Magical Fruit Mangoes Benefits Your Skin, Hair and Health!

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I just love the juicy, delicious flavor of mangoes, and I am sure even you do! So for the love of mangoes, here goes the post on mangoes benefits!

Good Old Childhood Mango Summers!

While getting all irritated in the scorching summers, it is mangoes that come to the rescue. I always had mangoes, regardless of what form it was in. It could have been a glass of mango milkshake or it could have been the sliced form. I always loved savoring it, and I also know this is going to make you reminisce your childhood summer days. They were filled with fairytales, carefree laughter and garden mangoes.

Many Varieties and Many Uses!

There are huge varieties of this king of fruits as obtained across the whole country. Dasher, Chausa, Alphonso, Langra and what not! My mouth still waters when I take the names. However, there is more to this than just taste!

Mangoes benefits

Health Benefits!

This fruit isn’t just delicious but also very healthy. Isn’t  having a fruit both super healthy and delicious like a cherry on the cake? Scroll down and I will introduce you to the mangoes benefits that you never knew. You could eat mangoes while you read them! ( Just for the feels, you know!)

Mangoes Benefits for Your Skin!

Prime smooth skin which requires less to no care at all is a fantasy we all have. You could make use of the king of the fruits to get all those amazing mangoes benefits it provides to our skin. It has got many antioxidants, specially, vitamin C that does the trick! We have witnessed mangoes being used in scrubs and face masks. Here, I have listed some tried and tested hacks using the fruit, and believe me they work awesome!

1. Gives Your Skin That Much Needed Glow

Yes, I’m going to begin the list mangoes benefits with the most popular demand which is getting rid of dead and dull skin which makes our life miserable. And we can owe it to our hectic lives and never end pollution. I would suggest that you use the pulp of the mango and gently rub it over the face to get back the glow. I’m not making this claim without evidence.

Science research says that mangoes benefits include they are capable of lightening the dark spots, acne, and blemishes.

2. It Gives Your Skin a Natural Glow

Beta-carotene and vitamin A present in the fruit rejuvenate, revive and restore your skin with added shine and vigor.

3. Helps You Get Rid of Blackheads

This one is another popular misery to our skin. However, don’t get surprised if I say that mangoes could be used to get rid of the blackheads. This tip comes from a personal experience.

During my teenage, untimely and unwanted pop-ups of blackheads was troubling me a lot. What if I was a boy? I still loved my face! Since I had oily skin, the word just added and I tried to get rid of those tiny evil buds with the help of an economic alternative. Hence, when I was advised by my friend to try this idea, I was all game to it. Surprisingly, the blackheads that once troubled my nose region vanished eventually. Do you want to know the trick? Well, here it is!

Things You Need

  • Half teaspoon milk
  • Two to three drops honey
  • One tablespoon of mango pulp

How To Do?

  • You must start by preparing a scrub by blending half teaspoon milk powder or milk, honey and one tablespoon of mango pulp.
  • Rub it over the face in circular patterns. This can effectively aid in getting rid of blackheads, dead skins and gives you the much-desired glow!

4. Anti Ageing Abilities

What if I said this amazing fruit has the property of getting back your good youth skin back? Even if you are young, you might have this prevailing fear of losing the supple and tight skin you have. Your worries are totally justifiable. Researchers have proven the fact that antioxidants that are in the fruit can delay pigmentation and skin aging. Isn’t that great? Another inference is that mangoes can protect the human skin from dangerous free radicals responsible for skin cancer. Besides, the vitamin C present in the fruit can also get rid of acne scars and pimple marks.

What To Do?

Simple! You just have to get some mango pulp, rub it gently over your face, naturally moisturizing it.

5. Enhances Complexion

Don’t fall prey for those colorful fairness cream add since they are of no use. Nature has got its own solutions, only if you bother to look!

Mangoes are one such creation. They are full of vitamin A which has got the important nutritional component to maintain complexion, healthy skin and also mucous membranes. Here, it is not just the pulp but also the skin that takes part in the process. Lay faith in mango skin and it will clean up the unnecessary and annoying tans which has turned you phobic to the scorching sun. Who would like to have the conspicuous complex difference between the upper and the lower arm, after all!

6. How To Use Mango To De-tan Your Skin

Things You Need

  • Mango skin, ripe or raw, anything is fine
  • A teaspoon of milk

How To Use

  • You could rub gently the hands and face with the mango skin and put on some milk cream after.
  • Wash them away using cold water after about fifteen minutes. If you do this three times in a week. You will get rid of tanning eventually.
  • If you’re not okay with the topical use of the mango pulp, you could go for general consumption in order to get the smooth and fair skin.

7. Can Treat Dark Spots

I have mentioned that every portion of this fruit is helpful for the skin. The mango skin us enriched with components that are great to get rid of dark spots. No matter how fair you are, if you have dark spots, you won’t like it. Hence. I will tell you how you could use mango to get rid of these spots.

