Things You Must Know Before Getting Acrylic Nails!

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Not everyone is blessed with naturally strong and healthy nails. Often, our nails get damaged and broken due to daily wear and tear or improper treatment, such as applying acrylic nails. As someone who struggles to grow out nails without breaking them in the process, it’s hard not to feel envious when we see others flaunting their perfectly shaped, long and almond or square-shaped nails.

Are you longing for beautifully long nails but struggling to achieve your dream look on your own? Acrylic nails are the answer you’ve been searching for! While some people are born with strong nails, acrylics can give anyone the perfect length and shape. But be aware, they come with a risk and a heavy price tag and can be damaging to your natural nails if not applied correctly.

Here is a quick video on the things you should know about Acrylic Nails as a beginner –

When it comes to getting acrylic nails, it’s crucial to start with the basics. Before heading to the salon, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of the process. Our article on acrylic nails is a comprehensive guide based on insights from top professional manicurists. In this article, you’ll get an in-depth understanding of the entire process of getting acrylic nails. Let’s dive in and discover what the experts have to say!

What Are Acrylic Nails or Fake Nails?

In simple words, Acrylic Nails are the ‘fake nails’. Acrylic nails are a fantastic way to change the shape or extend your natural nails. They are made by combining powder and liquid monomer into a dough-like mixture, which is then applied to your nails with a brush before air-drying. Unlike other types of nail enhancements, acrylic nails do not require a lamp to cure, making them a convenient and time-saving option.

Acrylics are a great option for those who want to transform the shape and length of their nails. With acrylics, you can achieve a variety of shapes and lengths that are not easily achievable with natural nails. Plus, they offer durability and strength to help protect your natural nails from breakage. Whether you want to experiment with different nail art or simply want to enhance the look of your nails, acrylics can help you achieve your desired outcome.

How Acrylic Nails Are Applied?

Acrylics are a popular choice for those who want to have beautiful, long-lasting nails. When getting a full set of acrylics, the nail technician may use tips or nail forms to create a natural-looking base. Each acrylic is then expertly shaped and polished to perfection. While it’s perfectly safe to get acrylics as often as you’d like, it’s important to do your research and find a highly skilled technician in your area. Choosing someone who is properly trained and experienced in applying acrylics will ensure that you get the best results possible.

Can I Use Gel Nail Polish on Acrylic Nails?

Whether you’re a staunch supporter of gel manicures or you prefer the traditional polish, you can rest easy knowing that you have the freedom to use whichever formula suits your preference. This applies to dip powder as well, giving you more options to choose from.

Are Acrylic Nails High Maintenance?

Simple answer is – Yes! Acrylics demand a lot of maintenance, and it’s a fact that can’t be overlooked. To keep them looking their best, most acrylic wearers typically schedule salon visits every two to three weeks for fills. That said, with regular upkeep and addressing any lifting promptly, a set can last up to six to eight weeks before removal is necessary.

How Do You Remove Acrylic Nails?

We have covered this topic in a separate post on how to remove acrylic nails where we have mentioned some useful methods to remove the nails safely.

Removing acrylic nails can be a daunting task, but it’s not much different from taking off a gel manicure. The most effective way to remove acrylics is by soaking each nail in acetone until the acrylic softens enough to be removed gently. However, it’s highly recommended to seek the help of a professional to avoid any damage to your nail bed. Trusting an expert to handle the removal process can ensure a safe and painless experience.

How Much Do Acrylic Nails Cost?

Achieving the dream of having long and well-shaped nails requires regular maintenance, and opting for acrylic nails comes at a higher cost than a simple polish change. The exact price of a set of acrylic nails may differ depending on your location and choice of salon. However, it is reasonable to expect to pay around $50 to $60 or more. At Vanity Projects, a full set of acrylic nails costs $75, while a fill-in costs $55, in addition to the price of gel polish – should you prefer that for your manicure.

Do Acrylic Nails Damage Your Natural Nails?

Generally speaking, the acrylic nails should not cause any damage to your natural nails if you look them after well. Acrylic nails are a safe and stylish option for enhancing your nails, provided that they are properly maintained and removed. To keep them in good condition, it is important to have them regularly filled and keep them clean and dry, which will prevent bacteria from proliferating and causing infections. By following these simple steps, acrylic nails can be just as safe as any other type of artificial nail.

So guys, these are the few important questions and answers about acrylic nails that you should know before visiting the salon. We hope that you have got a clear idea of what acrylic nails are, how to maintain them and how much will they cost you after reading this article. If you found this piece of information useful then please share it with your friends and family on social media. Also please leave your feedback in the comments section below.

And yes, if you want to get more inspiration on acrylic nails designs then head over to Instagram which is full of beautiful nail pictures that can inspire your day!

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  1. I have been longing to have the Acrylic Nails for long. But I am worried about it and have many questions. You have answered many doubts already in this article and I want to thank you for that. But in your opinion what is the main disadvantage of acrylic nails?

    • HI Amelia, your question is valid and thanks for asking. There are a few important considerations to keep in mind when it comes to artificial nails. While there are no major drawbacks, it is crucial to be cautious. If you choose to wear artificial nails for an extended period, regular touch-ups every 2 to 3 weeks will be necessary to address the gaps that form as your natural nails grow. It’s important to note that frequent touch-ups can potentially harm your natural nails, leaving them thin, brittle, and dehydrated.

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