How to Get Thicker Hair : Reasons and Remedies for Hair Fall and Hair Thinning

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Hair fall is one of the gravest problems women face. Thinning of hair or Loss of volume is one of the most depressing things to happen with anyone. Hair just loses all of its life, beauty and grace. Hair thinning does nothing but just mars the beauty of this natural crown we women are blessed with. Being Indians, we have always idolized women with Long, shiny lustrous hair. Those looking for a solution on How to Get Thicker Hair, relax!  Hair loss or thinning of hair is common among women and needless to say pretty demoralising.

Every morning does the glance at your pillow put you in deep sorrow? Every strand of hair you see after coming in you comb puts you in grief? Are your braids as thin and as flat as your Barbie doll? If your answer is a Yes to all these questions you have just put your first step forward in the wide family of people experiencing Hair fall.

How to Get Thicker Hair

Natural Hair Loss May happens which is healthy because in natural hair fall the damaged hair that does not have any further scope for growth sheds itself. Ranging from simple and temporary to complex, thin hair is one big trouble. Hair fall or thinning of hair takes our love affair for beautiful hair to just another level. But how is my hair falling and thinning every day & how to get thicker hair? Here are your answers!

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Reasons for Hair Fall

1. Over Styling

All of those things that we all try, to manipulate and do with our hair like those chemical dyes, harmful hair colours, flat irons, hot curling machines, bad and old unhygienic hair brushes, blow dryers, and other stylizing products like hair sprays, and serums containing harsh chemicals can all lead to damaged and broken hair. What’s more, even excessive towel drying with wet hair or running a comb through your wide hair can lead to hair fall and thin of your hair.

2. Physical Stress

Whether it’s a car accident, the flu, major surgery or anything another kind of physical stress, it can surely trigger temporary hair loss.

3. Pregnancy

Along with the boon of becoming a mother, for women hair thinning and hair fall come along as a bane in pregnancy. Pregnancy-related hair loss is usually seen after the birth of the baby rather than during the 9-month long course of pregnancy.

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4. Imbalance of Vitamins and Proteins

“Too much of goodness is also sometimes bad” goes well with Vitamin A here. Too much of Vitamin A in the combination of your medicines can lead to hair fall in women. On the other hand, lack of Proteins in the diet of women can also lead to hair fall and in turn thinning of hair.

5. Hereditary

Genetics plays an important role in thinning hair for women. You never know, but you might be coming from a family where loss of hair for women came at a certain age so even you might be vulnerable to hair loss.

6. Lack of Healthy Diet

Each and every component of the diet i.e. carbohydrates, minerals, potassium and even some amount of fatty acids, if neglected can cause hair thinning because of lack of nutrition for hair.

7. Hormonal Imbalance

Just like the pregnancy hormone, if there is switching or going off the Contraceptive pill or if a menopausal phase is about to hit you, you better be ready for thinning hair.

8. Emotional Stress

Complexities of today’s world take a toll over one’s emotional balance thereby disturbing it. Stress, tensions, anxiety, excessive brainstorming, stressed relationships add to the hair thinning. It is very important to live a stress free life in order to have a healthy body as well as healthy hair.

9. Side Effect of Diseases

Hair fall can come along as a part and parcel with other diseases like Anemia, Hypothyroidism, and hair loss is also the first thing to happen when a patient is under chemotherapy.

All these might be the reasons for the thinning of hair in women but, where there is a problem there is a solution along with it too! Worry not about how to get thicker hair, we are here at to help you get out of the dilemma when what to do and what not to do is concerned. For when hair shall fall we shall rise and help.

Following are a few remedies for hair fall and hair thinning that will surely help get rid of this problem and get you back on your way to long, healthy hair.

Home Remedies For Hair Fall – How to Get Thicker Hair

India is the home and birthplace of the ancient medicine called Ayurveda. Instead of going in for chemical treatments at salons and spas, even today we believe n give the first preference to our age old tips for strengthening our hair. Some of these remedies for hair loss and thinning of hair are here only for you.

1. Coconut

Not only is this wonder of nature blessed with sweet flesh to eat but enriched with natural essential oils. It is full of potassium, minerals and fats. You can either grate the coconut and extract milk out of it then apply it overnight and wash it off the next morning.

You can also take some coconut oil and warm it up then gently massage your scalp for deep conditioning. This will prevent hair breakage and thinning of hair and provide strength to the roots.

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2. Hibiscus

Commonly known as the shoe flower, it is one of the best known natural treatment strongly aiding in Hair Fall and Thinning. Just crush a few flowers to make a paste and mix in sesame or coconut oil. Massage onto scalp and rinse off with cold water and mild shampoo after a while.

3. Amla/Indian Gooseberry

House of vitamins A, C D and E, Amla is the biggest boon for people looking to reverse hair fall and hair thinning condition. Amla powder or juice, when mixed with lemon juice and applied on the scalp, gives excellent results. Amla has been used for hair care remedies since ages in Ayurvedic medicines in the Indian subcontinent.

4. Egg

House of sulphur, zinc, iron and proteins eggs are the best source of natural care to provide for people with hair loss and thinning problems. Just whip n beat one egg and add 2 spoons of Olive Oil to it. Now apply on the entire scalp and keep for 30 minutes. Rinse with a mild shampoo.

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5. Fenugreek Seeds

Unknown to many, Fenugreek seeds house essential nutrients like folic acid, vitamin E and B12. All you need to do is soak three tablespoons of the fenugreek seeds overnight in water. Next day grind it into a fine paste and apply it on your scalp for half an hour. Clean using mild shampoo. You will be surprised by the results.

6. Henna

Most associated with Indian hair care, Henna is one of the most widely used product for hair care, when mixed with eggs and curd gives deep conditioning to roots and scalp reducing hair fall and hair thinning.

Known for its medicinal properties to everyone, neem has remedial solutions on how to get thicker hair. Boil some neem leaves in water and let it cool. Now rinse your hair with this solution and see the reduction in the strands that fall off your scalp.

Getting your hands on to these remedies will surely help you to stop hair fall and further thinning. In fact, if regularly practiced these remedies can bring an endless amount of volume to your hair making it bouncy, full of life and healthy from inside as well as from outside.

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