Things You Need

  • Mango skin (dried)
  • One teaspoon of yogurt

How To Use

  • Turn the dried skin of mango into powder after it is exposed to the sun. Later blend it with the yogurt
  • Put the mix on the face and wash it off after fifteen minutes. If you use this as a face pack, you will decrease blemishes and dark spots on your face and give a shine to your skin tone!

8. Cures Acne As Well!

Acne, which is the bad part of teenage has never failed to create worries among people. However, it could be regulated by utilizing raw mangoes. I know how troublesome it can be when acne pops on your face right before a great occasion. You can use this trick to preparing yourselves for such emergencies. Here is how you can prepare an astringent in your home which will keep your woes away from you!

Things You Need

  • Half a bowl of water
  • A raw mango

How To Use

  • Boil a cut piece of raw mango or baby mango in the water.
  • Use the water upon the face since it acts as a tonic for acne removal.

9. Cleanses Well!

Do you want to banish the dirt that has accumulated your face in the day? Why not make a natural cleanser? Why not use nature’s gift to you, mango that is!

Things You Need

  • Half a tablespoon of mango pulp
  • One teaspoon of wheat flour

How To Use

  • In order to cleanse the skin, blend both mango pulp and wheat flour together.
  • Prepare a paste and use it on the skin every day. This paste behaves like a proper cleanser since it can reach deep inside the pores and cleanse them!

10. How About a Natural Face Wash?

If you are a person who uses chemical face wash on your face, you need to stop right away! You must use very less chemical on skin. Your highly sensitive skin may break out and form blisters if harsh chemicals are used. I suggest you go to nature again, and borrow some mango to prepare a good face wash!

Things You Need

  • A teaspoon of almond (powdered)
  • One tablespoon of mango pulp
  • One tablespoon of milk

How To Use

  • You could prepare natural facewash by blending a teaspoon of almond with a tablespoon of mango pulp.
  • Blend one tablespoon of milk into the mixture and make a paste out of it. The facewash you prepare can be used on all types of skin

11. Exfoliates Your Skin

This fruit has the ability to cleanse your skin of oil and hidden dirt, basically exfoliating it!

Things You Need

  • Two tablespoons of milk
  • One teaspoon of crushed oats
  • One teaspoon of almond (powdered)
  • One whole peeled mango

How To Use

  • You could prepare your own exfoliating mask by mixing the peeled mango with powdered almonds, crushed oats and whole milk in a container.
  • Put this all over your neck and face. Let it stay for half an hour before you wash it off using warm water.

12. Perfect for Sensitive Skin

This is true. Mangoes suit sensitive skin. They save you from the pain of facing unpleasant results.

Things You Need

  • One teaspoon of milk
  • One teaspoon of oatmeal
  • One teaspoon of honey
  • One tablespoon of mango pulp

How To Use

  • Mix all these things using a blender.
  • Wash the face using cold water.
  • Dab your face and out this paste on the face.
  • Wash your face using cold water again after fifteen minutes.

Mangoes Benefits for Your Hair

Now that I have given you useful hacks for beauty which you can obtain from mangoes, it is time for me to let you know about how this fruit can make your hair beautiful and lustrous. Since mangoes are enriched with minerals and vitamins which nourish human hair, it isn’t a surprise!

1. Acts Like a Good Conditioner

Isn’t a homemade hair conditioner exciting? This wonderful conditioner definitely works, mangoes are the best! There is no way the fruit can go wrong. How to make it, then?

Things You Need

  • Two egg yolk
  • One tablespoon of yogurt
  • Two tablespoons of mango pulp

How To Use

  • To use this, blend your spoonful yogurt with mango pulp and the egg yolks.
  • Put this on your hair and let it stay for half an hour. This can condition the hair as they make human hair manageable and soft!

2. Helps You Get Rid of Dandruff

This is another general problem that had reigned people for years. It could be the change in shampoo or the weather, dandruff is always an uninvited guest which leaves you agitated and irritated. So, what is the solution?

Go with the mango mask that will help you get rid of this trouble. Mangoes have vitamin A which aids in defending the hair against your hair, simultaneously giving your much-desired shine to the hair. This is the reason it is mostly used in exotic hair ingredients. Mangoes also have Vitamin E that improvises circulation the scalp and motivates your hair growth!

3. Avoids Grey Hair and Hair Loss

I am hundred percent sure nobody among us would desire to look withered and old. However, since we have such busy lives, retaining the hair color is simply not possible. The water changes and bad diet only adds to the difficulty. These days premature graying of hair and hair loss is found even in young people. However, only talking about the problem won’t do good. There must be a solution.

  • What Is It?

Well, you could choose to go with oil extracted from mango seeds since they are a treasure of vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals. They have amazing properties of moisturizing. You could extract this oil by peeling off the outer coating of the seed and putting it in a jar containing sesame, mustard or coconut oil. Expose this jar to the natural light for some days. Make use of this frequently and you will avoid hair loss. Besides, you will also get that thick, black and long hair you always wished for!

Mangoes Benefits For Health

I know the list is long, but such is the wonder of this fruit! If you stay hooked, you will only be taking back amazing tips that are going to change your health life altogether! Isn’t it fair?

