Neem Oil Uses And Its Amazing Benefits That You Never Heard Before!

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Neem is one of best gifts that we have got from mother nature. It has made its mark by offering plethora of beauty and health benefits that are proven medically too! Neem oil also fights many diseases through its bitter nature. It improves the power of digestion and thus makes the rate of metabolism stable. Well, these are some benefits you are probably already exposed to! Neem oil as a beauty ingredient is known to very less people and that is why I have listed down some top neem oil uses! These benefits are something you need to know that can help you have a better beauty regime. So let’s get started!

Before we dig into neem oil uses, let me first answer some common Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about neem oil that will give us a clear picture!

Neem oil uses

What is Neem Oil?

This might seem a little obvious question to many people but there are people who actually don’t know what is neem oil! Neem oil is the vegetable oil that is extracted from the neem seeds and the fruits of the neem tree. This oil is very very bitter in taste as it contains triterpenoid and triglycerides compounds in abundance. Neem tree is a very age old tree in India which is more like a native tree to India. Neem is a herb that can be used for multi purposes like healthcare, beauty, sickness medicine etc. The most interesting part of neem trees is that it is generally referred as ” plant that comes with a promise” by Indians as this plant always has helped them get rid of their sicknesses. Well, that’s the brief history of neem oil. Today, neem oil is used as a part of many beauty care products.

What is Neem Oil Used for?

Neem oil is generally used for curing the stomach ache, faulty excretory system, headache etc. It is often called as ” Sarva Roga Nivarini” by the Ayurveda specialists meaning this magic tree is capable of helping us cure every ailments and disease. It has immense disease resisting properties that make it stand out from other trees. On a generic note, if we were asked to jot down the neem oil uses, the list goes as follows:

  • Treating various serious infections.
  • Strengthening the existing immunity system.
  • Used as a main ingredient in many hair oils.
  • Used in cosmetics especially in face washes.

Well that’s just a brief overview. Some Amazing Benefits that you have never heard before is listed further! Tune in!

Where to Buy Neem Oil?

Neem oil is easily available in any cosmetics showroom or even medical shops. Also there are some online portals which sell neem oil. You can also purchase the neem oil directly from the village vendors if you find them selling neem oil accidentally on a road! This form is the purest form of neem oil! Nonetheless, if you can’t find them directly from village vendors you can buy neem oil over the counter. What matters most is how to use neem oil at the end of the day!

Those are common FAQs that many people ask. Now let’s dig into the Neem Oil uses and it benefits your skin and hair! No much ado! Read on!

Neem Oil Uses and Its Amazing Benefits Worth Knowing

The Neem seed oil provides very effective treatment to the damaged hair and skin. It repairs the damaged hair and also prevents the same from getting damaged again! That’s the best part of neem seed oil. It not just repairs damage once and for all but also prevents further damage. The anti bacterial properties of neem oil makes thus natural product an amazing ingredient both for skin and hair. Explore some top neem oil uses!

Neem Oil Benefits for Skin

Neem is literally loaded with lots of nutrients which are used in creams, soaps, lotions and cosmetics. It is medically proven to be extremely helpful for the eczema prone skin and highly comes handy for people who suffer from acne. The neem oil benefits are numerous.  It also helps you to part ways with itchy abd dry skin. The following neem oil uses will definitely make your beauty regime more complete.

1. Helps in Removing Dryness

This is one of the top neem seed oil uses that many people aren’t aware of. It acts as a natural moisturizer and removes the dryness of skin. It is scientifically proven that neem oil can help you part ways with dry skin. What’s the math behind it?

Neem oil basically removes all dead cells from the uppermost skin layer epidermis and thus helps and aids growth of new cells. This keeps the skin hydrated all the time and thus removes dryness. It is the best natural moisturizer as it can deeply repair prolonged dryness of the skin in the most efficient manner. That’s the reason you can also find neem oil in various medicated dryness repairing products. It has a unique herbal moisturizing therapy that helps you gain a well toned skin which is also free from freckles and cracks.

2. Fighter of Acne

Neem oil is a magic oil for people who are worried about their acne. The people who have a skin that is acne prone, this oil is tailor made! It clears all the pimples and removes the harmful bacteria which are responsible for skin breakouts. With its triglycerides compounds it can effectively fight acne causing bacteria and thus keep you at bay from pimples. It has other compounds too like aspirin that keeps the bacteria that causes acne at bay. Thus by using neem oil everyday for cleaning your face and then washing the oil off with clear water, you will land up having clear skin free from pimples.

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3. Say Bye to Redness With Neem Oil

Neem oil has oleic acid which is a fatty acid that helps ti fight redness. If you are worried about redness and other dry patches around your face and no expensive cosmetic products is working fine for you, then you should be hunting for neem oil! It fights inflammation too with its anti bacterial properties and promises you a skin free from redness. All you need to do is apply neem oil evenly in the areas that have red patches and let it stay overnight. In the morning you can wash it off with clear water. Repeat doing this for at least 2 to 3 weeks for best results! I am sure you would be pleasantly surprised with the changes.

