7 Amazing Makeup Essentials For A Dusky Girl!

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The fair skin obsession is gradually fading day by day but still many people believe that women with dusky complexion don’t have many options with colours and makeup. But we say, that’s not true at all. Makeup helps in defining certain features of any beautiful dusky girl. Remember the time of the 1990s when the international supermodels like Sheetal Mallar, Ujjwala Raut, Priyanka Chopra and Frieda Pinto were admired all across the world for their exotic skin tone. Hence, you must go here for amazing makeup essentials for a dusky girl!

If you have a blessed dusky complexion and lovely olive tan and if you admire these divas and want to look as flawless as the models, you need know few simple tricks and tips and some dusky makeup essentials to let your complexion wok wonder for you.

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7 Amazing Makeup Essentials For A Dusky Girl

Makeup Essentials For A Dusky Girl

1. Right Foundation-Makeup essentials.

It’s very important to get the right foundation shade closest to the natural skin tone. The wrong choice would be to chose a shade lighter than the natural tone because it can make your face look patchy and greyish. In case you have an oily skin, apply a liquid base foundation and for dry skin use cream based one.  Apply all over your face and neck to keep the same and smooth finish.

Recommended Makeup Essentials.

a. Coloressence Aqua Make Up Base, Brown & Beige-Makeup essentials.

The base foundation comes in four different shades and two of them are absolutely amazing for your dusky skin. The brown & beige shades are known to blend well with dusky and wheatish and dusky complexion. These colours ensure that the face doesn’t look all caked up which can happen if your base is lighter than normal skin tone.

b. True Match Liquid Foundation by Loreal Paris-Makeup essentials.

L’Oreal has some of the amazing foundations and the True Match collection is meant for every dusky girl. It comes in four shades that makeup essentials for a dusky girl absolutely work wonder.

2. Focus On Highlighting Your Eyes-Makeup essentials.

Most of the women with the dusky complexion are blessed with deep eyes and dark lashes. You can highlight your eye features with some cream based eyeliners. These eyeliners are easily blendable and also look very natural. Colours such as prunes, browns, burgundy and copper work the best for eyeshadows rather than purple and pink.  You can also use dark metallic colours as well.

Recommended Makeup Essentials For A Dusky Girl

a.Absolute Drama Stylist Eye Shadow by Lakme-Makeup essentials.

As mentioned above right coloured eyeshadow for dramatic eyes on dusky people works wonder. We absolutely think that the purple shade is a great colour which is why one of the products Lakme Absolute Drama Stylist Eye Shadow Duos is an essential eye makeup you must have in your bag. Blend the purple and blue together for smokey and shining eyes for smokin’ hot look!

b. Coloressence Pearl Effect Eye Shadow Pencil-Makeup essentials.

In case you are shy to use a bold colour like blue and purple but still want the glamorous effect on your eyes Coloressence Pearl Effect Eye Shadow Pencil is an apt option for you. The golden shimmer will work well with the dusky skin and bright and shiny eyes. It’s perfect for daily wear and easy to carry around in your bag.

3. Play With Those Lips-Makeup essentials.

For dusky complexion, both glossy and matte lip colours look great. You can choose from shimmery to frosty shades. You can also go from dark shades of plums, berry, mauve ad burgundy, but to top it all nude colour will look amazing on the dusky skin. For dark lips apply a bit of foundation before applying the lipstick to let the colour come out.

Recommended Makeup Essentials For A Dusky Girl: Ruby Woo Lipstick by MAC

This lipstick is one of the top sellers that looks gorgeous on girls with dusky skin, earning a favourite spot for us.  The iconic shade of red gives you a finished look to any outfit for that glamorous look.

4. Find The Perfect Colours For The Blush-Makeup essentials.

Blushes are little tricky on the dusky complexion. At one hand if you over do then, they can make you look too fake and tacky. So, go with rose, orange and deep coral shades for your blushes. Avoid shades of beige and brown. For parties and evening outings add shimmer with the shade of gold on your cheek bones for that sharp and sexy look.

Recommended Makeup Essentials For A Dusky Girl: Fit Me Blush by Maybelline New York

We recommend The Medium Coral 202 as an absolute match blush for dusky to wheatish skin tones.  Opt the gorgeous coral that will blend perfectly and give rosy look to your beautiful cheeks.

5. Use Regular Sunscreen

One thing that you should understand as early as you can that no matter how busy you are, you need to keep you skin well hydrated. Dusky skin stone have more piglet that protects you from skin disease and sunburn but that does not mean that you don’t need any sunscreen. You should at least keep SPF-15 handy with you at all point of time. This will also keep you away from the visual signs of ageing.

Recommended Makeup Essentials For A Dusky Girl: Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Cream SPF 30

This is great sunscreen for Indian summers. After applying the sunscreen, it does not make your skin greasy and give you long lasting sun protection.

6. Easy Breezy Nail Paint

When you talk about nail paint, there is a wider option where you can select from. Dark colours like purple, shiny ones, light brown are some of the preferred choices of nail paints on wheatish skin tones.

Recommended Product: Pro+ Nail Enamel in Fuchsia by Avon

Colours like fuchsia, purple have the high impact on deeper skin colours. For dusky skin, shocking pink and deep orange will look great. So go ahead and stock up some beautiful nail paints to game up your nail style.

7. Experiment With Powder

While applying your makeup, the finishing depends on the application your base powder which helps in settling your foundation evenly. Therefore, make sure that your powder colour is same as your foundation colour.

Recommended Product

True Match Press Powder by L’Oreal: Thispowder shade matches almost every skin tone. The shade of Caramel Beige is amazing for wheatish to dusky skin as its blend able and do not give you a patchy looking skin. Apply the powder for a casual brunch for a flawless and natural look.

Additional Beauty Tips For Dusky Girls

  • TRY to use more water based makeup products especially the foundations except if you have dry skin. Dusky tones have more oily skin and therefore, the cream based foundation can look greasy and heavy.
  • BIG NO to light pink and orange colours for lipstick. The dusky skin tone will rock brown, corals and plums. The colours like hot red and mud pink are also some of the universal shades that dusky skin can carry well.
  • AVOID the silver eyeshadow and eyeliners unless you are going for a dramatic theme party, Instead chose bronze, pink and brown highlights on the lids.
  • NEVER line your lips with darker liner and always make sure that the lipstick colour matches. The wheatish skin will look made up and fake if you go for dark lip liner.
  • DON’t use light shade concealer and foundation. The dark skin has its own charm and trying to make it look white will definitely won’t make any sense. Concentrate on makeup that looks smooth and highlights your beauty features.


Women all around the world love that exotic dusky colour and that’s why spend fortunes on a monthly tan session. Just imagine we Indians are bestowed with an amazing Goddess skin tone. Feel confident with yourself because your beauty is your personality and your colour is just a medium to represent that beauty among all the ethnicities.

Appreciate it, Adore it and follow the basic makeup tips shared for the dusky complexion. Products mentioned in the articles are reasonable and has proven to work well for dusky skin tones. If you have any other suggestion for essential, let us know in the comment box or share your beauty secrets for others to benefit.

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