How to Choose Foundation for Your Skin Tone?

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Okay, we all know that foundation is the very basic element of a flawless makeup. But do you know that choosing a wrong foundation can make your skin look completely dud? Well, most of the times it’s hard to decide how to choose foundation for your skin tone. You can solve the riddle if you do not depend merely on your complexion.

Choosing best foundation shades is no rocket science. You just need to find foundation shade that suits your skin permanently. The thumb rule is that the foundation must dissolve into your skin color. It should disappear completely after its application. To test different types of foundation, walk to the store in broad daylight without wearing any makeup. Test the foundation on your jawline and forehead.

How to choose foundation for your skin tone

However, this is just a basic test with lots more is awaiting. Things you need to understand for choosing best foundation shades are here.

How to Choose Foundation for Your Skin Tone?

Different types of foundation are up there for sale in the markets. It gets confusing most of the times. You may get stuck in the brand game as well. So, for choosing best foundation shades, understand your own skin tone.

  • To better understand how to choose foundation for your skin tone, you can also check the color of your veins at the wrist. Look at them closely and they tell your undertone with their green, purple or blue hues.
  • To find foundation shade as per skin tone, another test you can take is matching your skin with gold and silver color using jewelry or simply foils in these shades. If gold suits you well, your undertone is warm and its vice versa if silver suits you perfectly. However, if both suit you invariably, you are neutral in skin tone.

Now that you know how to choose foundation for your skin tone, you should proceed to other points as well.

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How to Find Foundation According to Your Skin Type?

Not only your undertone but skin type also matters considerably to find foundation shade. Most of the products are labeled according to skin types for your help. You just need to know what your skin is.

1. Foundation for Normal skin

You have the liberty to choose the foundation according to your choice of coverage, shade, and composition.

2. Foundation for Oily skin

You must look for products with tags like oil-free, matte finish, or oil control. You can use pressed powder foundation along with liquid one to get best results in your makeup.

3. Foundation for Dry skin

You should go for oil based, hydrating, tinted, or mousse for flawless beauty. Try to find foundation shade with a label reading moisturizing or hydrating.

4. Foundation for Combination skin

This skin type refers to women having normal or dry skin with oily T-zone. They should prefer to use cream-to-powder base foundation. Remember that liquid foundations are just not meant for you.

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How to Find Foundation According to Coverage Preference?

The market is stuffed with different types of foundation available to suit different coverage criteria. Coverage simply means the final effect of foundation on your natural skin that you want to show. Do you prefer sheer effect, love medium coverage, or just want to bang on with full coverage? You can find foundation shade for each of these. Like sheer coverage is for the women who want to show their natural skin with an even tone. On the other hand, medium coverage is better in case you have certain blemishes, age marks, or discolorations on your skin. Lastly, foundation with full coverage is advisable for ladies with dark spots or scars.

You are the best person to understand your skin. So, take your time before choosing best foundation shade. Apply these simple tests and you may just find the look you have been longing for!

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