Organic Face Toners for Every Skin Type!

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Facial toners are an important part of your daily skin care regime. For those of you who wish to maintain a proper balance of the skin, regular usage of toners as per the skin type is mandatory. Toners are specifically designed to maintain a balance of pH of the skin and it prevents the skin from becoming too oily or too dry. A good toner makes your skin look younger, smoother and fresher. So if you have the right tried, tested, and best organic toner, you can glowingly face the world.

As the skin texture can be different, you may be wondering how to find the suitable toner for your skin type? Some products contain high alcohol content and harsh chemicals that can harm your skin. You should opt for Organic face toner that is safe to use and comes without any side effects. Organic face toners come for all skin types and provide the best result.

Best Organic Facial Toners for Every Skin Type

It is essential to use organic face toner that meets your skin type requirements. Choosing toners for each skin type is essential as facial toners improve the skin’s texture. It is vital to use organic face toner that meets your skin type requirements. Following are the best facial toners for every skin type.

Organic face toner

Best Facial Toners for Dry Sensitive Skin

1. Paula’s Choice Calming Organic Face Toner for Dry and Sensitive Skin

Paula’s choice is considered one among the best toner for sensitive skin. This enriched toner is a milky formula that is loaded with anti-oxidants, restoring skin essential ingredients, and essential lipids. It helps eliminate flaky dry skin and reduces the redness caused in sensitive skin. Priced at 5475 INR, Paula’s choice helps restore the skin’s vitality and make you look years younger.

2. Carapex Botanical Facial Toner for Sensitive Skin

Welcome clean, soft and soothing skin with this alcohol-free botanical facial toner. Priced at 4569 INR, Carapex is an alcohol-free and chemical-free botanical facial toner explicitly catered for sensitive skin. Carpex is rich in Aloe Vera and Cucumber extracts which nourish and hydrates the skin, thereby minimizing the appearance of pores. This facial toner is also rich in natural anti-oxidants like marine minerals, wheat protein, grapefruit seed extract and tamarind seed extract that brightens and revitalizes your complexion.

3. Oxyglow Cucumber Skin Toner for Dry Sensitive Skin

Oxyglow Cucumber Skin Toner is one of the best and least expensive natural face toners for dry and sensitive skin. It is rich in Aloe Vera, Glycerine, Cucumber extracts, and chamomile, which hydrates and moisturizes dry skin. It rejuvenates your skin and promotes youthful and fresh-looking skin. Priced at just 140 INR for 100 ml, Oxyglow is accessible on the pocket and practical too!

4. Yonka Lotion PS Toner for Dry and Sensitive Skin

Yonka Lotion facial toner is one of the most highly recommended and best organic face toners for sensitive skin. Priced at 7993 INR, Yonka is an alcohol-free facial toner that hydrates and revives dull-looking skin. Yonka contains Thyme oil that enhances blood circulation, glycerine that helps retain the moisture of the skin and Cypress oil that reduces the blotchy effect on the skin.

Best Facial Toner for Oily Skin

1. Sebamed Deep Cleansing Facial Toner for Oily Skin

Sebamed toner is a natural face toner recommended for oily skin. At a pH value of 5.5, Sebamed deep cleansing facial toner stabilizes the skin’s acid mantle and removes excess oil, sebum, and dirt particles from the skin. It is rich in hydrolyzed milk and cucumber extract that prevents dehydration and moisturizes the skin. Regular use of Sebamed facial toner makes the skin supple. Sebamed is priced at 400 INR for 150 ml and falls very easy on the pocket for typical usage.

2. Inglot Multi-Action Organic Face Toner for Oily Skin

Priced at 450 INR, Inglot Multi-Action toner is one of the best organic face tonersInglot is rich in black pearl extracts and whilst ginkgo extract absorbs excess sebum, soothes oily skin and provides a mattifying look on the face.

3. Origins Zero Oil Pore Purifying Toner

This natural face toner is perfect and ideal for those who have oily skin. It provides a matte look on the skin and prevents blackheads caused due to oily skin. Origin Zero Oil is priced at 4574 INR and rich in salicylic acid, saw palmetto and cooling mint that eliminates excess oil and reduces the oily shine on the skin.

4. Biotique Bio Cucumber Pore Tightening Toner for Oily Skin

Biotique Cucumber skin tightening toner is one of the best toners highly recommended for oily skin. This natural face toner is priced at 168 INR for 120 ML and is rich in berberry, coriander, cucumber extracts and peppermint oil that removes excess fat from the skin and stops its secretion. Its formulation maintains the skin’s pH, revitalizes the skin, and gives it a youthful glow.

Best Facial Toners for Combination Skin

1. Jolie Defense Toner for Combination Skin

Jolie Defense toner is a natural face toner that is paraben-free and ideal for combination skin. This toner helps sweep the excess dirt off the skin’s pores, sweeps away extra oil, moisturizes the skin and keeps the skin looking fresh, matte and rejuvenated. Jolie Defense toner, priced at 4627 INR, has anti-oxidants and anti-bacterial properties that prevent bacterial infection of the skin.

2. Nuskin Nu Skin pH Balance Toner for Combination Skin

Nuskin Nu is known to maintain the exact pH balance of the skin, thereby preventing excess oil or excessive dryness. It reduces the appearance of pores, stops excess oil secretion and at the same time prevents dehydration and extra drying of the skin. Priced at 5239 INR, Nuskin is one of the highly recommended toners for combination skin.

3. Peony MeiKing Mild Face Toners for Combination Skin

Peony Mild Face Toners are ideally suited for combination skin as it treats both oily, dry and combination skin. Peony Mild Face Toners are designed explicitly for oil control and to prevent dry and flaking skin. It has hydrating and moisturizing properties that revitalize the skin. Priced at 5390 INR, it is readily available at all online stores.

4. Lotus Herbals Basiltone Cucumber Balancing and Clarifying Toner

Priced at 199 INR, Lotus Herbals for Combination Skin is an organic face toner that is inexpensive and ideal for combination skin. The basil leaf extracts act as a potent anti-fungal, cleansing agent, and anti-septic agent that prevents dehydration of the skin and removes the excess oil from the skin’s pores. It also helps maintain a neutral pH of the skin that prevents extra oily or dryness.

As facial toners are essential to maintain the skin’s vitality, ensure that you incorporate them into your daily skincare regime. Use these natural face toners and flaunt youthful, fresh, glowing skin every day!! Now that you know and are well aware of the different organic face toners for different skin types, pick them up online or from the nearest store available.

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