Do You Know How To Keep Long Hair Tangle Free?

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Your hair has finally grown and after few months of dealing with your long hair, you have realized that maintaining your long locks is not as glamours as it seems. Constant hairbrush fights have forced you to think about how to keep long hair tangle free? because it is a never ending war of getting up with tangled hair and seeing a bird’s nest on your head after short bike ride or auto ride. But to every problem, there is a solution and we bring you the solution to make it easier with helpful tips on how to keep long hair tangle free. Be prepared to get softer locks and full fill your hair fantasy rather than messing up with those tangles.

How To Keep Long Hair Tangle Free?

How to keep long hair tangle free

1. How To Keep Long Hair Tangle Free With Oil?

You heard it right, make friends with oil and give yourself a gentle oil massage. Oiling helps in keeping your hair tangle-free. An oiled scalp is well nourished and hydrated with less frizz which also means that your strands are much softer and don’t get knotty. Warm oils work as a deep conditioner. After you shampoo your hair, apply warm oil on the roots of follicles and wrap a hot towel around your hair. Argan oil is used for deep conditioning treatments. If you do not have Argan oil, you can choose Coconut oil for all natural shine. It also helps in repairing cuticles and maintain the balance of moisture of strands.


Oil your hair at least once a week and gently massage the scalp with olive oil or coconut oil to keep your hair tangle free. Sometimes you can also leave oil overnight for deep nourishing.

2. No Scrunching Your Hair In The Shower

You must have seen shampoo advertisements where models scrunch up all hair while washing their head. Please know that it is completely wrong to do so. Your hair needs cleaning of the scalp and the roots but doing so will lead to stripping the moisture off your strands. This can lead to frizzier, dried and more messy hair.


When washing your hair with shampoo, massage onto the scalp without scrunching your hair up. While rinsing, your shampoo will be washed off the entire length and it is enough to clean your strands as well.

3. Conditioner, Conditioner and More Conditioner

Once you shampoo your roots, you need to use conditioner to rehydrate the length of your hair to keep from frizzing at bay. Softer and smoother hair are any day easier to comb. The conditioner contains silicone which resists frizz and humidity. Always use a deep conditioner post washing your hair to get smooth detangled hair. You may also use a good quality leave-in conditioner, hair serums for shiny and smooth looking locks.


While you condition your hair, comb your entire length using a wide comb to divide the strands making it look more manageable because when you will wash your conditioner off, your hair will easily set. The conditioner is the best solution on how to keep long hair tangle free also very important to moisturise and smoothening of hair. Hair prone to tangles is usually the result of damage and dryness caused by dust and pollution or by using heat on your hair. Applying leave in conditioner also helps in taming those long hair for rest of the day.

Do you crave for those long, shiny and silky curls? Then go for how to make homemade shampoos for shiny & silky hair!

4. Avoid Hot Water

Warm water always feels amazing and soothing but it is actually very bad for your hair because it ends up relaxing cuticles little too much. Hot water also results in washing off the natural oils from the scalp leaving them more dry and frizzier than before. On contrast, cold water helps in sealing the cuticles and does not strip essential oils and moisture. The smartest move would be to shower with warm water and moving to cool water at the end. You will see the result with smoother hair.


We understand in winters, it’s not easy to use cold water. But once you condition your hair, flip your head and put your head under the cold water to seal the moisture.

5. Dry It Right

If you are among those who like to blow dry a lot, be kind and use cold setting, please. While air drying, comb your hair while they are still wet to avoid painful tangling. Do not put your hair up in the turban of towel because it is as bad as scrunching up your hair causing more roughness. Gently blot your hair with a towel and remove extra water before coming through your hair. Always comb to the way upwards.


Instead of using blow dry, use plopping method. Use cotton cloth on the flat surface and lay your hair in the centre of the cloth. Taking the outer edges drape it all over your head. Tie your hair  strands at the end to create a super absorbent dry hat. Leave for almost half an hour and let fabric soak all the water from the hair. Girls with curly hair can definitely see the results of this method.

6. Go Easy On The Buns

A lot of ladies put their hair into bun almost half of the time and this is a very bad idea if you are looking for how to keep long hair tangle free. You grab all you hair, twist and secure them up with a hair band. Really, a bad idea. Instead hold your hair gently from the scalp to the ends and twist like a rope and put them up in a bun for more relaxed hair.


Rather than using elastic bands, use a cloth covered hair tie while braiding, running or making a securing a pony. Using a cloth based hair tie prevents breaking and tangling your hair into the elastic.

7. Braid Before The Bedtime

Everybody twist and turn while sleeping, and you know what happens to your long locks. knots and kinks throughout the length. So, make it  habit to put your hair back into a braid before sleeping. Keep it loose and secure the strands with cloth hair tie.


