Surprising Lemon Hacks That Will Work for You and Your Home!

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Why only make lemonade when life gives you lemon? I bring you some of the best Lemon hacks that can work wonders both for you and your home. So brace yourselves, here comes the lemon!

Though lemons are known to be sour, their benefits are really sweet! They are the treasure chests of essential minerals which are not only useful for beauty treatments but also for keeping your home healthy and neat! Each aspect of a lemon, from its peel to pulp, is filled with nutritional elements. Lemons are enriched with Vitamin C and have zero cholesterol or fats. When it all comes down to effectiveness, even the best of the best products that are man made fall behind lemons and can just not defeat lemons. The lemon juice hacks are plenty. I will list some of them for you. Let’s begin with how it can enhance your beauty!

Lemon Hacks for The Beautiful You!

Lemon hacks

1. Lemons Help in Removing Acne, Blackheads and Acne Scars

Those blackheads that peep out of your skin can literally spoil the look of your beautiful and lovely face. Those who have these blackheads inadvertently cultivate this habit of fidgeting with them on noses and that can be definitely embarrassing if they do it in public. This lemon hack would make them get out of their habit of fidgeting with the noses.

Try and rub about the quarter of a lemon upon the blackheads regions for some minutes each day until you see its amazing consequence showing up. The acidic natural components in the lemons are styptic by nature and can potentially help you get rid of those blackheads. Besides, they can also help in curing your acne and also the scars that your earlier acne might have left behind. This is one natural remedy that can work way better than those cosmetics prepared with synthesized chemicals. What are you waiting for?

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2. Lemon and Sugar Scrub

The particular Lemon Hacks will be helpful if you have forgotten to carry along your scrub when you are travelling or while you are running short of the scrubs at home and you don’t want to step out to get them. I’ll tell you what to do.

Squeeze out one whole lemon in a small bowl and add some sugar into the lemon juice. The blend must look like a scrub and must be dense enough for applying. Wash your face with cold water and scrub the lemon and sugar formula gently on it. Rinse off after some time and you will instantly feel a refreshed sort of experience. And moreover, you can scrub your lips with it too!

3. Lemon Can Lighten The Marks Near Elbows and Armpits

Due to excessive melanin in the body, a lot of people have hyperpigmented and a discolored skin near those regions of the bodies that undergo high friction, namely elbows and armpits. Try this lemon juice beauty hack and begin rubbing a lemon slice gently on your elbows.

You must know that the regions close to the armpits are very tender and since the lemon is acidic in nature, it may cause a burning sensation among few people. But once you get used to it, the bleaching feature of lemon can eventually lighten those affected regions.

4. Lighten Your Hair Naturally with Lemon

This one,among many Lemon hacks, is my personal favorite! You can use lemon as a natural hair tone lightened rather than using harmful chemical formulae cosmetics. About an hour prior to your shower time, squeeze out a full lemon and apply the juice on the tresses.

Lemon juice can lighten the tone of your hair naturally and safely, unlike other chemical products. Try this hack two times a week and ensure that you have got the sensitivity of your scalp tested before you go ahead with it.

5. Lemon Can be a Moisturizer, Hair Mask and Growth Stimulator for Your Hair!

Do not fall prey for those attractive television ads that claim that they can guarantee you with extraordinary results. Instead, you can use lemon juice with coconut and grapefruit extracts which can act as your hair mask, moisturizer and even can stimulate your hair growth.

Use this blend whenever you want to relax or before you hit the sack. Do it regularly and you will know what I’m talking about lemon hacks!

6. Can be Used as Foot Soak

You may never get to learn about how actresses and celebrities maintain their feet perfect and healthy, but I guess I have a simple back that can spill the beans for you. This one of the best lemon hacks for beauty is going to give you amazing feet!

Prepare a mixture of essential oil such as rosemary, warm water, and lemon juice. This mixture must be ample enough for you to dip your ankles into them, maybe in a shallow bowl. Later add about half a bowl of Epsom salt. All you have to do next is immerse your feet in your homemade foot soak and just relax!

7. Body Wax Using Lemon

Are you repelled by the synthetic products they use for the body waxing? How about you make some freshly prepared own body wax back at home if you want to have a hair wax? All you need to do is squeeze out a whole of lemon and blend the juice with half a bowl of sugar.

Keep the blend in your microwave and let it heat until the mixture becomes brownish in color and continue stirring at times until you get a proper wax kind of a mixture for spreading evenly upon your skin. Once the mixture turns cold, you can use it for cold body waxing.

8. Remove the Tan with Lemon

Do your hands and feet often get exposed to the scorching skin and as a result you get bad looking skin tone combinations that you loathe? Worry not, you can now exfoliate such patches if you apply a mixture of baking soda, lemon and water on those affected regions using a tooth brush.

