How to Do Cat Eye Makeup Step by Step?

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Cat eye makeup is also known as Lauren Conrad’s look and it is a flirty trick that every girl have included in her beauty routine nowadays. The makeup is dramatic with the taste of classic beauty. This makeup look is not at all the easiest makeup look to master but if you use the right tool and right techniques you will be soon applying the eye flick like a professional. Look beautiful and seductive.

Since nobody can be a pro at the first attempt but like they say “Practice makes man perfect”, some practice and few tricks for getting the right flick can have you rocking this makeup look in no time. So without wasting any more time let us learn how to do a cat eye makeup step by step using two different methods.

How to Do a Cat Eye Makeup?

Cat Eye Makeup; Look beautiful and seductive.

Method 1: Free Hand Flick

Step 1: Draw The Outline and Find The Angle

Draw the outline and find the angle
  • Start the makeup base with light coloured eyeshadow to prime your eyelid allowing smooth application of eyeliner.
  • This will help eyeliner to stay put and will not rub off.
  • Then lower your upper eyelid and start by drawing the line from the middle of your eyelid as close to the eyes lashes as possible.
  • Depending on how dramatic you want to create the look, make the line thin or thick and determine the width accordingly.
  • The reason for doing it is because the line will always look small when you will open your eyes. You can go for a thin line for the subtle look.
  • You would require the little bit of practice and can start with either short strokes or draw a single stroke of eyeliner close to your lashes.

Step 2: Draw a Triangle

Draw a triangle
  • Hold your brush against the side of the nose and angle the brush towards the end of the eyebrow. This is the point where you would want your wings to follow.
  • Once you find the right angle, put a dot to mark the tip of your wings and draw the line to connect the dots and to the outer edges creating a triangle.
  • Do not stretch your skin while drawing the line because when you will release the crease, it will go back to normal. Instead, tilt your head to the back and lower your lash line.

Step 3: Fill The Triangle

Fill the triangle
  • Use the liquid eyeliner to fill the triangle and make sure you apply it smoothly. If you have marked the dot little higher, the eye makes up will be thicker and more dramatic.
  • Ensure that the dots are marked at the same height and angle on both the sides.

Step 4: Connect The Triangle to Your Lash Line

Connect the triangle to your lash line

Apply another coat of eyeliner to connect triangle with your lash line. So basically, you are applying your normal eyeliner from inner corner to the triangle.

Step 5: Clean Up The Mistakes

Clean up the mistakes

There are chances that you did not get it correct for the first time, so use a Q-tip to erase the smudges or the area that you need to sharpen.

Step 6: Apply Mascara

Apply mascara

Once the cat eyeliner dries out, finish your makeup look with few coats of favourite mascara. See if both your eyes look symmetrical. Once you have mastered the overall look, wear it for a night out or on a date, or just the signature look for everyday use.

Method 2: Using Tape

Step 1-

Apply eyeshadow using tape

Start by applying eyeshadow all the way up to the crease and lash line. Use the colour that matches your skin tone.

Do not use eye concealer because when you will use tape to draw the line, it will take off the concealer. Tape can also remove the eyeshadow in that particular area.

Step 2-

Remove excess glue using tape

Take a small piece of tape and remove the excess glue by tapping it on the back of the hand.This will make tape gentler on the skin around your eyes.

Steps 3-

Stick the tape

Stick the tape towards the outer corner of the eyes.

  • Place it just beneath the lower lashes and make an angle towards the top of your temple area. To create more dramatic eye makeup look, place the tape to the end of the eyebrows.
  • This will give thicker line. Make sure you press the clear tape on your skin to avoid the liquid eyeliner bleed through.

Step 4-

Apply eyeliner

Finally, apply the eyeliner and make a thick line drawing towards the outer corner. Apply the cat eyeliner smoothly.

Tilt your head to the back and lower your eyelids. This way you will be able to see the lash line.

Step 5-

Extend eyeliner using tape

Extend the eyeliner towards the corner of the eyes using the tape. Draw thinner liner towards the corner end.

It is completely up to you how long or short you want the flick to be. Remember, longer and thicker it is, more dramatic and more classic your cat eyes will be.

Step 6-

Retouch base shadow and concealer

Slowly peel off the tape and give a little touch up if required. When you will remove the tape, you will be able to see the crisp and sharp line.

In case your eyeshadow was removed by tape, fill more eyeshadow and patch it up. Give a little retouch to your base shadow and concealer.

Step 7-

Apply multiple coats of mascara

Finally, apply multiple coats of mascara or your can use fake eyelashes for fuller eyes. Apply a single coat to the bottom lashes.

Few Tips to Remember and Off Course to Follow

There are some cat eyes makeup tips that will surely save some time, some mess:

  • Single tip or felt tip eyeliners are easier to use and give a good amount of control.
  • While doing your cat eye makeup, make sure you pull your hair back to prevent any last minute mess.
  • The thicker your eye wing, more classic or retro it would look.
  • When using your pencil eyeliner, make sure it is very sharp for sharp lines. To achieve the darker look, you need to layer it multiple times.
  • You can experiment with the height and the length and also the angle to find out what looks best on you.
  • If you are not good with straight lines, use the business card or credit card. For drawing curved lines, try with the spoon.
  • Liquid liners are perfect for creating cat eye makeup but if you are not used to using liquid eyeliners it can get little difficult to use at first. Therefore, try gel based liner for first attempts because it won’t smudge as well.
  • You can also start by applying gel liner first and then fill the triangle or lines with liquid liner. This will help in creating dark, nice look without any fear of running liquid liner.

A well-carved cat eye is one of the versatile makeup looks from many years. When the cat eye makeup look is worn with a sheer lipstick and little touch of blush, it completes the look for that Sunday brunch. When it’s done with a little vampy lip and heavy mascara, it is transformed into an ideal night look. Hence, we completely agree that cat eye makeup is one skill that all the ladies should learn sooner or later to experiment with different time of the day with the same style.

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