4. Prevents Your Skin From Ageing

This is one of top neem oil uses and has been applied in various ways. This is the main reason you can find neem oil as an ingredient in many skin care products. It has high quantity of antioxidants that protects your skin from the environmental damages. Pollution plays a major part in our lives that adds on to our cues causing aging. Never mind! We can definitely neem oil uses to fight ageing and all the signs if ageing like wrinkles etc.

What’s the Secret Behind Neem Oils Anti-ageing Property?

  • Neem oil contains carotenoids that provide rich level of antioxidants which constantly defend our skin from ageing.
  • Neem oil can smoothen the fine lines and wrinkles to a great extent and thus saves you the pain of expensive anti-aging treatments. Make it a point that you use need oil as a regular part of your beauty regime to fight wrinkles and prevent you from ageing.
  • With its fatty acids and the rich vitamins, it helps in rejuvenating the skin cells and brings skin elasticity giving you a younger look!

5. Pigmentation can be Removed

If we were asked to list top pigmentation killers, neem oil would top the list. It is an ultimate killer of pigmentation. It prevents the excessive production of melanin in your skin. Melanin is a agent that is responsible for skin coloring. When melanin is produced in very high quantities it leads to skin pigmentation. No matter how many expensive cosmetics you use these products only provides instant solutions and you will face pigmentation again. But with neem oil, you can see that pigmentation is kept at a bay in the long run too! That’s the best part of using natural products see!

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How to Use Neem Oil for Hair?

Gone are those days where our ancestors applied neem oil as a everyday hair Oil! Yes! Heard me right! In olden days people used neem oil as an everyday oil that kept their hair so healthy and shining! The neem oil that you can buy over the counter can be uses in many ways that improves the health of your hair. Not convinced? Read on!

1. Neem Oil Repairs Frizzy Hair

A lot of us are worried about the problems of frizzy hair. Especially for those who travel a lot in the pollution, frizzy hair is something that is very common to them. If you too are worried about your frizzy hair, then neem oil is the saviour!

How do I Use Neem Oil to Fight Frizzy Hair?

The trick is very simple. All you have ti do is add some drops of neem seed oil to your regular shampoo and let it blend for a while. You can wait for around 15 minutes and then apply this neem oil shampoo mixture. You will notice that your hair will retain the shine and dry hair is totally at bay. It also makes your hair hydrated and thus leaves you behind a beautiful looking hair!

2. Time to Part Ways With Split Ends

If you have developed a lot of split ends that’s preventing a healthy hair growth then you should be looking for neem seed oil. Neem hair has properties that can repair the damaged cuticles of your hair and thus helps you get rid of split ends. Split ends that result in the bushy hair which is unmanageable is deeply repaired by the neem oil. For this you need to apply neem oil from the roots to the tips for at least 2 to 3 weeks. For best results you can also heat neem oil and them massage it onto your scalp. This massage is also a relief after a tiring day!

3. For Treating Head Lice

Neem oil is the most natural way to treat the head lice. Many other cosmetics that are designed to fight lice can lead ti several side effects on your hair. To save yourself from that use neem oil for getting rid of head lice. Apply neem oil on your scalp and leave it overnight. In the morning you can comb your hair with a nit comb to remove all the lice. The very nature of neem oil of bitterness makes the lice very weak and thus you can remove lice without much pain.

4. Prevention of Dandruff

The white dandruff flakes on your shoulders is the worst thing that can happen right? We can use neem seed oil that effectively fights dandruff problems. If you have been observant, you would have observed that neem oil is one of main ingredients that is used in many hair care products which are designed to fight dandruff.

What’s the Math Behind It?

When neem oil is evenly applied to your scalp it maintains the pH level of scalp at required levels. When the pH level of your scalp is kept constant and at required levels, dandruff is not formed. That’s how dandruff is prevented!

5. Neem Oil for Hair Growth

This is one of common neem oil uses that most of us are familiar with. Neem oil helps in the growth of hair to a great extent. By using neem oil on a regular basis we can notice that the roots of our hair are strengthened leaving us a healthy and thick hair.

How does It Work?

Neem oil removes all the dead skin cells from the scalp and helps in generating new cells. This strengthens the scalp three times more which helps in the growth of hair. You can use neem oil as a regular everyday oil for best results. If that is not possible you can apply it overnight and shampoo your hair in the morning. If the odour of neem oil seems annoying to you, you can add some drops of rosewater to it or even coconut oil and later apply it. By using neem oil on a regular basis, you are bound to notice some healthy hair growth within few months!

Those were some amazing neem oil uses worth knowing! Not just knowing they are worth application too! Neem oil is recommended as an effective treatment for many skin and hair problems by the ayurveda herbalists till date. With its inherit properties neem oil deserves to be included in our beauty regime. Knowing all of these benefits does only a little help to us!

What matters the most is application of these remedies. And maintaining a regular routine. Applying neem oil once in a while does not work very effectively! Remember the golden rule : For best results, application of any remedy on a regular basis is very important! So don’t miss out on this golden rule and apply it everyday for a healthy looking skin and hair! What are you waiting for?

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