Line up your beautiful eyes with the best styles!

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Some Secret Tips For Using The Eyeliner

  • For those having shaking hands while applying the eyeliner, hold your eyes for having good control over the shaking.
  • Get the right shade of the eyeliner according to the makeup you would be going with instead of going with that classic black color always.
  • For those using a pencil, make sure you blend it on a regular basis for that natural appearance.
  • Replace the black eyeliners with nude for the inner lids, resulting in bright looking eyes.
  • Use credit cards or other such cards for getting that perfect stroke giving you the best cat eye look.
  • If you are going to use liquid eyeliner, make sure you begin with tracing in pencil priory.
  • As your liner messes, run for a cotton swab rather than other tricks to remove the mess along with makeup remover.
  • After applying liquid liner, make sure you allow it to dry for some seconds and then open your eyes.
  • For long lasting eyeliners, apply the primers first before using the eyeliner, pencil or gel.
Different Eyeliner Ideas for your beautiful eyes

Different Eyeliner Ideas You Would Love To Apply-For your beautiful eyes.

Eyeliners simply add magic to the look of your beautiful eyes. Simple a dark stroke of the eyeliners would transform thefacial look, especially the eyes. There would be no makeup styling that would be complete without that dark black line over the eyelids. They simply help you boost your facial look with a dramatic touch. No matter whether you go for an eye pencil, liquid liners, or gel liners, you would be provided with the best eyeliner styles for that bold and wild look.

When it comes to using the eyeliner, there are a number of different tricks and tips that give out the best results with the desired finishing look to the eyes. Here are some of the best eyeliner ideas for decorating the eyes to give them a distinguished look.

1. Classic Black Eyeliner-For your beautiful eyes.

Classic Black Eyeliner

The classic black eyeliner is among the best eyeliner ideas for the beginners. It comes similar to the cat eyeliner, with a dark flaunting slight curve line over the eyelids sharpening on the inner ends.They are adapted for a simplified look by the girls getting ready for a small occasion in casuals or evening parties.

2. Winged Line Eyeliners-For your beautiful eyes.

Winged Line Eyeliners

Nothing can give you that retro touch except the winged eyeliner styles. With a bold look, the eyeliner is given a thicker stroke on the eyelids, which slants and gets a thick curve on the end forming a wing shape. The winged shaped eyeliners come with a sharp corner in either straight or curved line.

3. Dark Angel Eyeliner-For your beautiful eyes.

Dark Angel Eyeliner

Want to add some themed look to your eyes and makeup! The dark angel appearance is the ideal one to select which comes with both black and silver shades on the eyelids and below the eyelids giving a curvy opening. The dark angel look is mostly combined with colors of which, one is black and the other is based on golden or silver grounds.

4. Glitter Eyeliner-For your beautiful eyes.

Glitter Eyeliner

This has been a widely opted look for festivals or marriages. The eyeshadow and the eyeliner are given similar color effects, while a thin line is drawn with ended curve forming an eyeliner. The glitter eyeliner can be used in a number of designs with curves, dark lines, in either gold, silver or other colors.

5. Pastel Eyeliners-For your beautiful eyes.

Pastel Eyeliners

One of the trendy eyeliner looks that give a colorful look to the eyes is the pastel eyeliner styles. The eyeliner is made using either a single color or combination of various colors forming a rainbow on the eyelids in a curve and sharp end.

6. White Eyeliner For Inner Corners-For your beautiful eyes.

White Eyeliner For Inner Corners

The white colored liquid eyeliner styles are much helpful in giving your eyes a brighter look. It simply adds some lavishness to the eyes with curve beak like ends in the inner corner with thick strokes.

7. Smudge Eyeliner

Smudge Eyeliner

Preparing to go smoky look for any party! The smudged eyeliner would give you the best look with an eyeliner shade giving black a greyish look. The eye corners and both the upper and lower portion are given similar effect using black eyeliner and spreading it out.

8. Coral Eyeliner-For your beautiful eyes.

Coral Eyeliner

A magnificent look is obtained for daytime events and parties with the help of liquid eyeliner styles by forming a coral designer. The eyeliner is given a sharp curve in the upward direction forming a triangle. You can go for any color for the same, however, black is widely used.

