13 Makeup Tips That Every Woman Should Know for Gorgeous Looks!

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Makeup is a tricky business. If you don’t get it perfect, you may end up looking pretty hilarious and made up and the last thing you would want to be is a laughing stock in a party. Sometimes, small little tips and tricks go a long way in achieving that perfect look you are craving for. In this article, I am going to share some fun makeup tips and tricks in each step of your makeup routine.

Simple Makeup Tips and Tricks That You will Find Very Useful

Makeup tips for women

1. Let The Moisturizer Dry

As is rightly said, the first step is an essential step towards achieving your desired look. One of the common makeup mistakes that we usually make is that we do not give enough time for the moisturizer to dry. This may result in blotchiness and may not give the desired coverage from the foundation you apply later. Also, use tissue or paper towel to remove any excess that may lay on your face.

It is also important to keep in mind the kind of look you want and choose a moisturizer accordingly. For example, you should never go with a tinted moisturizer if you want a matte look.

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2. Use The Right Tool to Apply Your Foundation

Foundation is the rock solid base of your makeup and you cannot afford to get this makeup technique wrong. Many of us use our fingertips to blend the foundation. While it’s okay to do that, I would recommend using a foundation brush (for a powder foundation) or a beauty blender (for liquid foundation) for best results.

3. Say No To ‘Foundation Line’

Another fatal mistake that most women make is called the ‘foundation line’. This happens if we skip our neck and jawline while applying the foundation. Hence, it’s very important that we apply a generous amount of foundation in areas such as neck and jawline for a consistent look.

4. Highlight Before Applying Foundation For a Fresh and Dewy Look

If you want a dewier or fresh look and you are going to use a full coverage foundation, I would recommend you use the highlighter before applying the foundation. Such makeup tips will give you a more natural look and will last you the entire day.

5. Do The Eye Makeup Before You Apply The Concealer

More often than not, we have eyeshadow fallouts, especially when we are going for a Smokey eye look. Instead of cleaning the fallout after the entire base makeup is done, I would recommend applying the concealer after having done your eye make-up. This makeup technique will give you a cleaner look and accentuate your entire make-up.

6. Use Pencil Eyeliner For a Soft Smokey Eye Look

Most of the poser eye shadows available in the market work really well when you want a fully pigmented eye look. But, in case you want a soft Smokey look, which works very well at your work place or for a brunch look, pencil eyeliner is your go to product. This makeup hack will make sure the edginess stays without being over the top.

7. Use The Eye Curler On The Fake Lashed When Your Mascara Is Semi Wet

Most of us face this dilemma to wear or not wear the fake eyelashes. Though they look great if you get it right, it’s very difficult to get it right for a beginner. Here’s the make-up hack for you. Wear your fake lashes, apply the mascara and use the eye curler before the mascara gets dry. This makeup tip and trick will help the jet black mascara and your natural eyelash colour to blend properly and not look fake.

8. Apply Lip Balm Before Applying Your Favourite Matte Lipstick

Most of the women swear by matte lipsticks. They are so pigmented and stay practically forever. But, as the day passes, your lips start looking extremely dry and in worst cases, the lipstick settles into the lines. This is a perfect recipe for a disaster and we would never want it to happen. You just have to moisturize your lips with a hydrating lip balm to save yourself from the disaster. Make sure you do not use a tinted lip balm or your lipstick shade may not turn out the way you want it to.

9. Always Line Your Lips

I know most of the ladies out there think it is an unnecessary step and why to waste money to buy a lip liner. A lip liner defines the shape of your lips and helps the lipstick to look more opaque. It also gives you that extra pop to outshine.

10. Blot and Reapply For Better Pigmentation

If you want your lipstick to last you all day, here is a fun makeup tip and trick. Apply your lipstick, blot it using a tissue and then reapply it. Your lips will definitely look more pigmented and will stay all day long. Remember, press the tissue very gently over your lips instead of sticking it between your lips. This will give your product a better consistency.

11. Use White Eye Pencil to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

For all those who have smaller eyes, here is a go to product for you: white eye pencil. Apply a generous amount of white eye pencil onto your lower waterline. This will instantly make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

12. Use Concealer to Correct Any Kind of Smudges

It is very common for the products to smudge a bit if you are not a professional. Well, you need not panic. You have your favourite concealer to your rescue. Just apply a tad bit of the concealer and blend. Remember, blend it really well otherwise, it may end up looking cakey.

13. Use a Makeup Fixer

We live in an era of dust and pollution but we don’t want our makeup to be affected by it. Apply a makeup fixer so that your makeup stays spot on for a longer duration.

Next time you get ready, keep these fun tips and tricks in mind so that you outshine everyone!

Hope you loved our Makeup Tips and will incorporate them into your daily beauty regime. These are the handful Makeup Hacks that save you precious time and energy.

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