How to Use The Baby Products for Your Regular Beauty Routine?

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Every girl dream of a baby soft, supple and glowing skin and they do everything to achieve the results. But in this run, they often forget about some really effective options to get the baby soft skin using the baby products. No, we are not kidding. The baby products are free from any chemicals and are hypo allergic. Therefore, they are absolutely safe and amazing for your skin. They are gentle and also easier on your pockets. We are listing 5 baby products which are easily available in the market and can definitely do wonders for the skin. Have a look here how to use the baby products for beauty!

How to Use The Baby Products for Beauty?

How to Use The Baby Products for Beauty

1. Baby Oil – Lord of Dressing Table

a. Makeup Remover

If you use makeup regularly, you are already aware of the difficulties behind the removal of it from the sensitive areas like eyes etc. You may not know but baby oil helps in removing the eye makeup easily. The oil does not irritate the skin and what more? The oil is rich in minerals and does not close skin pores. You can easily use baby oil as a moisturizer post bathing. Johnson’s Baby Oil is perfect for post-bath moisturising rituals leaving your skin soft and smelling good. The oil does not stick like other oils.

b. Shaving Gel

You can also use baby oil as a shaving gel to shave legs leaving them fuzz free. To remove the sticky residue, simply slather few drops of baby oil and rub it with a warm cloth.

c. Glowing Skin

Do you know how to use the baby products for beauty? For an instant pinch of shine on your body, add few drops of baby oil on your legs and arms for the instant sexy glow. This is one of the tried and tested makeup hack by make artists on runway models. Many top artists apply baby oil on model’s legs for fabulous shine.


Baby oil is used as an effective makeup remover. It is a non-greasy and very mild product. It removes the traces of complete makeup and keeps your face hydrating lightly.

2. Baby Lotion- Master of Smooth and Soft Skin

Are you tired of using lotions that are greasy and not hydrating enough? It’s time you try the sweet smelling baby lotion. They are non-sticky, non-greasy and one of the best options for the smooth and soft skin. Moreover, the baby lotion also gives protective layer and guard skin against the dryness and irritation. Due to its gentle properties, the baby lotion is the best alternative to the greasy and non-hydrating body lotions.


The mildly scented baby lotion is the best way to moisturise your skin. Since they are too light, they are perfect for the face and keep it well hydrated. Baby lotions can also be used as a mild cleanser.

3. Baby Powder – Bring In the Power of Magic Dust

Babies always smell so good and all credit goes to magic dust of baby powder. This magic powder can be used on the scalp to remove the greasiness from the roots. This is the best way to save the extra money and save for your favourite pair of heels.

If it’s getting too hot around you and the constant sweat has been bothering you, throw some baby powder for the reduction of sweat. And if still, you are sweating, you need not worry about the odour.

To let your lipstick stay on place for little long, pat little baby powder and then apply another single coat of your favourite lipstick. Viola! you are ready for the day. The powder helps in settling the colours and pigments and increase the chance of staying longer.

If you think your makeup has turned quite greasy, just dab a little amount of baby powder on your neck and face after applying the foundation. For a long lasting effect of new eye shadow sprinkle little powder before applying the eyeshadow.


Baby powders are talc-free and hence perfect to set your makeup and for smelling fresh and sweat free. You don’t have a matte lipstick, worry not because dabbing little powder will help you keep your lipstick for long.

4. Baby Wipes – Lifesavers

  • Every new mother does not leave the house without an extra bag of wet wipes and extra diapers. But even if you do not have a baby, you can still carry wet wipes with you because eventually, they will turn into your friend.
  • Wet wipes are more reasonable alternatives to the expensive makeup wipes. Simply add few drops of baby oil and wipe off the makeup using wet wipes.
  • One of the discreet methods to freshen up in hot summers is to clean your face with wet wipes. It guarantees to keep your skin clean and prevent acne breakouts. A complete win-win situation. Isn’t it?
  • Baby wipes can be used as a quick makeup remover. They are perfect for cleaning neck, face and instantly feel fresh.

5. Baby Rash Cream – Calm Balm

  • If you are thinking how to use the baby products for beauty then the baby rash cream is wonderful cream for any rough rash on baby’s bottom and the cream is perfect for making baby soft smooth. This also led to one more discovery. That is the cream works amazingly on adult chapped skin as well.
  • You can use the rash cream on cracked heels, chafed rashes and skin. Soon, you will find yourself surprised with the visible effects on the body. For the recommendation cream like Sudocream is a good alternative and can be used as a calm balm.
  • Apart from keeping the skin soft and supple, it’s also a great solution for rash-prone and extra sensitive skin. Use it on smooth and soft lips during the winters.


Rash creams come with healing properties. So, treat your highly irritating skin with rash cream on rashes, scars and rough heels.

5. Baby Body Wash – Brilliant Indeed!

  • The regular body washes are harsh and full of chemicals as compared to the baby body wash. Baby body wash is far gentle and smooth than the adult washes. Johnson’s baby body wash is a perfect choice for a mild and more balanced wash.
  • Baby body wash contains a high level of moisturising agents and balanced pH and also smells perfect. You dilute little amount of baby oil to the baby wash to convert it into a face wash. It is not only effective but also quite easy to wipe off with the help of baby wipes.
  • For sensitive and dry skin, use the baby soap or baby wash because comparatively, they are more gentle and mild on skin and also a perfect solution for sensitive skin issues. You can use body wash as a hand wash and can mix with lukewarm water and soak your dirty and tired feet for a refreshing feel.

6. Baby Shampoo- How to Use The Baby Products for Beauty

  • Remember the add for Johnson & Johnson’s baby shampoo? “No More Tears”. The regular shampoos on frequent use can take away all the natural oils leaving your hair brittle and dull. Switch yo regular shampoo with baby shampoo and there will no more complain of dry and frizzy hair.
  • Baby shampoos are milder than regular shampoos. While cleaning, these shampoos do not strip the natural oils from the scalp leaving it well hydrated. Also since they do not contain harsh chemicals, you can use them on the frequent basis for regular use.


For sensitive eyes, get your bottle of baby shampoo and let your hair and eyes both feel the gentle effect of the shampoo.

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