Eyebrow Slit Trend : Everything You Need to Know About This Latest Styling Trick!

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Eyebrow slit designs are very much in trend these days. Many youngsters are trying to achieve the stunning look of their favorite celebrities with eyebrow cut designs. They look cool and they make you look very stylish. What’s more, this trend is not only popular with college students and young lads, but the elders and professionals are also equally loving the eyebrow cut looks.

In this article, we will take a detailed look at various aspects of this fashion trend, explore different eyebrow cut designs for men and women and check how celebrities are donning this look and making it more popular!

So let’s start –

Revamp your style with the bold and edgy eyebrow slit trend. This trend dates back to the 80s and 90s hip hop scene, but it has seen a surge in popularity in 2020. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you can rock this look with confidence and attitude. Show off your unique style and make a statement with the eyebrow slit trend.

Eyebrow slits are an edgy and bold way to make a statement. With their combination of timeless vintage style and modern flair, you can create the perfect look for any occasion. Whether you want to make a subtle statement with a subtle slit or go for a more dramatic look, you can tailor your styling to match your own personal aesthetic and the clothing you wear. Try eyebrow slits today and unleash your unique style!

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Eyebrow Slit Meaning

An eyebrow slit, or eyebrow cut, is an intentional, clean and thin vertical cut made across the eyebrows. This fashion statement does not have to be mistaken for an injury, as so many people assume. Eyebrow slits are usually made near the end of the eyebrow, yet many people choose to place them in other parts of their brow as well. This unique style can help add a touch of personality and flair to your look. This style choice is a form of self-expression that has its roots in hip-hop culture, first popularized by MC Big Daddy Kane in the 80s. In the past, the look has been associated with gang affiliation or membership, but now it is simply a fashion statement without any particular connotations.

Precaution to Take Before Going for An Eyebrow Slit

Before getting an eyebrow slit, it is important to take certain precautionary measures to ensure a safe, successful procedure.

  • Make sure to use clean, sanitary tools, and avoid using razors/trimmers that do not belong to you.
  • Use the right kind of tape, one with enough glue to stay in place but not so strong that it rips out hair strands.
  • Be gentle while shaving, removing only as much as necessary. Have an antiseptic liquid on hand in case of any cuts, and remember that eyebrow slits can be associated with gang culture and violence, so make sure that those around you are not offended by your self-expression.

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3 Top Eyebrow Slit Design Ideas

Single Eyebrow Slit

Single eyebrow slit
Single Eyebrow Slit

Courtesy : Pinterest

A single eyebrow slit is an easy way to join the trend, and an amazing way to start experimenting. Jason Momoa is one of the most recognizable stars sporting the eyebrow slit, but his is actually a real scar from a pint glass attack. His iconic physique, machismo, and swagger have made the look even more popular.

Double Eyebrow Slits

Double eyebrow slit
Double eyebrow slit

Courtesy : Pinterest

Make a statement with double eyebrow slits! This daring look will certainly make a statement and show your unique personality. Make sure to keep both slits the same size and evenly spaced for a more intentional and polished look. With double eyebrow slits, you can easily double up on your style and let your personality shine!

Arrow Shaped Eyebrow Slit


Courtesy : Pinterest

For those looking to step up their eyebrow game, the arrow-shaped eyebrow slit is the perfect choice. This unique style requires a bit of extra work, as each line of the arrow needs to be delicately shaved and the center point of the shape needs to be accurately maintained. But with a bit of effort and care, you can get a look that is sure to turn heads.

Few Other Great Ideas Of Eyebrow Slits Trends!

Eyebrow Slit Trend 1 : Haircut Joining + Single Eyebrow Slit

Boost your look to the next level by combining a haircut and an eyebrow slit. This looks best on hairstyles with short sides such as a fade, crew cut, buzz cut, or an undercut. To ensure the same angle is maintained in both your hair and brow, use a guide or have it done professionally by your barber. That way, you don’t end up with a look that makes it appear like you had a disagreement with a razor!


Courtesy :  Pinterest

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Eyebrow Slit trend 2: Haircut Joining + Double Eyebrow Slit

If you’re someone who loves to stand out from the crowd, this edgy hairstyle is the perfect choice for you. Not for the faint of heart, this look takes some guts to pull off. But it’s definitely worth it for the style and confidence it gives! For best results, make sure you get professional help to make sure you get the perfect look. A professional will be able to create the style flawlessly and ensure you get the look you’re going for. So don’t be afraid to take a risk and go for this one – you won’t regret it!

Double Eyebrow cut with stylish Haircut
Double Eyebrow cut with stylish Haircut

Courtesy : Pinterest 

How to Get Eyebrow Slits?

