is also important to choose a planter to compensate for the best conditions for aloe vera plant. Choosing a medium or large planter will ensure that the plant has good drainage.
  • In the process of Aloe Vera plant growth, watering is the next stage after planting. While watering the soil should be damp and not over soaked with water. Keep monitoring the leaves to check if they are cool and moist. If yes, further water is not required for a few days. In winter, Aloe Vera plant requires lesser water. Do not water the plant until the soil is completely dry.

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How to Harvest Leaves for Aloe Vera?

Once you have learned how to grow aloe vera at home, it is essential to know how to harvest leaves for the gel and use it appropriately for its benefits. Before harvesting, it is important to first analyse the Aloe Vera plant growth stages. Begin the process only after additional shoots have grown from the centre of the plant. Select the most mature leaves from the outermost sections. Cut them close from the base but do not disturb the roots. Once you remove the leaves, you can cut them and extract the Aloe Vera gel from it. This Aloe Vera gel can be used for a variety of purposes and imposes many health benefits.

How to Grow Aloe Vera from Just an Aloe Leaf?

You may be incredibly surprised that Aloe Vera can again be re-grown using an Aloe leaf. Similar to planting the roots, Aloe leafs can also be re-planted separately as the aloe leafs take the form of roots to form a new plant. Wondering how to grow aloe vera from leaf? Here is how you can do it.

1. Choose an Aloe Leaf

Either choose a leaf from your existing Aloe Vera plant or take it from a gardener. Make sure your aloe leaf is at least 3.2 inches long.

2. Cut the Leaf

Using a sharp knife, cut the leaf at a downward angle towards the stem.

3. Film Formation

Place the leaf aside in a warm place for a few days so that a film forms over the cut portion of the leaf. This film will protect the leaf from infection.

4. Choose a Pot

Find a suitable pot preferably with a drain hole at the bottom. These drain holes will prevent the soil from getting oversoaked with water.

5. Choose the Soil

Since Aloe Vera belongs to the cactus family, filling the pot with cactus soil is ideal for aloe vera plant growth. Before adding cactus soil fill the bottom of the pot with gravel first. This will ensure appropriate drainage of water. Measure the pH and ensure it is between 6 to 8. If it’s not high enough, you can add gardening lime.

6. Planting the Leaf

Stick the leaf with the cut side downwards in the soil. Make sure at least about 1/3rd of the leaf is in the soil.

7. Choose the Location

Aloe Vera plant growth also depends on upon the location you choose. Place your plant in a warm, sunny location and water it with care. Ample amount of sunlight and adequate water will help the plant thrive well.

How to Grow Aloe Vera Plant From Cuttings?

Wondering how to grow Aloe Vera plant from cuttings? When your aloe vera plant matures, you can use it to breed additional plants. The leaf cuttings can be used to re-plant Aloe Vera. The leaf cuttings are high in moisture content and require very little additional water and soil to grow. Hence growing an aloe vera plant from a leaf cutting and its propagation is fairly easier than the roots itself.

The process remains the same as growing from an Aloe leaf except that cuttings require less soil and less water, as they are already high is moisture content. More water and soil can cause the leaf to rot and make it prone to infection. Use the same cactus soil in small quantities and re-pot the cutting in a pot with a good drainage hole. Monitor the moisture content before adding extra water and place it a warm place with ample sunlight.

Caring for Aloe Vera

Aloe plant care is not that difficult. There are a few considerations to keep in mind during Aloe Vera plant growth. They are

  • Aloe Vera grows upwards from the base. If you notice that the leaves are drooping, it is mainly due to lack of sunlight. Make sure you provide ample sunlight. Growing Aloe Vera outside your home can help solve this problem.
  • If the leaves are curling, it is due to less water. Make sure you water regularly based on the requirement of the plant.
  • Aloe Vera does not require to be fertilised. However, for greater strength, you can use phosphorous water-based fertilizers.
  • While determining aloe vera plant growth, it is important to check if it’s growing slower than the required time. Slow growth may be due to soil alkalinity. Soil alkalinity can be adjusted by adding sulphur.
  • When you ensure best conditions for Aloe Vera plant, also make sure you plant your aloe vera in a bigger pot to ensure the roots are healthy and the growth is appropriate.
  • Aloe Vera can be prone to bugs, fungus, and disease on its root and stems. Leaf rot is also a common problem for your Aloe Vera plant. Bugs like mealybugs are the most common insect problems that suck the sap from Aloe. During Aloe Vera plant growth, make sure to watch out for these bugs and diseases that can affect your plant. Use natural pesticides or organic pesticides that are not toxic and only remove the fungus and infection. Organic pesticides will not harm you Aloe Vera plant.
  • Do not re-pot your Aloe Vera too often. It is not necessary until the upper portion gets too heavy with leaves. If the roots grow in circles and become tangled, then this is the right time to take it out and re-plant them as new aloe vera pups in a separate pot.

There you go! All your questions on how to grow Aloe Vera are answered. Aloe Vera is an easy plant to grow and care for. Owing to its immense health benefits and aesthetic beautifying properties, it is the most commonly chosen plant to keep indoors or outdoors. What are you waiting for? Bring your own Aloe Vera plant home today!

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