12 Important Vitamin A or Retinol Benefits for Eyes, Skin and Health!

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Some Quick Facts About Vitamin A

  • Vitamin A is much essential for cell recognition, healthy immune function, and reproduction system.
  • The nutrient is also helpful for the healthy working of organs like kidneys, lungs and the heart.
  • People living in developing countries and pregnant women are at high risk of suffering from lack of Vitamin A.
  • Hypervitaminosis is a state when the body includes the excess amount of Vitamin A which is toxic.
  • The best sources of Vitamin A are meat, milk, orange plant foods and eggs.
  • The earliest symptom of Vitamin A deficiency is night blindness.
  • An adult requires around 15000 IU of Vitamin A mixed with Carotenoids.
  • The daily requirement of Vitamin A is easily obtained from your routine diet.
  • Retinol is a kind of Vitamin A.

Vitamin A – An Introduction

Vitamin A Benefits are useful and crucial for Eyes, Skin, Bones and overall Health

What are the useful and crucial Vitamin A benefits? Are you also checking out the same? Here is a complete guide you can go through. Vitamin A, also popular by the name Retinol, is a fat-soluble Vitamin that is much essential for a number of health benefits. The Vitamin is much beneficial for increasing the immunity levels in the body which helps in fighting against a number of infections and diseases.

No doubt, Retinol includes a number of health benefits, however, it is much popular for the health and development of eyes, bones and body cells. In the form of a strong antioxidant, the compound also works as one of the hormones of the body. Hence, it is an essential element for the overall health of the human body.

What Are The Sources Of Vitamin A?

There are various rich sources of Vitamin A like egg yolk, cream, cod liver oil, cheddar cheese, beef liver, fortified milk, butter, etc. Some popular fruits and vegetables include yellow maize, carrot, sweet potato, pumpkin, mango, spinach, broccoli, oatmeal, tomato, peach, apricot, papaya, peas, collard greens and much more. Including them in your regular meals would provide you with required Vitamin A levels on a daily basis.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Vitamin A?

Thinking what is Vitamin A good for? Vitamin A is much essential for a number of health benefits. In various forms like Provitamin A, Retinol, Beta-carotene, and Retinyl Palmitate, the nutrient provides with various benefits in the form of an antioxidant.

Here are the 12 important health benefits of Vitamin A.

1. Boosts Immunity

Vitamin A is much helpful in increasing the immunity levels in the body. The nutrient helps in fighting against various infections or diseases. The nutrient increases the lymphocytic elements against the antigens causing diseases. The retinol keeps the mucous membranes in the nose moist which helps in increasing the immunity levels and also boosts the activities of the white blood cells. In this way, Vitamin A also helps in blocking the germs and fighting against the infections from entering the body. Isn’t it an amazing protection shield!

2. Reduces The Risk Of Particular Cancers

Yes, protection from some type of cancers is also listed in the Vitamin A benefits. The nutrient is much important for the development and growth of the body cells which helps in reducing the risks of particular cancers. The higher amount of Beta-carotene in the nutrient helps in reducing the risk of cancer development like bladder cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer, and Hodgkin’s lymphoma as well.

3. Improvised Vision

When asked what does Vitamin A do, the improved vision is among the prime answers. The nutrient helps the eyes in adjusting with the changes in light, keeps the eyes moist, and improves the vision for the night also. The intake of the required amount of Vitamin A would help in the prevention of various eye conditions like night blindness, dry eyes, etc. It also helps in reducing the formation of purple visual which improves the health of the eyes. Lastly, it also reduces the risk of muscular degeneration, glaucoma,and cataract associated with symptoms of aging.

4. For Healthy Skin

Wondering what are the Vitamin A benefits for skin? Vitamin A works as an antioxidant element for the skin. It protects the skin from any kind of toxins or free radicals that can be harmful to the skin. The nutrient helps the skin in holding its moisture and keeps it supple and soft. It eliminates the chances of keratinization, dryness and various skin issues like psoriasis. Hence, Vitamin A is helpful for the overall benefit of the skin.

5. For Strong Bones

When it comes to strong and healthy bones, Vitamin A is an essential nutrient similar to calcium, Vitamin D and protein. The list of deficiencies of Vitamin A also includes weak bone health. Again, the people having lower levels of Vitamin A in the blood are more likely to suffer from fractures and other bone damages. Vitamin A is necessary for the dentin formation in the body which is a layer below the teeth for increasing the strength of the bones.

6. Protection From Acne

Protection from acne is one of the Vitamin A benefits for skin.The nutrient is helpful in working on the inflammation on the skin that increases the chances of developing acne. Along with acne, blackheads and spots on the chest, back and face is also looked after by Vitamin A. The deficiency of required Vitamin A levels in the body would boost the production of keratin protein in the follicles of the hair which increases the chances of having acne, dead skin, etc. due to blockage.

7. For A Healthy Reproductive System

Be it,men or women, Vitamin A is essential for healthy growth and development of the reproductive system. It not only ensures normal growth but is also vital for maintaining the health of the reproductive system. For men, the lack of required Vitamin A levels can block the development of healthy sperms increasing the chances of infertility. Similarly, in the case of women, the deficiency would come with an impact on the quality of eggs along with its implantation in the uterus. Again, for the pregnant women, Vitamin A holds a vital role in the development and growth of the organs, nervous system, skeleton, lungs, heart, pancreas, and kidney of the fetus.

8. Reducing The Symptoms Of Ageing

The Vitamin A benefits for skin also includes working on the aging symptoms. Vitamin A is much essential for fighting against symptoms of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, etc. It includes particular properties that help in eliminating the wrinkles from the skin. The application of Vitamin A is found effective in reducing the age spots along with fine lines that reverse the process of aging on the skin providing you with healthy skin.

9. For Healthy Muscles Growth

As mentioned above, Vitamin A is much essential for the healthy growth of the bones. Along with it, Vitamin A helps in providing your muscles with a proper shape too. Not only in the adults, but Vitamin A also ensures proper growth of muscles in the teens and children which reduces the chances of any kind muscular issues like muscular dystrophy.

10. Protects From Urinary Stones

Protection from urinary stones is also counted among the various Vitamin A benefits.The nutrient protects from the formation of calcium phosphate which leads to the formation of urinary calculi. Along with reducing the chances of urinary stones, it also helps in keeping the urinary tract in proper shape which also aids in reducing the chances of stones.

11. Reducing Measles Chances

The deficiency of Vitamin A in the children increases the chances of measles. When the children include diet ingredients that are rich in Vitamin A, it helps in dealing with health issues like diarrhea and fever which are the primary symptoms of measles. In this way, when the body has a sufficient quantity of Vitamin A, it protects your child from the measles virus.

12. Reducing The Cholesterol Levels

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble form of Vitamin which is much essential for the levels of your blood cholesterol. The nutrient helps in reducing the levels of blood cholesterol in the body which plays an essential role in reducing the chances of serious health issues like strokes and heart diseases.

Henceforth, Vitamin A is an essential nutrient that is required for the overall functioning of the body. However, it is also important to track the quantity and amount to be included in the body. Just as the deficiency of Vitamin A can lead to serious health issues, the excess of it can invite symptoms like nausea, blurred vision, spleen enlargement, liver enlargement, and growth retardation too. So, look for a balanced diet including the nutrient to obtain maximum health benefits of Vitamin A. Again, it is equally important to consult a doctor before looking for supplements of the nutrient for a safe dose.

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