Eyebrow slits can be a great way to make a statement—permanently or temporarily! But Doing an eyebrow cut couldn’t be easier!

Follow these steps for a perfect eyebrow cut:

Step 1: If you’re looking for a do-it-yourself solution, arm yourself with an electric shaver and some tape. Start by brushing out your eyebrows using a clean brow brush or spoolie.

Step 2: Choose the spot on your eyebrow where you want to place the slit.

Step 3: Securely place two pieces of tape on either side of the exact spot for the cut.

Step 4: Use a razor or trimmer with small, gentle motions to shave between the two pieces of tape. Keep going until you get the perfect eyebrow slit. Take care not to over-shave, as this will just create an unnatural bald spot.

Frequently Asked Questions About Eyebrow Slit or Eyebrow Cuts

1. How to Slit your eyebrow?

Slitting your eyebrow can be a great way to add definition and shape to your face. To do this, you’ll need either a pair of scissors, a razor, or an electric trimmer. Using a piece of tape as a guide, create a thin line and carefully follow it to create a neat slit. Be sure to take your time and only remove the amount of hair that you’re comfortable with. With practice, you can easily master the art of eyebrow slitting!

2. How to Shave an Eyebrow Slit?

Start by brushing your brows out with a spoolie to make sure the hairs are evenly distributed. Then, mark the exact spot you want the eyebrow slit to be with two pieces of tape. Next, use a facial razor or electric trimmer to carefully cut the slit. Make sure to use small, steady motions to ensure a clean and even line. Finally, use a spoolie to brush any loose hairs away and admire your new look.

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3. What do Eyebrow Slits mean?

Eyebrow slits are more than just a style choice or form of self-expression – they can be a powerful form of communication. While they have been historically associated with gang affiliation or membership, they no longer carry such connotations in day-to-day wear. Nowadays, eyebrow slits are a way to express yourself and make a statement without the fear of judgment.

4. How to Hide an Eyebrow Cut?

Hide an eyebrow cut with ease by using a brow pencil to shade the cut area. This will help to blend it in with the rest of your brows, creating a natural look. For added realism, use a mascara to draw small strands of hair to add volume to the area. With a few easy steps, you can successfully conceal an eyebrow cut.

5. Do Eyebrow Slits Grow Back?

Absolutely! Shaved eyebrow slits will generally grow back in two to six weeks – so if you want to keep the look, you’ll need to maintain it. However, it’s important to note that if you’re plucking hairs, the pulling can cause thinning. Keep this in mind when deciding how to shape your brows.

6. Who Started the eyebrow cut trend?

The eyebrow cut trend was made famous by the hip-hop community back in the early 80s. Over the years it has become a signature look for many hip-hop artists, and has even been adopted by mainstream culture. From classic high arches to modern shaved designs, the eyebrow cut trend has been adopted by many to give their look a unique edge.

7. How long do Eyebrow Slit take to grow back?

If you’ve shaved or plucked your eyebrows, you may be wondering how long it will take for them to grow back. Generally, shaved eyebrow hair will take two to six weeks to grow back, but it can take longer for full growth. If you’ve plucked out the hair at the roots, it can take even longer to grow back, and may not grow back at all. To ensure the fastest growth rate, follow a regular brow-care regimen to keep them healthy and strong.

8. Are Eyebrow Slit Cool & Attractive

Absolutely! Eyebrow slits are an incredibly attractive fashion trend that can add an instant touch of boldness and edge to your look. Not only are they stylish and unique, but they also make a great conversation starter. So if you’re looking to stand out and wow everyone with your style, then eyebrow slits are definitely the way to go!

9. How to make fake eyebrow slits?

Begin your fake eyebrow slits transformation by brushing and filling in your brows. Use a flat, angled brush to apply a layer of concealer along the top and bottom of the brow, blending it into the skin. After that, use the brush to paint the concealer across the eyebrow to create a realistic “slit” in the desired spot. Finally, use a setting powder to keep the slit looking natural and sealed. With these simple steps, you can achieve perfect eyebrow slits in no time!

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Eyebrow Cuts or slit have become a huge trend, appealing to everyone from hip-hop enthusiasts to punk, punk-rock, goth and grunge kids. What makes them so popular is their simplicity and versatility – unlike piercings and tattoos, eyebrow slits or eyebrow cuts are easy to do and grow back quickly, allowing you to experiment with the look whenever you want. Do note, however, that eyebrow slits are not the same as eyebrow threading. With eyebrow slits, you can show off your bold side and express your individuality like never before.

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