Learn How To Shape Your Eyebrows, Step by Step Guide…

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The shape of your eyebrows can speak a lot about your grooming habits if you are more like a diva or a lazy drag. If you are tired of plucking your brows with a tweezer or has damaged your skin around the eyes with waxing, its time you learn how to shape eyebrows and maintain it. The best method of shaping eyebrows is threading. You can easily try it with few home supplies and the simple eyebrow guide.

So, be ready to learn how to shape eyebrows at home with basic tools that are easily available around you. With the right steps, you are one step away from well-shaped eyebrows in just no time.

How to Shape Eyebrows?

How to shape eyebrows

1. Gathering the Supplies

a. Sewing Thread

Yes, you heard it right, a sewing thread. You will need a single high cotton thread. Measure a threaded piece that goes up to your forearm around 14 to 15 inches. The cotton threads have better grip than the synthetic ones. Do not use string or floss as it will not be as effective as the thread.

b. Small Scissors

Before you thread your eyebrows, use the small scissors to trim the extra hair from the eyebrows.

c. Eyebrow Pencil

Use the pencil to give shape to your eyebrows and this will be a helpful guide while threading. Use the same shade brow as your hair or little darker than your eyebrows.

d. Eyebrow Brush

Brushing your brows before threading will let you prepare them. You have an option of wearing fine toothed comb and standard brow brush.

e. Ice Pack or Aloe Vera Gel or Cold Cream

Post thread in your will need an ice pack or simple aloe to soothe the area.

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2. Prepare Your Eyebrow

  • Come in front of your mirror and position yourself. Keep the supplies in front and ensure that there is good lighting in the room so that you can see clearly.
  • Start by brushing your eyebrows upwards using the brush and hold it. Take the small scissor and trim the little amount of extra hair sticking out. Now brush downwards and hold it again. Snip the extra hair with scissors. This is called eyebrow trimming.
  • Repeat the motions on the another brow as well. They should look well groomed.
  • Using the pencil draw out the shape of your brows. Take the pencil and draw out the desired shape. Start from the inner side and draw outwards in light sweeping motions. Try to keep both the side symmetrical.

3. Threading Your Eyebrows

  • Take a thread and double it like a loop. Hold it against the forearm and ensure the ample length. Tie the ends of enclosed loop.
  • Twist it 4 to 5 times. Now hold one of the ends with your forefinger and thumb. Let other hand swing empty between forefinger and thumb. You should have twisted section in the middle and another between the forefinger and thumb on each hand. It would look like a bow or an hourglass shape.
  • Practice by the opening of one hand and closing of another. Practice the motion again. The loop center will start moving back and forth as per the motion between the forefinger and thumbs. The twisting option will be used to remove the hair.
  • Practice the motion several times and get a hang of it. You can adjust the loop as per your convenience and shorten it in length. Shorter thread is easier to change.
  • Position the center of the thread between the eyebrow. Direct it over the hair to be removed. Move the fingers in the motion between forefinger and thumb.
  • The sides of the twisted center will pluck the hair as soon as you close and open the hands.
  • Thread your eyebrows in opposite direction of the hair growth.
  • Do not press hard on the skin as it may your skin and lead to pain and irritation. Simply glide the thread over the brow in motion.
  • Continue in the same pattern and once you finish the stroke, do the same on another section of hair.
  • Depending on how thick or thin you want your eyebrows to be, you can choose the shape and continue to thread.
  • Once finished applying aloe vera or ice pack to reduce the redness on the skin. You can also use a cold cream to soothe the skin.
  • If your final concern is how to shape eyebrows. Simply fill the gaps with eyebrow pencil to make it look uniform and fuller.

4. Eyebrow Shaping

  • Take a white pencil and using the blunt end make a point at the nose tip. Rotate it to from the line from the tip of the nose to center of iris and towards your eyebrow. The point that touches the brow area is where the arch should be.
  • Now anchor the pencil again but this time towards the edge of the nose. Moving it from edge of the nose to the inner corner of the eyes.
  • Using the same step, rotate the pencil at 45 degrees of angle from the line of your nose. This is where the brow should end.

5. Pick the Right Shape of The Eyebrow

  • Always remember the shape of the face before shaping eyebrows.
  • People with the thin face should go for rounded arches.
  • Angled eyebrows are good for hooded lids.
  • Eyebrows with no arch and flat brows are good for long faces because they make eyes appear short and proportionate.
  • Once you confirm the right shape of the eyebrow, use water or lip balm to hold you eyebrow down.

6. Optional Tweezing

  • The tweezing can be done at the end. The basic aim of tweezing is to clean the small and remaining hair.
  • You should not pluck from the top of the brows. Only pluck from the side arch to clear the area.
  • Always use the tweezer to pluck from the bottom because the line at the top is also an indicator of the natural shape.
  • While using a tweezer, always use the magnifying mirror or use a regular mirror with close up because this way you can see which hair you are plucking. Keep on changing the overall shape while you are using it.

7. Finishing Touches

  • Keep taking pause in between to look at your eyebrow shape before continuing.
  • Eyebrows are one of the prominent features and one mistake can lead to chopping off your front hair or the overall shape.
  • Finally take the scissors and cut off any extra hair sticking out.

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There are various eyebrow ideas for plucking, shaping, and threading. If you plan to do it on your own, you can search for how to shape eyebrows on the web and you will get various eyebrow ideas for shaping. Discovering the perfect eyebrow shape is a big face-changer because your brows not only defines the shape of your eyes as well but also the frame of your entire face. It gives you a different and stunning transformation to have a nicely shaped brow. So, if you are not sure about how to shape eyebrows or nervous about trying it yourself, this guide will be perfect for you.

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