Amazing Acupuncture for Hair Loss That Everyone Should Try Once!

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If people dread anything before the doomsday, it is hair loss. Though people are very much aware of how much they fear hair loss, there are things they take for granted. You would not realize how quickly you are losing hair until you see scary amount of hair loss while bathing. Fear is not going to give you a solution, is it? You could either fire fight the problem once it manifests, or vaccinate the problem even before it arises. In this post, we will tell you how you can prevent hair loss. Nope, we are not going to recommend any hair product. You are in for a surprise i.e acupuncture for hair loss!

Stress is undeniably the most important reason for your hair loss. Hence, it becomes inevitable for you to stay calm and at peace. Plenty of ways can be suggested to you to treat the hair fall and the depleting hair line. However, this one unique way will blow your minds because it is that soothing! Yes, I am talking about Acupuncture which is arguably one of the most effective techniques to avoid your hair loss.” Acupuncture for hair loss?” might be your first reaction. Well, I told you were in for a surprise!

Acupuncture for hair loss

Acupuncture for Hair Loss

Acupuncture has been a cure for various ailments and dates back to 1600 BC. Acupuncture is a sort of alternative therapy wherein you apply pressure on certain parts of the body in order to stimulate the flow of chi (Chinese reference for ‘life energy’) which promotes the self healing properties of the body. The concept suggests that the chi flows in a path known as meridians. If the flow of this energy is blocked, that is when diseases manifests. By applying gentle yet firm pressure through the fingers on particular healing points on your body, healing can happen via the promoting of blood circulation, detoxification and muscle reaction. Besides, this technique also boosts the immune system of the body.

Hence, if stress, hormonal imbalance, illness or autoimmune diseases are the cause of your hair loss , acupuncture could be your one stop solution. If you want to obtain best of the results, you can use acupuncture as a tool to stimulate the growth of hair.

Acupuncture for Hair Growth

The growth and health of the hair mainly depends on the infallible functioning of your adrenal glands. Besides, even the blood supply to the hair follicles play a major role. If you wish for healthy and thick hair, you need to have proper blood supply to the scalp and the hair. This is where acupuncture saves the day. It can enhance the functions of your immune system and can make sure ample amount of blood circulation takes place.

By this treatment, the scalp undergoes rejuvenation, and with this, healthy growth takes place. Did you know that it can also remove all sorts of toxins from your system and increase the blood flow to your face? Hair loss and face glow with just one treatment? What more do you want in life?

Here are simple hair care tips and home remedies to prevent hair loss problems.

Acupuncture Points for Hair Growth

Many number of pressure points are identified on the human body. Surprisingly, many of them are extremely helpful for hair growth. If you want to get optimized results from this technique, it is vital for you to find these pressure points properly. If you can hit the spot, you are already on your way to a healthy life. I’ll first tell you about different Acupuncture for hair loss and also let you know how you can perform acupuncture for hair loss on yourself.

1. Paihui Point or GV20

The Paihui point is situated at the top of your head. It is said that this particular point is very effective in improvising blood circulation to your head. As I have already mentioned earlier, blood circulation to your head is what keeps your hair safe. Hence, I suggest that you perform Acupuncture for hair loss on this specific point every day at least once in order to boost your blood circulation in the head. Use your prominent finger and gently use it to apply pressure on the Paihui point. This will set the bloods flowing and subsequently lead to a very satisfying hair growth. If you find it difficult to locate this point, trace an imaginary line from your nose and all the way up to your head where you reach a point that will have ears on either sides of the head. If you want better results, you could also tie up about ten toothpicks and use them to put pressure on the

If you find it difficult to locate this point, trace an imaginary line from your nose and all the way up to your head where you reach a point that will have ears on either sides of the head. If you want better results, you could also tie up about ten toothpicks and use them to put pressure on the paihui point. After using the toothpicks to apply pressure for about two to three minutes, use your fingers with firm yet gentle pressures, more like a massage, on the entire region of your head.

2. GV12 and GV14

Just like Paihui, the Acupuncture pressure points GV12 as well as GV14 are also situated on your head they are known as the vessel meridians of governance.

GV 12 is situated exactly beneath the T3 spinous process. This is nothing but the thoracic vertebrae that is situated in between the blades of your shoulder.

GV 13 is situated exactly beneath the C7 spinous process. This is a cervical vertebrae and has got a big process which posteriorly sticks out towards the skin on the back of your neck. It should not be hard for you to find this particular spinous process since it can be easily touched at the neck base.

3. LI1

This particular acupuncture point can be found right below the lumbar vertebrae at the first which corresponds to your large intestine. You can even access this point using your finger tip. Apply pressure on a point which is about one millimeter next to your index fingers’ corner nail on your thumb side. Press this point for about two to three minutes in a day and you will experience change.

4. LU6, LU7, LU9

These three important acupuncture points are situated at the lung meridian and can be extremely helpful.

a. LU6

This particular point is situated on the inner side of your forearm, five cun ( cun is the width of the thumb at your knuckle) below the crease of your elbow and 7 cun over the crease of your wrist. Use your fingers to press this point gently yet firmly on that muscle pit located in that area for about two to three minutes everyday.

b. LU7

You can locate this particular acupuncture point if you cross your two thumbs and later place your index finger on the inner arm. You will actually be pointing at LU7.

c. LU9

This one is situated at the crease of your wrist before the thumb, and before your top groove.

5. B13

Situate three of your fingers in congruence with the scapula which is between your shoulder blade and spine and rub or press vigorously. You need to repeat this action on the other side of your spine too. This can be very much helpful in relaxing you whenever you are stressed.

You need to use the application of massage or finger pressure for all above mentioned points each day for about three to four minutes. You can also make changes in your breathing techniques so that it gets effective. While you do this, observe what physical changes happen, and you will be able to understand the effectiveness.

Since you have now understood how helpful acupuncture for hair loss and the entire body, don’t you think you should be giving it a try? Besides, it is totally easy and economic when you treat yourself with these techniques. Why would you want to spend on pricey saloons when you can use this ancient technique for maximum results? Once you are actually doing this, you will realise that your hair is growing thick and beautiful. Unlike those shampoo ads wherein there is graphically altered hair beauty, you will actually have attractive hair!

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