Lemon juice has the ability to work like a natural bleach agent, and baking soda along with the bristles on the toothbrush can eliminate all those dead skin peels and bring out your actual skin color!

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9. Whiten Your Nails

Cut lemons into pieces and squeeze the juice out into a bowl. Soak your fingers in the solution for about ten minutes and feel like you are getting a proper manicure. Rinse it later with voila and vinegar. What you will get is brighter nails!

10. Lemonade!

Lemonade is by far one among the most effective drink both for your health and your look. Cut a lemon into two halves and squeeze out the juices into a cup. Later put the cut pieces in the bowl too. You must next boil sugar in water to turn it into a syrup solution. Fill some of this syrup in the cup that has got lemon and the pieces. Later add some water and ice into the cup. Now sit back and enjoy your freshly made lemonade! Lemonade is great for your metabolism, can beat the heat during summer and can also give your skin a healthy glow!

Now that you have read about lemon hacks for skin and hair, which are basically beauty hacks, it is time you did something with the lemons for your home too. So, do you want to find out new methods in which you can use lemon? What I’m going to list down next can be easy hacks that can improvise your daily life in general, and can surprise you as well! Let’s get going!

Lemon Hacks for a Better Living!

1. Keep Your Avocado and Apples From Turning Brown

If you can remember your childhood snack time, your parents used to put newly cut apples into a container along with lemons. Well, they had a reason. You can put the sliced apples or avocados into a bag along with cut pieces of lemon in order to prolong the freshness of the food and avoid the development of a brown film over them. You can later consume those avocados and apples with its full freshness.

2. Lemons Can Get Your Clothes Whitened

Before you go for bleaching your clothes, why don’t you try this natural recipe first? Put some three tablespoons of lime juice into your laundry load and see how the lemon extracts can effectively whiten your clothes!

3. Use It With Water

Why wait for hotels that offer you fancy water when you can make a refresher on your own? Fruit and water are undeniably refreshing for us. Cut some lemon pieces along with fruits that have antioxidant properties and infuse them with water to give the water some flavor. You can use blueberries, strawberries, cucumber, pineapple and even mint since they can all be great options for mixing and matching.

4. Clean Up Your Bathroom and Kitchen

Lemons are amazing for multi-utility cleaning purposes. If you microwave lemon juice with a cup of water for about 5 minutes, you can see that the grime and grease stuck to your microwave loosen up. Once it has been washed, slice half a piece of lemon and smear it across your cutting board to eliminate stains out of those small crevices. Lemon slices can also effectively clean the grime and limescale upon any stainless steel dishes. Besides, you can use the lemon extracts to clean the stubborn stains in your bathroom as well! However, do not use it upon marble surfaces since it is very much acidic. You can use salt with lemon too!

5. Cater To Your Pets

Have you come across a tear spot on your dog or cat? Blend equal quantities of water, baking soda and lime juice and gently rub the affected areas with this mixture. Make sure that you keep the mixture away from the eyes of the pet as well as yours. Let it stay for sometime and rinse off with water. This must aid in brightening the brownish pink marks on the pet fur.

6. Get Rid of Irritating Mosquitoes

Do you not like the smell of the vinegar which can keep bugs, ants and mosquitoes out of your home? Why not try lemons since they are more acidic in nature and smell much better? Slice up lemon pieces and let them open wherever bugs like fleas and roaches are likely to enter your premises, such as doorways or windows. You could also rub it on the surfaces if you want a wider coverage range. This repellant works fine due to the acidic smell.

7. How About Secret Messages?

Have you watched movies wherein the lime juice is used as an invisible ink to code a secret message? You can make your life interesting too by using the juice with a pen and write secret messages for your loved ones! Ask them to decode the message by applying heat, perhaps with a hair dryer or an iron box.

8. Get Rid of Unwanted Weeds in Your Garden

As I have already mentioned, lemon is a natural acidic agent which can potentially kill bacteria. In this case, it can kill unwanted weeds. Squeeze lemons upon the weeds directly or you can also squeeze the juice in a spray can. Spray the solution on leaves and let it stay. You will see them disappear in a matter of two days!

9. Lemon and Salt!

Well, this one is more of a concept that can run chills down your spines, but the experience is worth it. Cut a lemon into halves. Put some salt on the halves and squeeze the juice directly into your mouth. You might like it for the fun of it! Besides, the health benefits of lemon hacks are obvious!

Now that I have mentioned few of the lemon hacks that can make your lives better in all ways, it is time that you try some of these techniques and see the results for yourselves. You can also experiment new ways of using it. After all, they are economic and totally natural!

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