10 Makeup Blunders That Makes You Look Older!

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Everybody loves to experiment with makeup but at times we tend to go little overboard and this can result in making us look more mature than our actual age. Highlighting 10 makeup mistakes that make you look older, this article will take you to every nook and corner to understand where did you go wrong and how can you take care of this makeup mistakes in future.

The question that you need to ask yourself is are your makeup techniques working for your or not? Let us discuss all the makeup mistakes that you need to avoid with the help of right techniques to get youthful and a fresh glow.

10 Makeup Mistakes That  Makes You Look Older

Makeup Mistakes

1. Too Much of Foundation

  • Always remember, lesser your makeup, more youthful you will look. Too many layers of foundation often look too caked and heavy on the skin. The thick foundation will also create fine line and clog skin pores and define the wrinkles taking away the shine from your face.
  • The foundation is basically used to create even out the effect of your skin, so, it’s not important to apply foundation on each part of your face. When you purchase foundation stay away from the one with velvet, matte, and long wearing foundation and instead look for liquid formulas with light pigments.
  • For dry skin, the foundation can end up looking more patchy and make the skin discolouration more visible. To avoid that exfoliate your face twice a week and remember to apply moisturizer after cleaning your face.
  • Just take one drop of liquid foundation and spread over and blend it well. Make it almost invisible and try to use it only on the problem areas to cover blemishes and dark circles.

2. Deep Lip Colours

  • If you have ever noticed, a dark colour end up making a surface look smaller. An illusion which is perfect to hide that extra flab but no your lips. To make lips look fuller and plumper, choose lipsticks with a brighter tone and lip glosses in vibrant peaches, red and pink colours. Some of the makeup artists create an illusion of plump lips.
  • Use a highlighter pencil on your upper lip and draw a line and then spread it out using your fingers.

3. Powder Finishing

  • Young skin reflects healthy you and the powder ends up preventing the reflection of light and instead magnify the face lines. Therefore, start using sheer translucent one and only use it on your chin and nose. Keep blotting tissues handy so that you can clean your T-zone (chin, nose and forehead) for an emergency.
  • The powder is mostly used for mattifying the skin especially the oily region like your T-zone. Don’t cover the entire area with the powder and only apply it to the area that needs little shining.
  • Avoid using powder on the forehead and any such place they may end up exaggerating the wrinkles and lines.

4. Shimmery Eyeshadow and Black Eyeliner

  • You may raise your eyebrow on this when we say black eyeliner that you have been using for almost a decade now. No, we are not telling you to skip your eyeliner completely. It’s great way to get your eyes look wide but try brown over black and keep it little diffused because you want it to look smooth, not strict.
  • A thick eyeliner on your upper lid can make your eyes look very heavy and it is not recommended for daily basis. The best option is to trace your brown pencil along side the upper lashes and focus on the outer edges, smudge it. The skin around your eyes are very thin and needs extra care.
  • The main issue made by many women is that sometimes they use a shimmery shadow with black eyeliner. Too much of shimmer can make it look overdone. Instead the try matte eyeshadow for the same shade.

5. Overboard Lip Liner

  • A lip liner defines lips and also prevent the colour from smudging into the lines of our mouth- but choose carefully. If you will use a lipliner with is darker than your lips and if you will line it too heavy, it will make your lips look tight. Instead, apply a natural liner that matches with your lips, not the lipstick. Instead of going all matte, try creamy lip liner and evenly apply it on your lips.
  • Give preference to the natural shades of gloss and lipstick- beige and pink or any other natural lip colour.

6. Mascara on Lower Lashes

  • Applying Mascara on the lower lashes end up making your eyes look droopy and also draw the attention towards the under eyes circles.
  • To avoid this situation, curl the upper lashes and simply wiggle the mascara into the roots and give an uplifting effect from the sides.

7. Skipping The Blush

  • A little bit of rosy flush on the cheeks can bring life on your face and if the blush of applied correctly, it can also offer a little bit of lift. But you must now there exactly you should apply the blush on your cheeks. Cheekbone or little lower? Because the effect of colour is different in both the areas.
  • Smile and on the upper part of the apples of your cheeks apply the brush in such a manner that you blend the blush colour outwards to the temple region in a circular motion. For this use a fluffy big brush. Each stroke needs to come out from the centre and life the brush upwards with every stroke.
  • Opt for neutral or rosy shades and if possible avoid dark blushes with a matte finish.

8. Lipstick From the Tube

  • With age, the border of lips gets softer and extra lipstick sweeps easily. Therefore, to prevent the colour bleeding, use a lip brush or your finger to apply a lipstick on your lips. This way you will not end up depositing pigment on the corners.
  • If you will try to use lipstick straight from the tube, you may end up depositing uneven amount of lipstick.
  • Concentrate in the centre of the mouth and blend the lipstick on your lips.Top up the lipstick with light gloss or moisturising balm.

9. Over Plucking the Eyebrows

  • Did you know the extra thin brows are not in fashion anymore? Don’t be shocked but it’s true. Moderate to little thick version is trending all across the world. When you go for threading, just get them in shape.
  • If you are using a tweezer to remove hair from eyebrows, you will now realise that that hair will not grow back again. Try to fill the patches of baldness with the eyebrow pencil.
  • Avoid over plucking and simply groom them to be in their natural shape.

10. Wrong Eyebrow Pencil

Another fact

Did you know, your eyebrow colour fades with the age? If not, then get ready to face the truth. The brow pencil that you are using at the moment may no stay the same after few years against the change in your complexion. Always keep an eyebrow pencil in different shades and most the two shade lighter than your natural colour. If your eyebrows are little wiry, apply a brow gel ad brush them out and up towards the forehead area.


We all love makeup but we all also make the makeup mistakes. But as they said trying help in mastering the art. So, now that you know few tricks to keep off the makeup mistakes from looking old, continue with your new makeup experiments and create magic with those small makeup brush wands.

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