Author: Vatsala Singhania


How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger?

Love those big doe eyes but have a smaller set instead? Not to worry, you can easily create the illusion of big eyes with easy eye makeup tips. It is genetically not possible…

How to Do Gold Facial at Home? 0

How to Do Gold Facial at Home?

In pursuit of a radiant skin, how far do you go with spending your money? Beauty parlors charge a whopping amount for beauty treatments like a gold facial. What if you can do this...

How to Do a Manicure at Home? 0

How to Do a Manicure at Home : Step by Step Guide for Hands Care!

It’s great to have well-groomed hands that boost your personality and self-confidence. Thankfully, it’s not so tough with a professional manicure. But the flip side is that it is not always manageable to visit a salon and spend hours to get your hands perfectly manicured.

Home Remedies for Constipation 2

5 Effective Home Remedies for Constipation!

If the empty bowel is your pursuit every morning and you’re not getting the same, it’s time to go natural. Although, you try not to divulge the problem of constipation publicly, yet your social...

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