8 Amazing Holy Basil Benefits or ‘Tulsi’ Health Benefits!

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There are various holy basil benefits or tulsi health benefits mentioned in the ancient Indian medicinal texts of Ayurveda. But these benefits are not the just chronicling of ancient doctors – they have been found to be beneficial through proper research.  Here are 8 amazing health benefits of ‘Tulsi’ or holy basil herb.

1. Holy Basil Benefits: Useful in Fever and Cold

One of the holy basil benefits is that it helps in fighting the common cold and the fever that results from it. Clean some young, green leaves of holy basil and chew them raw. You can also make a paste of the leaves with honey and eat a spoonful.

Holy Basil Benefits

2. Tulsi Can Do Wonders for Clearing Cough

If you have a cough, holy basil can come of use. Tulsi extracts can be rubbed onto your chest to relieve congestion. Holy basil essential oil is quite good for this. If you cannot find the oil, make your own by boiling Tulsi with any carrier oil.

3. Tulsi Tea Heals Sore Throat

When you have a sore throat, either from a bout of flu or otherwise, holy basil herb is really good for healing the irritable throat. Brew tea with some basil herb to make your soreness go away. Chop the basil leaves and drop it into hot water with the tea leaves. Let the herbs seep for 10 minutes before straining it off. Take this healthy Tulsi tea, Remember it should be hot.

4. Great Home Remedy for Skin Disorders

The holy basil herb is a good home remedy for skin disorders that are in the initial stages. Leucoderma has been successfully treated with holy basil herb. Make a paste of holy basil with petroleum jelly and smear on the affected area. Repeat this twice every day for best results.

5. Treat Insect Bites with Holy Basil Herb

Insect bites can be treated with Tulsi easily. In fact, if you are outdoors and do not have a first aid kit easily available, you can simply use Holy Basil to treat insect bite. Just pick a few leaves of Tulsi herb, chew it into a paste and smear this onto the bitten skin. This prevents infections because Holy Basil has great antibacterial properties.

6. Tulsi is Beneficial in Oral Problems

Tulsi is often used to treat various oral problems. If you have bleeding gums, rub some Tulsi paste onto it or dab Holy Basil Essential Oil on a piece of cotton and keep it in contact with the affected gum area. Holy basil also has a very refreshing taste and smell which can combat bad mouth odour.

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7. Treat Headaches with Tulsi

When you come down with a headache after a long day, use Tulsi extract to soothe it. Take a few drops of Tulsi oil on a wet cloth. Now place this on your forehead for relief. You can also take vapour to reduce headaches due to sinus inflammation. For this, boil two litres of water and place it in a large, deep bowl. Drop 10 milliliters of pure Tulsi extract into this piping hot water. Now keep your head above the water and drape a towel over your head, creating a little tent. Inhale deeply. The strong smell of Holy Basil will clear your nasal pathways and sinus cavity which reduces inflammation and the resulting headache.

8. Holy Basil is Good for Hair

Tulsi oil has been used for the hair in India for ages. To use Basil oil for hair, bruise a few fresh leaves of basil. Add coconut oil to this and heat gently on low heat. Apply this on your scalp before going to bed.

These are some of the amazing benefits of Tulsi or Holy Basil herb. It is an all-rounder among herbs. So next time you catch a cold or get an insect bite or simply have sore gums, remember to pluck a few leaves off the little green herb to get natural relief!

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