Kale Juice Recipe for Weight Loss and Other Health Benefits!

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If you are planning to undergo a weight loss regime then the first thing you will resort to is diet plan that includes juices and smoothies. You should include Kale Juice Recipe in your diet if you want a healthy weight loss. This miraculous weight loss juice has many other benefits that we will be talking about in this article.

Vegetables have never taken a back seat when it comes to health. They’ve been given top priority by doctors and herbalists for improving the health in various ways. One of the vegetables which are consumed by many people in different ways but is not much known for its health benefits is the – ‘Kale’. The benefits of kale are being researched upon nowadays and they’ve shocked many people.

All the while we were having this amazing vegetable without knowing it’s actual benefits. This article brings to you, many healthy benefits of kale with some Kale juice recipe. Learn the benefits of Kale juice and read on how to make juice recipes with Kale.

Amazing Health Benefits of Kale Juice (Kale Juice Recipe)

Kale Juice Recipe and it's amazing health benefits

1. Helps in The Development of Strong Bones

As the Kale is very rich in calcium, it helps in developing strong bones. The calcium content is high in kale and other properties that are present in Kale helps in better absorption of this calcium content by your bones. So if you’re worried about weak bones you must definitely be hunting for this vegetable. Besides, the calcium present in the kale also fights the osteoporosis.

2. Doubles Your Immunity

Kale green juice has properties that are proved to improve your stamina by 2 times. The ratio between the calcium and phosphorus content in the Kale juice is very high, this making it the best drink to be consumed for increasing the immunity. Studies have it that by drinking kale juice everyday, you’ll notice that your stamina is increased by large proportions.

3. Helps in Cell Respiration

Kale is one of the best green leafy vegetables that helps in producing red blood cells. This adequate production of red blood cells leads to easy respiration in our cells. It also enriches our blood streams by helping the supply of required quantities of oxygen from time to time. Kale is a vegetable that is highly rich in the chlorophyll content that helps in keeping up the required content of red blood cells in our blood streams leading to an ease in cell respiration.

4. Helps in The Prevention of Cancer

Kale comprises of 2 kinds of antioxidants. The first one being flavonoids and the other being carotenoids. Both these antioxidants are great at preventing the development of cancer cells. These 2 elements combined together will give your body strong abilities to fight cancer effectively. Thus if you want to stay at bay from cancer it’s a great idea to drink Kale juice at least twice a week. The Kale juice recipes are shared in the second part of this article.

5. Helps in Keeping Up The Health of Your Heart

Kale green juice is one of the best juices your doctor would suggest you for keeping up the health of your heart. Kale has got amazing abilities to reduce cholesterol to a great extent. It prevents the deposit of cholesterol on the arteries and veins of your heart, preventing you from developing any kind of cardio related diseases. Drinking Kale juice everyday can reduce the chances of a heart attack too. So if you have any kind of heart-related issues, kale juice is the best home medicine for you. Read on to learn simple juicing recipes with Kale in the following paragraphs.

6. Reduces The Chances of Chronic Inflammation

By drinking healthy juice with Kale everyday you can considerably reduce the chance of developing chronic inflammation. Many people who gave chronic inflammation today, face it because of the insufficient supply of anti-inflammatory nutrients to the body. Kale is a vegetable that’s rich in antioxidants inflammatory nutrients making it the best juice drink to reduce the chronic inflammation. Kale protein also helps in fighting the early signs of chronic inflammation.

7. Helps in Regulating Healthy Weight

Kale juice also helps in regulating the weight of your body. Kale green juice has low calories and low fat making it a perfect drink for people who want to lose weight. Having the appropriate supply of requisite nutrients as well maintaining the low calories diet is something people who wish to lose weight try to eat. Kale juice recipe is the tailor made drunk for you as it’s high in macronutrients that are essential for smooth functioning of your bodies, but low in calories that helps in reducing weight.

8. Helps in Maintaining Healthy Skin

Drinking Kale juice everyday will help in balancing the pH levels of your body. Kale juice will help in providing essential nutrients for developing a healthy skin. Besides, it’s also known for providing the moisturizing content to your skin making it more healthy. It helps in repairing the skin cells from the inside. The essential macronutrients that are required for maintaining the health of the skin are provided by drinking the Kale green juice everyday. It also removes the oil content from the skin and prevents you from having an oily face.

