Best Ways to Use Glitter : How to Apply Glitter Eyeshadow Step by Step…

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If you are among those stylish people who keep receiving compliments for your unique style, then incorporating little glitter into your make up routine this festive season is the way to go and let your eyes steal the show with shimmery eye makeup. Are you curious to know more about how to apply glitter eyeshadow for a little more dramatic effect to go with your beautiful outfit? After all adding that little glitter into your makeup is an amazing way to achieve that unique “wow factor” which can make you stand out in the crowd.

There are many online tutorials and salons where they show you how to apply glitter eyeshadow, but instead of following them blindly it important that you think more creatively about what suits you the best and follow certain steps before you decide to do shimmery eye makeup. While glitter eye makeup can bring all the attention to your eyes and make them shine, if it is not applied properly, it can spread and make you look like a hot mess and no one wants that at least. So, applying glitter eyeshadow demands attention, care and most of all patience.

In this article, we would like to share few essential tips on how to apply glitter eyeshadow without much efforts and also few other important things that you need to keep in mind while doing your eye makeup.

We, bring to you in detail, how to do Smokey eyes followed by make-up tips and tricks.

How to Apply Glitter Eyeshadow Perfectly?

How to apply glitter eyeshadow

Step 1: Getting Right Glitter Eye Shadow

Getting right glitter eyeshadow

Finding where to get glitter eyeshadow should not be a task because these glitter eyeshadows are available with most of the retail outlets selling makeup products. Eyeshadows come in different colour palettes and multi-dimensional shades and there are various glitter eyeshadow brands to choose from. When you are purchasing eyeshadows always remember that your glitter colours and eyeshadow colours compliment each other. Choosing similar shade for eyeshadow or a shade darker would help in creating the desired look. Also, if you are going to a theme party and you already have a look in your mind, choose the shades that go well with your outfit to attain the perfect theme look. Colours like black, silver, brown and gold always work well and look good with almost all the styles.

In addition to the selecting right shade, it is important to buy good quality glitters from well-known glitter eyeshadow brands. Always pick the ones that would last long and keep your eyes safe and healthy.

Step 2: Select The Right Eyeshadow Primer

Select the right eyeshadow primer

It would be very easy to apply glittery eyeshadow if you start by using a good primer on your eyes. If you purchase a branded glitter primer, look for the one with sticky consistency than liquid ones. Some liquid adhesives spread and look messy after drying so simply avoid runny liquid primer that can get into your eyes. Always test the products on your hand to find out the nature of the primer.

Step 3: Preparing Your Eyes

Preparing your eyes

Now that all the shopping is done and you are home for trying your very own glitter eye makeup before the final day, start with washing your face. Pat dry and apply your regular moisturiser but avoid the eye area and let your face dry up naturally. Apply primer on your eyelids gently and cover all the corners. Primer helps in reducing excess oil and it would also help in keeping glitter eyeshadow stay on your eyes. To prevent the glitter from sticking to the other parts of the face, dust little loose powder below your eyes.

Step 4: Prepare The Eyeshadow Base and Brush

Prepare the eyeshadow base and brush

If you have ever seen tutorial videos on how to apply glitter eyeshadow, you would notice that before applying the glitter eyeshadow, girls apply cream or vaseline all around their eyes to get more attractive and shiny look. This tip also helps in getting glitter stick well. It is completely optional and you can skip the part if you are not sure.

Start with applying cream eyeshadow all across your lids to prevent the glitter from spreading all around. For a subtle look, apply a lighter shade that compliments your skin tone and for a dramatic look, choose a strong or bold shade such as dark brown or dark green etc. Take your eyeshadow brush and clean it gently. Hold a tissue or cloth under your eyes with one hand and dip the brush into glitter eyeshadow and tap against the box to remove the excess amount.

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Step 5: Applying Eyeshadow

Applying Eyeshadow

Apply the eyeshadow with the brush over the cream base. Gently press the brush flat on the lids to apply glitter into the cream eyeshadow base. Go gentle and slowly apply the glitter using the process until all the glitter sets down. Apply the coat until you get the desired look but at the same time avoid going over the top with it. Glitter does not always mean that you have to necessarily cover the entire eye area. If you are not sure about carrying the look, just try on the corners or lashes. Instead of switching your base tone simply play with the amount of glitter that would help in giving you the desired look.

Blink your eyes rapidly to get rid of all the glitter that has fallen on your lashes during the process. Use a tissue to wipe away any trace of visible glitter on the face. You can also use baby oil or makeup remover to remove extra glitter pieces from the face.

There are few girls who like to play with loose glitter as well. Some of you may use eyeshadows on regular basis and instead of buying separate glitter eye shadows, you can just buy loose glitter from the market.  To follow the process of how to apply loose glitter eyeshadow, apply coloured eyeshadow of your choice and dip your fluffy brush into loose glitter and gently move it across your eyelids.

Step 6: Giving Your Eye Makeup “The Final Touch”

Giving your eye makeup final touch

One you are done cleaning up the extra glitter off your face, take a look into the mirror and see if the shades are perfectly blended. If any corner is missed, brush up a little to blend the shades and get the perfect results. When you are finally satisfied with your eye to make up, you can go ahead with the rest of the face makeup.

Step 7: Few Tips To Remove Glitter Eye Make-Up

Few tips to remove glitter eye makeup

Carrying sparkly eye makeup can be really fun, but at the same time you would ask yourself the next day “was it worth?” Yes, the cleanup may get tacky. Below are few easy tips to remove those glitters smoothly.

  • Removing your glittery eye makeup is quite easy. Remember using the sticky adhesive prior to applying the eyeshadow? Simply peel off the eye makeup from the lids and gently clean the eyes with the tissue.
  • You can also use oil based remover that will remove the glitter instantly. Be gentle while dabbing that cotton on your face.
  • Instead of rubbing the skin around the eyes several times, use cotton and apply remover again and again till all the glitter comes off.
  • Other alternatives are mask tape, tissue wipes or cello tape.

In some case, girls do not prefer using glue due to personal reasons. Therefore, in order to know how to apply glitter eyeshadow without glue, the process of applying glittery eyeshadow remains the same except the choice of adhesive which can be substituted with glitter eyeliner or by applying more cream shadow base.

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Glittery eye makeup takes little longer than normal eye makeup, but if you follow the steps as mentioned above, the process is very simple and will end up giving you a perfect diva look for your upcoming party or gathering. It is a definite way to look different and gather those compliments which you are already used to.

So, let’s not wait for this season to get over and grab your boxes of glitters and eyeshadows for that dark night and bright lights and let your eyes do all the smokey talking. While this article gives you heads up for how to apply glitter eyeshadow step by step you can also experiment your own ways by following the basics and playing with extra colours and shimmer that suits your taste. Always remember to dress as per the occasion and never overdo the styling which can make you look tacky than stylish. Have a happy grooming Girls!

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