While sleeping use satin or silk pillowcases. It is not only helpful for your hair but for your face too. They can be little expensive but they also provide less friction and keep your hair from tangling. Also remember to never sleep with wet hair. Be sure that your hair is 70 % dry before you sleep and get them rubbed again the pillow. With these bedtime sleeping tips, you are sure to get your locks untangle in no time.

8. Combing Over Brushing

When you brush your hair, you only deal with the styling of the upper layer which also gives you little hair volume but this way you are only taking care of outer layer of your hair. Instead use a wide- toothed comb to smartly get away from all the knots and tangles because comb spread from the base of the head to the ends. The extra time is worth and will let your hair feel smooth throughout the day. You can also comb your hair before washing your hair so that there is no mess afterwards. Be gentle and do not pull your hair roughly if you are not able to get free from the tangles. Brush right below the tangles and slowly move up to get tangle free hair.


Always comb your hair from the end up to prevent the tangles all around the length and bring it all the way up to the roots. If you comb from above, your hair gets pushed down and bring down the knots and end up with a bunch of knots. We suggest that you use a wooden comb over a plastic comb because it helps in decreasing the static energy and cause lesser breakage than the brush.

9. How to Keep Long Hair Tangle Free With Deep Conditioners?

Almost everyone in today’s time uses styling products for a quick hairdo. They are also essential for many girls who are into beauty profession. But these products contain chemicals and create major damage to your hair by dehydrating them. Therefore, it is advisable to use deep conditioning mask to rehydrate and moisture your hair once a month at least. Well nourished and softer hair will be less likely to tangle and feel frizzy.


Before styling your hair with heating rods or blow dry, use a hair repair serum on your hair to protect them from the damage caused by heat. A quick hack is to apply Argan oil on your fingers and run them down all the way to the tips to get the extra shine and also the last minute finger combing to detangle the locks.

10. Get Rid Of Split Ends

This is a very important. Make sure you are getting regular trims to keep away from the splits all the way up. The process of deep- conditioning also helps in general but it is very important to avoid split ends by keeping an eye and immediately getting them trimmed. When split ends break, they kink up and tangle more of your healthy locks. Experiment with different hairstyle is okay, but using too many hair products can cause split ends and very dry hair. Remember to trim your hair at least in every seven to eight weeks and this will also prevent split ends to consume your hair and you can enjoy healthy and shiny hair.


While getting regular trims, guide the stylist to keep the ends sharp as per your hairstyle because this can also help you keep tangled at distance. Trimming your hair answers your question of how to keep long hair tangle free? because trimming helps in filtering the uneven hair and provides symmetry to your hair which is easy to comb through.

11. Avoid Drinking

No, we don’t mean water. Water is an elixir of life on this planet and there are no restrictions on cocktails and mocktails too. We mean the hair products containing the alcohol as the major ingredients should not be used at all. Such products can cause roughness and dryness which will add more trouble to your long tangled tresses. Always use products made of natural ingredient. There are brands like Forest Essentials and Body shop that offers products for safe hair care and are very hight recommended.

12. Reduce Those Heating Rods

We know you love those straightening irons and curling rods because they are the perfect saviour for your instant curly and straight hair, but you also need to know the harmful effect of using these heating rods frequently. They not only take away the moisture off your hair but leave your hair vulnerable by stripping off the natural oils making your hair look too dry and damaged. You might have noticed some girls with many split ends and dry looking crown. All blame goes to heating rods. Reduce the use of such rods on a frequent basis and instead, choose to nourish your hair naturally and play with your hairstyle to suit your face and personality.


Before using curling and straightening rods, you can apply heat protector spray or serum to your hair. This will protect your hair to come in direct contact with the rods and will keep your hair soft and smooth. These protection sprays are easily availed in the stores. Always remember to buy non-alcohol based product.

It is really difficult to manage curly hair and to play with hairstyles in curly hair, So here we give you hair care tips for ‘Curly Hair’ that you wish you knew.


It is a great challenge manage silky, long and healthy hair, especially if you are into frequent colouring, using different styling products or using heating rods on regular basis. All these are the recipe to disaster as they turn your hair into a broom with dry and damaged strands and worse is when you comb through them and find your long locks tangled into the sadness of your hair condition.

Therefore, to understand how to keep long hair tangle free? follow these simple tips for how to keep long hair tangle free on a regular basis and allow your hair to grow long, healthy and tangle free. You can also go for spa once a month for deep-conditioning. This will allow damaged strands to rehydrate and recover the smooth texture of your hair. As mentioned above oiling your hair is not only good for keeping your hair tangle-free but it is a great way of nourishing your roots for better hair growth.

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