We are all concerned about maintaining good health and staying away from bad disorders. However, we don’t have enough time to cater to their needs. You could keep it simple as they are home remedies!

1. Can Potentially Avoid Cancer

In mangoes benefits for health, this one tops the list. Cancer is one among the leading causes of death across the globe. How would this fruit keep you away from the deadly disease? Well, this delicious fruit is filled with antioxidants that can avoid prostate cancer, breast cancer and also colon cancer. Even leukemia can be avoided. Isn’t that great?

2. Improvises Your Eyesight

Eyes are gifted organs which make us see beautiful stuff we have got in our life. It is only fair that we take care of them! Mangoes have vitamin A that are present in the huge amount, and also retinol that helps your eyesight to improve!

3. Has Got Large Quantities of Vitamin C and Fiber!

This lovable fruit has got large quantities of vitamin C and fiber that aid in eliminating lipoprotein. This will, in turn, decrease the cholesterol levels in the body!

4. The Alkalinity of The Body is Maintained

It would not be wrong if I said mangoes benefits are the best. They aid in maintaining the alkalinity of our body since it had got components like tartaric acid, malic acid and also the considerable amount of citric acid!

5. Enhances The Rate of Metabolism

Just like papayas, even mangoes aid in improvising digestion since they are enriched with fiber. This is not something I’m just saying buy us proved in a lot of scientific researches. Fiber aids in good bowel movements and this will help in increasing the metabolic rates that will in turn cut down unwanted flab around your stomach. Just have your share!

6. Enhances Immunity System As Well!

Most of us are susceptible to diseases since the immunity system is poor. If you choose mangoes, they will have twenty-five types of cartenoids and are filled with vitamin C. These components help you in maintaining a good immune system. Hence, eating mangoes will only save you from those unwanted hospital visits!

7. Mangoes Have Antioxidants!

I’ve already told you that. But have I told you that these antioxidants help in repairing your cells and rejuvenating them? They detoxify your skin from within and avoid acne!

8. Fertility is Increased!

This is one important topic of mangoes benefits, right? Eat mangoes to have fruitful and healthy sexual life angles are rich in folic acid or folate, which is responsible for avoiding miscarriages and improving fertility!

9. They Have Got Trace Minerals!

Mangoes have trace minerals such as potassium, zinc, selenium, copper and many others that are important to stay healthy. Deficiency in these minerals can lead to severe health disorders. Hence, make mangoes a part of your diet and live healthily!

10. Great Source of Essential Vitamin E

Mangoes are enriched with vitamin E which aids in increasing the sexual drive among humans. Did you even imagine such offbeat benefits of this amazing fruit? Well, now you can imagine mangoes benefits!

11. Decreases Cholesterol and Avoids Diabetes!

The mangoes benefits also include decreasing levels of cholesterol in the body and avoiding diabetes. They are currently among popular health disorders across the globe. Mangoes have natural sugar and one whole mango has got 31 grams of sugar. However, it is also low in glycemic load. Hence, the blood sugar won’t be affected!

Here are some best foods for diabetics that not only are tasty but also lower blood sugar

12. Avoids Strokes!

Mangoes benefits are said to avoid strokes since they control the levels of homocysteine in your blood that is known to cause stroke and CAD.

Tips While Selecting and Storing Mangoes!


Choosing the best among many tempting choices could be difficult. During the peak season, mangoes are to avail in huge amounts. I’m sure you’d be wanting to buy a boxful of them since you’ve known the benefits. However, you need to be careful while you choose. Have some patience and be cautious. Here are some things you need to take note of!

  • Choose mangoes by the aroma, not by the color that may vary!
  • The aroma must be ripe and distinct!
  • Fresh mangoes measure nearly 4 inches and weigh nearly nine ounces on an average.
  • Larger fruits will have larger fruit to seed ratio
  • Ripe mangoes are always in red, orange or yellow in color while unripe ones are green. However, color is not always a sign of maturity.even ripe mangoes have green color retained at times. So always go with the aroma!
  • Ripe mangoes are soft and always yield to gentle pressure


Purchasing the juicy fresh mangoes isn’t the end. You need to have apt storage which is necessary for the fruit to stay fresh. According to my observation, storing the fruit depends on what type it is, and also the weather conditions. Firstly, be careful about the quantity of the fruit you buy. Later follow these-

  • Mangoes usually have shelf life span of about two weeks and could be kept under refrigeration for nearly three days. If mangoes are green and hard, they must be stored in brown paper bag for some days until they get ripened.
  • They must be stored in room temperature. They must be kept away from direct sunlight until they are ripened.
  • Mangoes can also be frozen. Freezing might make the outer skin black but the fruit stays in a proper condition


That was a pretty long list. However, I am glad I have shared some important pieces of information with you!

I can surely tell you wouldn’t have known most if these amazing benefits you could reap from healthy and tasty mangoes. So, do not wait for a long time and grab this amazing fruit whenever you can. You could always go with the natural mango juice, too!

Found this article interesting? Have anything to add up? Feel free to comment below!

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