Best Acupressure Points for Headache and Migraines

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Headaches and migraines are always mentioned together and not separate. Both are characterized by severe pain and suffering. Acupressure is a Chinese term and is also a form of medicine to relieve headaches and migraines. Best acupressure points for headache and migraines do exist in your body and is worth exploring. Know how to use acupressure.

So, do you suffer from severe headache & migraine? And the same time do you find it difficult to deal with it? Well, then you shouldn’t miss the below text.

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What Causes Headaches and Migraines?

Migraine attacks and headaches are studied widely by scientists and surprisingly there is no one definite reason for the same. When you are under the attack of a migraine or a headache, it could be the most miserable that has happened to you ever. Your thinking capability will be impaired and will be unable to work. It is such a horrible condition.

Acupressure Points for Headache & Migraines

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Over a period of time, there surfaced a few reasons that can cause the attack. They are:

1. Excess Mucus

Down with cold and cough! Then expect the migraine to surface up. The excess mucus will block the pores and may travel towards the head. This can trigger an attack.

2. Fluctuations in Hormones

This is one of the main reasons of headache and migraine in women. During periods or menopause there will be a lot of hormonal variations. These variations collectively can cause a migraine attack.

3. Bad Habits

  • Too much of alcohol or wine intake can also cause a migraine attack. Too much of tobacco and caffeine may also become a reason, but in rare cases.
  • Too much of stress and exhaustion may also cause a headache & migraine. Overall, this is considered the main reason. You will often get worked up due to professional pressure and social pressure and this may cause you a headache.

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Due to whatsoever reason, nerves running down from the brain get stressed and tend to overwork. This extra load on the nerves costs a lot and ends up in severe migraine attacks. It is always advisable to get rid of headaches and migraines as soon as possible. Swallowing analgesics can be a relief but it is only temporary. On the longer run, analgesics can have damaging effects on your liver and can also invite other health complications. In this grave, situation the famous acupressure points for headache will be a sure shot help. Acupressure is nothing but the science involving reflexology.

Usually, the muscles above the neck region get tensed quickly and cause migraine or headache. The acupressure points for headache and migraine can be reached faster to relieve the tension. A minimum pressure is required for the treatment and it is definitely a cake walk. In this kind of treatment, the pressure points for migraines are pressed that in turn will tend to relax the tensed nerves. And once the nerves are relaxed, the pain subsides drastically. So, do you want to know the acupressure points for headache and migraines? Scroll down to find them!

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Acupressure Points for Headache & Migraines

1. Right in The Middle


This is one of the most common acupuncture points available in your body. This is rightly know as the third eye point and is a great acupressure point for migraines. This pressure point for migraine is situated right at the middle of your eye brow intersecting the nose bridge. Apply a gentle but firm pressure for about a minute to relieve the migraine attack. Repeat the same for some time.

2. Aim The Eye Socket


Another acupressure points for headache is situated right below the eye brows. It is exactly near the upper eye socket towards the nose. The gentle pressure will ward away all migraines and headache patterns from your body.

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3. Find The Dimple


Not so far, this pressure point for migraine relief is situated just outside the nostrils near the cheek bone. A firm pressure at this point will relieve a lot of pain and is considered the best acupressure points for headache.

4. Below The Ear


An acupressure point for headache relief is surrounded all over the skull and face. GB20 is one of them. It is situated just below the ears and opens up as hollow spaces into the skull. When you suffer, apply a firm pressure on the spot for 10 seconds and repeat the same for a couple of times. This particular acupuncture point is very effective for migraines & headaches.

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5. Play Around The Temple


Temple bone area is crucial when you want a relief from headaches and migraines. This exact acupressure point for headache is situated just above the ear and the area surrounding it. Let your index finger do some exercise and put some firm pressure. The pressure will instantly relieve you from the migraine attack. If not fully, it will surely reduce the pain.

6. Reach to The Bottom


Acupuncture points for migraines exist almost everywhere in and around the face. GV16 is situated at the base of the skull and is represented by the hollow structure. A strong pressure on this point will tend to relax the tensed muscles and nerves.

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7. Brotherly


Just like the one above, there exists one more acupuncture point on the either side of the previous one. The position will come exactly at the base of the ear characterized by a hollow structure. A strong pressure on the same will bring the pain down remarkably.

8. Hand in Hand


This acupuncture point for migraines has crossed boundaries and reached till the palm. There exists a point between the index finger and the thumb which upon pressure will curb down the suffering.

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9. Toe Hand Combination


The toe beside the first fat one is believed to bear an acupuncture point for migraines. Constant pressure on the same will bring down a migraine headache drastically and render peace.

Migraine attack and headaches are common for the modern day world. In order to beat the same try acupressure point therapy. This will give a faster relief than anything else. Too much of a migraine problem should be attended at the earliest. The above methods of accupunching will surely help in curbing down the rigorous pain.

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