Lemon Water Benefits For Overall Health That You Will Love To Know!

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Which is the drink that is inexpensive, loaded with Vitamin C and adds a glow to the skin? Is that juice available on over the counter? No. It’s just plain lemon water. Can’t believe it, right? For a simple drink like a lemon juice, the benefits are awesome and impressive that can create a positive influence on our mind and body. Even if you are not a regular drinker of plain water, you may reach out for a glass of lemon juice once you come to know about the lemon water benefits.

When it is related to weight loss, lemon can help a bit but this juice does not have a magic wand that it will be capable of melting away the extra pounds instantaneously. Lemon juice can just contribute to the procedure of weight loss along with healthy dietary practices and active lifestyle. What is there in lemon that it is gaining importance? A cup of fresh lemon juice serves 187 percent of your daily recommended intake of Vitamin C along with potassium, magnesium, and copper. So many things known about lemon juice let us come to know what could be the lemon water benefits.

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Lemon Water Benefits for Overall Health

Lemon Water Health Benefits for Weight Loss and Skin care

1. Adds Up to The Vitamin C Content in Your Body

Our body cannot make Vitamin C on its own, hence it is essential to get enough of this vitamin from food and drinks that we ingest. Vitamin C stimulates white blood cell production which is essential for the immune system to function properly. Being an antioxidant, Vitamin C also protects cells from oxidative damage. Vitamin C helps in keeping the cold and flu at bay. Hence drinking lemon water provides us with a sizable amount of Vitamin C.

2. Helps in Digestion and Detoxification

Do you have an upset stomach? Have a glass of lemon water. Lemon water helps in relieving indigestion and easing the upset stomach. Lemon juice aids in moving the food through the body and gastrointestinal tract smoothly as it tricks the liver into producing bile. It helps the urinary tract from getting rid of any unwanted elements.

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3. Heals The Body and Enhances Skin Rejuvenation

Consuming Vitamin C regularly leads to younger looking skin and less wrinkles. The antioxidant property of Vitamin C helps in fighting the damage caused by free radicals and keeps the skin fresh. Enough Vitamin C also helps in the body to produce collagen which is essential in smoothening the lines in the face.

4. Balances pH Levels

Lemons are the alkalizing food for the body. Though they are acidic in nature, they are alkaline inside the body. Lemons contain both ascorbic acid and citric acid; these are the weak acids that are metabolized in the body so that the mineral content of lemon helps to alkalize the blood. Body in an acidic state is an invitation to diseases to occur. Hence drinking lemon water regularly helps to remove the overall acidity from the body.

5. Helps You in Shedding off Few Pounds

Chugging down lemon water helps in reducing few pounds. This is because of the pectin, a fibre present in the lemon, helps in feeling full for a longer period of time. The satiated feeling helps in gobbling down less throughout the day.

Many benefits from such simple and easily made lemon water suggest that we need to know how to make lemon water.

How to Make Lemon Water?

  • The best time to take lemon water is early in the morning, so get up early!
  • Take 1 glass of lukewarm water. Now cut the lemon in half and squeeze the lemon into a glass of water.
  • Your Fresh Lemon juice is ready to drink!

Hence don’t postpone this challenge. Drinking lemon water benefits bring a positive change to your life. Hence add this juice into your weight loss regime or healthy lifestyle procedure and believe me, you can see the difference.

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