They were some of the health benefits that Kale green juice provides. Knowing the benefits wouldn’t help you in any way unless you are willing to actually practice it. Instead of eating raw Kale vegetable, which might sound like a boring idea you can resort to making some delicious Kale juice recipe everyday. Learn the Kale juice recipe here which are so tasty tat you’ll be motivated to drink them everyday! So, let’s get started?

Easy Juicing Recipes With Kale

This video explains some wonderful Kale Juice Recipe’s –

1. Kale Juice Recipe Coupled With Lemon Extracts

Kale juice when coupled with the lemon extracts can provide amazing benefits as the properties that are present in lemon can help in better absorption of the nutrition present in Kale. So if you don’t want to waste even a single gram of nutrition that’s contained in kale, you should definitely try this Kale Juice Recipe.

How to Make It?

  • Buy some fresh Kale vegetable. Chop it into large pieces. You would not be required to chop them into tiny pieces as all these ingredients will be crushed in a mixer.
  • You will need 2 tablespoons of celery and some cardamom for adding taste.
  • Mix all the ingredients in a juicing mixer. Add a small cup of water to it. You don’t have to use too much water as Kale in itself will be making up most of the liquid part of your juice. Add half a tablespoon of salt or lesser according to your preference.
  • Mix all the ingredients well until you’re only left with the fiber part of the vegetable.
  • Drain the mixture through a sieve for getting rid of the semi-liquid part of the juice. Now you’ll be left with fresh Kale green juice. Now, you can squeeze one lemon to it which will help in better absorption of nutrients present in Kale.
  • Drink the juice immediately. Drinking this juice early in the morning on an empty stomach will provide best results.

2. Carrot – Kale Juice Recipe

Carrot is a root vegetable that is rich vitamin A provides you miraculous benefits when it’s coupled with the Kale juice. All the goodness of the carrot will be absorbed by your body when you’ve blended it with the Kale juice. Especially for people who gave weak bones and a poor eyesight, this Kale juice recipe is the best! Learn how to!

How to Make It?

  • Cut the Kale Vegetable into large pieces. Cut one fresh carrot too in rectangular shapes that make it easier for your juicer to crush it. Make it a point to peel off the outer layer of your carrot before you cut into large pieces. The outermost layer contains too much dust particles and fibers, and you’ll have to get rid of both!
  • Make sure that you use the orange carrots and not the red ones for best results. Add 2 to 3 pieces of cardamom to it for enhancing the taste.
  • Add all these ingredients to your juicer mixer. Add a pinch of salt as preferred for taste.
  • Since carrot will turn the juice to a little sweet taste, you can also add some honey or powdered sugar which will reduce the bitterness of your Kale juice.
  • Grind all the ingredients well on your mixer by adding a small glass of water. You might have to grind it several times as crushing the carrot cubes will take more time.
  • Pass the mixture through a sieve to get rid of fibrous content. You’ll left be liquid Kale juice that’s not just healthy but also delicious. Drink it on a regular basis to stay at bay from various kinds of health related problems.

3.  Cucumber – Kale Juice Recipe

Preparation of Kale cucumber juice is not much different from the previous kale juice recipe. Cucumber has various advantages for health including the skin care benefits. When it’s coupled with the kale juice, it provides amazing results. It also helps greatly in hydrating your bodies from time to time.

How to Make It?

  • Just like the previous carrot Kale juice recipe, you need to cut the kale into large pieces. Cut the cucumber into large pieces.
  • Add these into your juicer. Add the desired quantities of salt.
  • You can also add a pinch of pepper that’s going to enhance the taste of your cool drink.
  • Mix all the ingredients well in your mixer. You might have to require very less amount of water as the cucumber contains loads of water content.
  • Pass it through a sieve. And voila! Your Kale green juice is ready to savour! Drink it immediately after eating your breakfast for most effective results.

They were some of easy Kale juice recipes that’ll make a vegetable drink much more delightful and tasty! Try them all and drink them everyday for boosting your health.

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