9. Asian Style Eyeliner-For your beautiful eyes.

Asian Style Eyeliner

The winged eyeliner styles are given a new decorative touch when it is mixed with other colors with black. The eyeliner is made with long curves in separate style giving the eyes a long look. To make it more adorable glitters is also added to it.

10. Graphic Eyeliner-For your beautiful eyes.

Graphic Eyeliner

If you are looking for eyeliner ideas for beginners the graphic designs would be perfect for you. With a number of variations, they come with dark black forming different geometrical shapes. You can also make the pattern using colorful eyeliners.

Let us see the cool tips for applying black eyeliner in different ways.

11. Sharpie Eyeliner-For your beautiful eyes.

Sharpie Eyeliner

Sharpie eyeliners are popular for their floral looks they give out. With lovely colors, they make floral designs on the upper eyelid, and can also be made on the lower portion. The upper eyeliner is given broad base which is perfect for the girls having small eyes.

12. Dual Layered Eyeliner-For your beautiful eyes.

Dual Layered Eyeliner

The dual-layered eyeliners have been the most opted winged eyeliner styles that are also given dual color shades. The eyeliner is given a dark and thick winged look which is further joined with another below it. The lower eyelid is given a smudge effect in black and golden.

13. Shimmering Eyeliner-For your beautiful eyes.

Shimmering Eyeliner

The liquid eyeliner styles are mostly adopted for special occasions or parties. The eyeliner is given a wavy look on both the corners in black, while the upper lid is given a shimmering effect with dual colors in the shiny layer.

14. Eye Shape Eyeliner Styles-For your beautiful eyes.

Eye Shape Eyeliner Styles

If you are not good at getting any kind of styles, the eye shape eyeliner is the perfect design for you. All you need to do is stretch out the lines according to the shape of your eye and you are done. You can carry out with black or any other colorful eyeliner, mostly gel or liquid.

15. Gothic Eyeliner Style-

Gothic Eyeliner Style

Gothic eyeliner is a combination of both smudge eyeliner and shimmering eyeliner with a dotted border effect. The eyeliner is made of greyish black colors with dark black ink border on the eyelids. The inner corner of the eyes is also given a dotted border to give it a tiger eye look.

16. Vampire Eyeliner Style-For attention untold.

Vampire Eyeliner Style

Vampire look is one of the best liquid eyeliner styles. It is given dark upper and lower eyelids in black and red color. The eyeshadow is also given a dark color while the lower eyelid is given embossed falling lines for giving it actual effect.

17. Emo Eyeliner-For an out of the world look.

Emo Eyeliner

Emo eyeliners have been worn mostly by the teens preparing for parties or even for outings. This eye makeup is simple to apply as the inner eye is filled completely with eyeliner in dark black color. With points on both the corners, it gives the best outline effect.

18. Vintage Eyeliner Style-Beautifully sharp.

Vintage Eyeliner Style

This kind of winged eyeliner styles is also known as mirror effect styles. The liner carried out on the eyelid is simply copied over on the upper side forming the same curve in dark and thick outlines. They give a complimenting look when the eyes are closed.

19. Arabic Eyeliner-Exquisite.

Arabic Eyeliner

Arabic eyeliners come in dark shades built in horizontal shades. The eyes are given a dark and thick border with darker eyeshades. The eyeshadows are also given a triangular glitter and black horizontal line shades. The lower side of the eye is also given thick black lines that come with golden filling in it.

20. Egyptian Eyeliner-Sleek and seductive.

Egyptian Eyeliner

The Egyptian eyeliners ideas are well known for the long ending lines they come with. Usually carried out in dark black color, they are now also given greyish or any other color shade that covers the complete eye along with the upper eyelid. They can also be stretched with a single line or other shapes inspired by the Egyptian mythology.


The eyeliners are generally stretched out on the basis of the shape of the eye or according to the facial shape. No doubt the pencil eyeliner is quite popular and the basic one, women are now moving towards the cream eyeliner or the liquid eyeliner. They are hard to use but give a completely finishing look whether you go with curves or straight lines. However, if you are willing to for a darker and bold look, you better go with the gel eyeliner.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your best suitable eyeliner and give yourself that wildcat looks for a stunning impression.

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