How to do a Celebrity Inspired Makeup Look for Special Occasions?

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We all are aware if growing popularity of YouTube in delivering the makeup tutorials; it has been attracting millions of subscribers and viewers on edify basis to see what celebrity inspired makeup are bringing onto the table. Besides the regular makeup tutorials, there is celebrity inspired makeup look that is becoming popular day by day covering Indian to International celebrities like Kendal Jenner to Shraddha Kapoor’s signature look. Why shouldn’t you too look exceptionally attractive?

Following the lead, we are covering the celebrity inspired makeup look for special occasions.

Celebrity Inspired Makeup Look

Celebrity Inspired Makeup; Look exceptionally attractive.

1. Kendal Jenner

These days runways of all the top fashion weeks are being adorned by this beautiful and successful model Kendal Jenner. Coming from the most famous family in the world, Kendal has proved her star quality with prestigious work all across the globe. She was the face of beauty iconic band, Estee Lauder.


Kendal is known for a minimal makeup. You won’t see her in overly dramatic eyes and overall. Start with a BB cream or a light foundation. Wipe off imperfections using concealer and apply the powder. Apply bronzer to nose, cheeks and sides of the forehead. Highlight the high points of the face with a highlighter.


Kendal mostly like to wear nude lip colors, so apply an undertone peachy lipstick and if needed, apply the gloss on it.


While applying an eyeshadow, use golden eyeshadow on your lids and shade of vanilla to the inner corner and brow bones.Apply a thin line of eyeliner to the upper lashes with a liquid black line. You can further outline with a brown pencil.Curl the lashes and apply multiple coats of mascara to both upper and lower lashes. Fill in the eyebrows using brown shade and shape them with the brush.

Occasion: A romantic date or a movie date

2. Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra rose to the fame with the crown of Miss World in 2000. She is an acclaimed Indian actress and in recent years has become a global star with her International music album, Hollywood movies and TV series Quantico. Priyanka swears to the Cleansing-Toning- Moisturise method to keep her skin clear.


Contouring is one of the major highlights of Priyanka’s make up routine. We have often observed the specific highlight to certain features like nose and cheekbones to achieve different shape and looks. Start with one shade lighter foundation and use the contouring powder to slim down the nose. Conceal the dark spots, underage circles and anything that is supposed to be concealed.


Her best feature is luscious lips and she liked to play with them in both classy and sexy ways. Wear deep pink, pink-red or pink-brown lipliners to highlight your lips like Miss Chopra. Do not use dull and nude colours.

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Priyanka is mostly seen wearing green coloured lens. You can try the use and throw lens in green colour for special occasions. Apply bronze eyeshadow over your lids. Highlight the brow bone with nude matte shadow and apply a thin eyeliner or kajal on your lower lash line.

Occasion: Engagement party, A formal dinner

3. Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone is Bollywood’s leading actress and not only she is talented, she is also known for her good looks and to the point, makeup looks as well. She has a very versatile and classic makeup look which is good for all sort of occasions.


Deepika applies very light foundation along with the tinted moisturizer and conceals her under eyes. You can start with the basics and use a ginger matte bronze to highlight the cheekbone like her. Her makeup is very minimal so you can stick yo lighter tones for the face and just highlight the areas like forehead, cheekbones and chin portion.


Deepika has been seen keeping her lips very understated. You can opt for peachy brown lipstick as such colours are quite flattering on girls with similar skin tone.


To achieve the sensational look like Deepika contour the eyes with brown along with taupe coloured eyeshadows. You can apply brown shade on the lids ad silvery brown shade to the sides “V” on the outer sides.

Occasion: Social gatherings or Book Reading Event

4. Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor is a fashionista of Indian film industry who has set new standards for the beauty and personal style in accordance to the global market. Though she has a normal looking face but her make artists are known to give her amazing looks. Remember her on  67th Cannes Festival in 2014. She nailed the red carpet with her attire, her bang on makeup.


Start with foundation and blendable concealer. Evenly apply the powder on the face and the neck. Use a natural deep blush to contour the cheek area.


Start off with a nude lip colour and on top dab a natural lip gloss to let your shiny lips do the talking. Sonam likes to keep her lips minimal with neutral tones like light peach and baby pink.


In most of her looks, Sonam has been seen carrying the winged liner. So, start by applying a thin layer of liquid eyeliner on top of your upper lid. Stop right at the corner and draw the flicked wing. Now, apply another coat of eyeliner connecting to the end of the wing. This would give you perfect winged eyes but not very dramatic.

Occasions: Family Get-together, Festivals

5. Kylie Jenner

This nineteen year Kardashian family’s youngest member has already built an empire of makeup for herself at such young age. She is an idol to almost 25 million girls and known for her own skills to create smokey eyes, sultry makeup, and iconic lips. Kylie knows what she wants and is always on a game of her makeup.


To start with use a primer for a smooth base. Kylie’s face look flawless in every picture and primer helps you get ready for a close-up. Blend the foundation all over the face and neck. Use a light concealer to brighten up the eyes and clear out the dark circles. Add a small dot over the cubic bow to accentuate the pout like Kylie.

Now use a bronzer, dark concealer and highlight to contour your face and highlight the zones. Apply the peach blush to soften up the contouring down by bronzer.


To get Kylie’s signature plump pout, overline line your lips in the same shape as your natural lips just little bigger and fill in the lips with the matte liquid lipstick or regular lipstick. Add little highlighted to the centre of your bottom lip to accentuate.


Kylie Jenner is known for her thick eyelashes so start by filling in the brows and then applying a winged eyeliner and combination of dark shade eyeshadow with a help of a tape to get smokey wing look. Place your thick fake lashes and apply the four coats of mascara.

Occasions: Weddings and Sangeet Ceremony

Celebrities keep changing their looks from time to time. However, their personal style remains the same if you keep your observation live. Therefore, based on their regular make, we hope you got an idea on how the celebrity pampers themselves with makeup game. Share your own ideas celebrity inspired makeup in the comment box to let us know which celebrity inspired makeup look and style do you like the most.

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