Makeup can make or break your beauty and no we are not kidding at all. Contouring your face is little trick that can help you achieve the perfect face shape, but many girls want to learn how to contour your nose to bring the best out. There are many techniques used during the nose contouring makeup which makes it a very interesting process to learn.

There are different types of techniques for different shapes. Lets us not waste more time and straight away get to the steps to learn nose contouring makeup.

Make Your Nose Look Thinner

Learn how to contour your nose

Here is step by step method to learn how to contour your nose to look thinner.

Step 1

Step1 contour nose to look thinner

There are many products that can be used to contour your nose. Matte bronzer, brow brush, an eyeshadow brush, sculpting powder will do it. Choose the color of all the products 1 or 2 shade darker than your normal skin.

Step 2

Step2 contour nose to look thinner

Apply your foundation first. Then draw two straight lines on the sides of the nose. Use an angled brush to draw these contour lines. Start from the brow bone and go till the end of the nose. Keep the lines little light first.

Step 3

Step3 contour nose to look thinner

Use the highlighter to bridge your nose. Highlighter should be 1-2 shade lighter than your normal skin tone. Apply a thin line from top of your nose to the end. It helps in emphasizing on the bridge of the nose so make sure it’s thinner.

Step 4

Step4 contour nose to look thinner

If the tip of your nose is thick or wide, only apply highlighter to the halfway. You can use off white or a nude shade for eyeshadow or specific highlighters to contour your nose.

Step 5

Step5 contour nose to look thinner

Blend the lines using a makeup spouse of fluffy blender brush both to highlight or contour lines. Make sure you don’t end up cleaning both the lines on the sides together. You need to make them look distinct and subtle.

Make Your Nose Look Shorter

If you have a very long nose and you want to make it look smaller take a look at step by step method to learn how to contour your nose.

Step 1

Step1 make your nose look shorter

Darken the tip of the nose using darker shade to recede the feature. In order to make you nose appear little shorter, apply bronzer or little amount of eyeshadow to the tip and curve between the area of nostrils.

Step 2

Step2 make your nose look shorter

Use matte bronzer because you would not want to make your nose tip shimmer. Using soft brush or makeup sponge, blend the powder well

Step 3

Step3 make your nose look shorter

Apply little amount of highlighter on the nose bridge and stop just the half way down. Applying the highlighter half way down will give an illusion of short nose.

Step 4

Step4 make your nose look shorter

Make your nose look thinner and shorter by shading on both the sides of nose and also on the tip. To avoid adding additional length, only start with contouring parallel lines near your tear ducts than brow bone.

Make Your Nose Look Longer

As mentioned earlier, the contour techniques differ with the shape of nose, so here are few steps to learn how to contour a small nose.

Step 1

Step1 make your nose look longer

Start contouring at the eyebrow bone. To make your nose appear long, start by shading the contour lines from the curves of the brow bone.

Step 2

Step2 make your nose look longer

Then shade all the way to the tip. This can be done by using angled brush and follow the brow bone curve to the top. Continue shading in straight line till the end of the nose. Now repeat the same step on the other side of the nose as well.

Step 3

Step3 make your nose look longer

Always contour from top of the nose to the bottom because the line at the brow bone needs to be the darkest.

Step 4

Step4 make your nose look longer

Apply the highlighter all the way down the nose bridge. You should extend the highlighter from the nose to upper end between your eyebrows. This will set the illusion of long nose.

Make Your Nose Look Straighter

Follow the below-mentioned steps for contouring your nose to look more straighter.

Step 1: Contour

Step1 make your nose look straighter

Draw a straight line from the sides of your nose with the help of small angled brush. You can use a powder that is 1 or 2 shade lighter than normal skin tone. Connect the lines at an angle at the bottom of the nose between the nostrils. The point should look like a downward arrow.

Step 2: Blend

Step2 make your nose look straighter

Using makeup sponge, blend the lines to be shaded properly. Concentrate towards the outer lines. For the blending purpose you can also use fluffy eyeshadow brush.

Step3: Highlight

Step3 make your nose look straighter

Draw a fine line between the brows all the way down to the bridge of the nose. Use foundation or the brightening concealer for this task. Blend more and then simply dab the sides of your nose especially the nostril are with concealer and blend the shade.

Additional Tips To Learn How to Contour Your Nose

  • To understand the technique more professionally you can search online by typing titles like how do you make your nose look smaller with makeup?online and watch many contouring tutorials.
  • When you contour your nose area, you can also need to contour your cheekbone for more defined look.

Few Warnings

  • Do not apply powder or foundation which is too dark because that will make you make up look very artificial and ugly.
  • Quality of products should be taken into consideration because you can achieve good results if only you use products from good brands.

If you will follow the steps correctly, you would learn how to contour your nose and notice a little change in your nose. That’s the magic of makeup. So, get your makeup wands and be ready to create some magic. One of the simplest trick to get the nose contouring right is to keep it simple. Choose the lighter shade for the highlighter and couple tone darker for the contour shade. nose.

If you go too far it will totally look fake, which is definitely not what you are looking for.

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