A Simple DIY Manicure Guide for Perfect Gorgeous Nails!

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Have you always been dreaming for those gorgeous and perfect nails women get from salon treatments? It is quite obvious to dream for such beautiful nails and gorgeous hands! DIY manicure is a perfect art which can be mastered at home! If you think only salons can get you a perfect manicure and enviable nails, you would completely get mesmerized by this awesome DIY manicure guide!

This amazing DIY manicure guide includes various steps, basic products and instructions which would get you awesome manicure at home! For gorgeous and adorable nails, you must try pampering your nails with lots of care and nourishment! Manicures are for making the nails look gorgeous and thickened! Along with the nails, the surrounding areas and the knuckles are treated. This would eliminate pigmentation and dark skin while making the nails look gorgeous! Here are several cool tips and process to follow for a gorgeous and salon rich DIY manicure at home!

DIY Manicure Guide

DIY Manicure Guide

1. Cleanse Your Nails and Remove Existing Nail Polish

If you already have a shade of nail pain on your nails, you need to first remove this nail paint. You can choose amazing nail paint removers with refreshing fragrance, citrus component and a mild effect on your skin. This would help in eliminating the nail polish faster and would also cleanse your skin around the nails.

In a gentle way remove the nail pain and soak your nails in baking soda water. Soak for 5 minutes and then tap it dry. This is the basic cleansing process which would kick out the existing patchy nail paint agent you cleansed nails!

2. Trim and File Your Nails

Correct shape of nails would definitely get your hands look gorgeous! If you feel that your nails are grown in an improper fashion, go for trimming the nails. Also if you want a different shape for your nails, you can try trimming them accordingly!

There are numerous shapes like round, square, almond etc which would get you a cool look every time! After selecting the correct shape and trimming your nails, file them beautifully. Learn how to files the nails for no sharp and edgy ends which can hurt you! Thus complete the trimming and filing process in a gentle way!

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3. Pamper Your Cuticles

Nail cuticles are needed to be handled with care. You must soften and moisturize them to make your manicure look more impactful and beautiful! You can get a filer and soften your cuticles. You can soak it in a foam based gel and make it immensely soft and smooth! Then apply the cuticle softener cream over the nails and cuticles.  You must select a mild cream or lotion to soften your cuticles and pamper them! This process would settle the cuticles ad avoid any sharpness or hurting during manicure!

4. Soak Your Hands and Apply Moisturizer

Now it’s time to cleanse your hands for making the entire hand look gorgeous and refreshing. You can also apply little almond oil, rub it on your hands and fingers for smoothness. Then soak your hands and fingers in a bowl full of soapy fluid.

Let it stay for some time and rinse. Tap dry your hands with a smooth towel! Apply a soothing moisturizer which would soften and blossom your skin making it look bright ad gorgeous! Use a mild moisturizer which gets easily absorbed by the skin. This is to avoid dryness and itchiness!

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5. Go For The First Nail Polish Coat

After a few minutes of applying moisturizer, you can remove the moist effect by using a cotton ball soaked in the nail paint remover. This would help in reducing the moist skin and would help in letting the nail polish settle well on your nails.

The first coat is quite important as it would allow the second coat to settle perfectly on the nails making it look beautifully applied! Thus go for the first coat and apply it evenly. Remember, the first coat should be mild and thin. Do not rush and make it thicker. Apply minimum strokes as possible!

6. Choose Your Nail Polish Shade and Apply

You can let the first coat dry gently and after a few minutes, you can apply the nail paint which you want to get on your nails. From the base to the ends of your nails cover each and every corner of your nails with maximum 3 stokes and gentle application.

Do not use immensely thick and bright drop. Cover the entire nail with thin nail pain and 3 strokes at the max! This is the way to master the beautiful art of applying nail paint!

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7. Apple The Second Coat of Nail Paint

If you observe, the first coat would simply leave some gaps and light effect which would not look beautiful and pretty as expected. For the gorgeous cover and complete nail paint, go for the second coat. This second coat would simply hide all the gaps and make the nail polish perfectly applied. Keep a gap of at least 10-15 minutes between each coat application for best results!

8. Finally, Go For The Final Coat

If you want your nail paint and manicure last for long, you must apply the final coat for making it well settled and look bright. You can choose the watercolor coat to get it a glossy and bright effect! This would also protect your gorgeous nail paint shade and would also get a divine glow on your nails. For long lasting and perfectly sculpted nails, end up the coats with this final cover!

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9. Try Various Nail Arts If You Want

Nail arts are trending with too much craze these days. Women love to experiment with different shades and patterns for nail art. You can get amazing nail art kit and apply it once the final coat of nail paint is done. You can use bright shades, geometrical prints, metallic nail arts and glitter on your nails for a refreshing twist!

This is the basic and awesome process to make your nails look flawless! The DIY manicure guide would not only help to make your nails look gorgeous and perfectly done but would also strengthen, moisturize and brighten up the skin over your fingers. A perfect DIY manicure is the one which not only makes the nail look stunning but also which makes the fingers and hand complement the nails in the best possible way!

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