How to Do a Pedicure at Home With Some Easy Steps?

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You care a lot about your face and rest of the body but at times, you tend to ignore your feet. Isn’t it true? Dry feet, cracked feet, or simply tired feet require some extra care from you. Well, many of us will be carrying this guilt of avoiding our feet while they need utmost care and pampering. Don’t worry; running to a salon for the pedicure is not the only respite. In fact, you can learn how to do a pedicure at home with some easy to follow steps. Believe us, your feet will be a lot more than relaxed and beautiful as a result of these small efforts taken by you.

Pedicure at home is a simple solution for those who lack time to visit the parlours and also for those, who are not interested in spilling out their hard earned money on these spa and salon treatments. It is not a herculean task to do pedicure and manicure at home. You can easily learn how to do a pedicure at home  and pamper your feet like never before.

How to do a Pedicure at Home?

How to do a pedicure

Things that You’ll Need for Home Pedicure

To do a pedicure at home, gear up properly with the required supplies and tools like:

  • Nail clippers and nail file for treating the toenails
  • Nail polish remover prefers any acetone free product
  • Cuticle oil
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Cotton balls or swabs
  • Pumice stone and foot file
  • Foot scrub from your favourite brand
  • Foot moisturizer again from the brand you trust
  • Basin to wash your feet
  • Soft towel to pat dry

You can get a pedicure tools from the market quite easily if you don’t want to gather these supplies one by one. Whenever you prefer buying manicure and pedicure tools, always ensure that they comprise of all the tools that you will require. In case they don’t, make additions to them.

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Now, that you have got your pedicure tools ready, it’s time to move further to learn at how to do a pedicure at home:

Start with Your Toenails

Pedicure and manicure at home have this in common. You need to start with your nails in both these treatments. Anyways, remove the nail polish firstly with a cotton ball dipped in an acetone-free remover. Trim your toenails now using the clippers and give them shape with the nail file or emery board. Do not cut your nails too deep or they will hurt you badly. Avoid cutting the corners and also, avoid using the metal file.


Give Your Feet a Soothing Foot Soak


There are many foot soaks available to you at a cosmetic store. You can buy them or prepare your own at home. So, begin with filling a basin with warm water to soak your feet for some time. In this basin, add the ingredients like

  • ½ cup Epson salt to reduce inflammation and roughness.
  • Lemon juice
  • Any liquid hand wash or foot wash
  • 10 drops of your favourite essential oils

In this basin, soak your feet for more than 30 minutes and relax in the meanwhile. Pat your feet dry with the soft towel.

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Exfoliate Your Feet Gently

In-home pedicure, exfoliating and cuticle care is quite essential to beautify them. So, focus on both of these. Clean your feet and toenails properly using a nail brush or even an old toothbrush. Apply some cuticle cream at the base of your toenails and wait for some time. Remove the dead skin from the feet using the pumice stone. Now scrub the feet from all sides but don’t be too harsh on it. Using a cotton ball, remove the cuticle cream and treat the cuticles with the pusher or orange stick.

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Moisturize Your Feet to Soften It

After drying your feet, apply some foot scrub on the soles, heels, between the toes, ankles, and sides. You can use any branded foot scrub or simply a face scrub that you find inappropriate to use on your delicate facial skin. Once scrubbing is done, wash the feet to apply the foot moisturizer on it. A good quality moisturizer will hydrate and soften the dry feet instantly. Here again, you can use any leftover face cream or moisturizer on your feet if you do not intend to spend on foot moisturizer.


Time to Polish them Well

This is the last step to having a perfect pedicure at home. Wipe clean your toenails and apply a clear polish if you don’t want to colour them. If you think otherwise, apply the base coat with three strokes and avoid contact with cuticles. When the base coat dries up, choose the nail paint of your preferred shade and apply its two coats. Wait for each coat to dry completely or it will get messed up. Use a finishing thin top coat. Smudges? Clean it with cotton swabs dipped in nail polish remover.


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Time for Some Easy Home Pedicure Tips

For a perfect pedicure at home, you need to follow these home pedicure tips quite religiously.

  • For cracked feet, there is no instant formula in-home pedicure. You must apply Vaseline regularly and then cover your feet with cotton socks to heal them fast.
  • Give yourself some regular foot massages apart from this at home pedicure.
  • Don’t use any sharp metal file on the calluses as they may cause serious damage to your feet.
  • Treat you cuticles carefully and never cut them to invite any infections.

So, you must have realized now that it is easy to learn how to do a pedicure at home using the pedicure tools. If you have some other useful tips related to the home pedicure and manicure, please share them with us in the comments section below.

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