Eyeliner Tricks : How To Apply Eyeliner Correct Way!

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Can you imagine a look without an eyeliner? Eyeliners help in enhancing the beauty of the eyes, giving them a smouldering and shining look. Do you wonder how the celebrities are able to apply the eyeliner in a perfect smudge-proof manner and are able to carry them for the entire day or event? Well, it is not an unachievable thing, and you could also get that smashing look, with some easy to follow tricks. Given below are the fantastic eyeliner tricks, using which, you could also get those fabulous eyes.

Eyeliner Tricks

Eyeliner Tricks

1. Retain The Eye Makeup For A Longer Time By Applying A Matching Eye Shadow

How To Apply Matching Eye Shadow?

Using a pencil liner, do a lining on the eyes. Dust it with eyeshadow on the top of the brow with the same shade, so that the liner is kept in place. This will help it from getting smudged.

2. Use Pencil Liner For Guiding You In Applying The Tricky Liquid Eyeliner

Tricky Liquid Eyeliner

With this liquid eyeliner tricks, you would be able to apply the liner perfectly. For applying a liquid liner, your hand needs to be steady. But, if you line the eyes with a pencil liner first, you can easily apply the liquid liner over it.

3. White Eyeliner Tricks Will Help In Making The Pigmented Eyeshadow Appear Vibrant

White Eyeliner Tricks

The white eyeliner will help in nullifying the color of the skin. It will create an even base for the shadow so that the color will pop out. It can easily help in making the eyes appear big or small.

4. Using Eyeshadow And Wet Liner Brush, You Can Create Your Own Unique Customized Eyeliner

Unique Customized Eyeliner

The wet liner brush will help in darkening the pigments so that a sharp look for your eyes can be created.

5. If Your Lids Are Mono Lids, Use Liquid Liner Or Gel For Drawing A Thick Arch.

Liquid Liner Or Gel

If your eyelids are such that they end up hiding the eyeliner, then you should try to draw an arched line first, above the lashes. Draw it a little thick. Now, when you open the eyes, the line will be of perfect size.

6. Uplift Your Eyes Instantly By Highlighting Them With White Eyeliner

Highlighting With White Eyeliner
Using a thick white eyeliner, do a lining above and below the eyebrows. Then, use a sponge brush for smudging it out. This will give a good definition to the eyebrows.

7. Warm The Kohl Liner Tip Using A Lighter To Make Your Very Own Special Gel Liner

Kohl Liner Tip

Ignite the lighter and the hold the liner tip above the lighter flame just for few seconds. For testing purposes, line the pencil on the back of the hand. If it looks good, you can use it to line the eyes.

8. Draw Rough Lines First, And Use Petroleum Jelly And Cotton Swab To Sharpen It.

How To Draw Rough Eyelines?

If you are struggling to get that perfect line, try drawing a rough line to start with. After that, use the petroleum jelly and cotton swap for sharpening it. You can easily erase the mistakes, rather than trying to perfect it the first time itself.

9. Give A Natural Look By Tight-Lining The Liner

Natural Look By Tight-Lining The Liner

Apply it between the lashes rather than on top of lash line. When you apply the liner in between the lashes, you give your eyes a very natural look. Apply the liner from under the lashes. This gives a fuller look to the lashes, without making it look too made up.

10. Connecting The Dots Is Easier Than Drawing A Straight Line.

Connecting Dots For A Straight Line
Drawing a straight line with wavering hands is a tough task. It is easier to draw dots and connect them. So, using the liner, make small dots and then connect them. These dots should not be too big and should be of the same size of the width that you want.

11. Use Light Colour And Dark Colour Liner To Give An Eye-Opening Effect.

Light And Dark Colour Liner

Starting from the inner edge of the eye, try to line the first 3/4th of the lash line with a lighter eyeliner, like a white liner. After that, take a dark liner and line the outer corner of the eye. Move it toward the centre of the eye and stop it half-way. Grabbing a sponge brush, try to blend the mid-section where the lighter and darker shades can overlap.

12. Give A Cat-Eye Shape Using The Curves And Edges Of The Spoon

Cat Eye Shape
Using the spoon’s handle, try to draw an angled line. Then, use the spoon’s curve for creating a shape. Slowly, fill it in for finishing the flick.

13. Freeze The Crumbly Eyeliner In The Freezer For 10 Minutes, Before Lining The Eyes.

Crumbly Eyeliner

If your eyeliner is crumbled, it might end up messing the eye makeup completely. So, try to freeze the liner in the freezer for 10 minutes so that it gets back its shape.

14. Use Skin-Coloured Eyeliner For Fixing Up All The Smudges

Skin-Coloured Eyeliner

It is only natural that the liner will get smudged. But, if it is smudged a little too much, then, you could use the skin-coloured liner to remove the smudges and wiping away the damages. That way, you do not need to start it off all over again. This will also help in giving a super-sharp line.

15. Edges Of Business Card Can Give A Perfect Flick

How To Get A Perfect Flick?

Do you wish to get that perfect flick at the edge of the eyes? Using freehand drawing might give shaky lines. So, use the edge of the business card and draw the line on the edge, for giving that perfect straight flick.

16. White liner lining can give a bigger and fuller look to the eyes.

White Eyeliner
When you line the inner rims of the eyes with darker eyeliner, you will get smokey eyes. And, it will also make your eyes look slimmer. To give it a fuller, brighter and bigger look, use a white liner.

17. For transforming day look into a night look, use a glitter line.

How To Use a Glitter Line?
If you wish to give a transformation to your day look, so that it looks good for the night, you can use a glitter liner. You just need to use the glitter liner and trace it above the existing liner.

18. Draw hashtags on the outer edge of the eyelid and smudge it with the sponge. This will give a perfect smoky look.

Perfect Smoky Look
Did you ever think that drawing hashtags could help in giving you that much-desired smokey look? Yes, keep drawing the hashtags over the outer edge of the lid, and keep smudging it, so that you get a smokier and darker look.

19. This Winged Eyeliner Trick Will Give You A Beautiful Flick

Winged Eyeliner Trick
Use the winged eyeliner tricks for drawing it in a backward direction. This will make it easy for determining where the flick will end.

20. Mascara Can Be Used As Eyeliner Along With Liner Brush

Mascara As Eyeliner
Even if you do not have an eyeliner, you could use the brush of the mascara for lining the eye.

21. Flatter Your Look By Using Brown Rather Than Black

Brown Eyeliner
Ashy brown eyeliner gives a more flattering look when compared to black liners. It works on all eyes shapes and colors.

Given below are some more eyeliner tricks, which will make your eyes look shining and bright:

  • You can use a taupe colored eyeliner for opening up the eyes. Yes, taupe is a lighter shade and adds a subtle drama to the eyes so that the eyes look bigger. They don’t make them look heavy.
  • You can use the mascara as a liner when you are in a hurry. Yes, these are for those days when you are rushed up and do not have enough time to spend on your eyes. For such days, mascara can be used as eyeliner. You can curl up your lashes and add 2 to 3 coats of mascara. For that, you will have to press and hold the lash wand on the root of lashes. This will deposit the mascara between eye roots, which will give an eye-opening effect to the eyes.
  • You can trace a cat eye with the help of pencil first. If you need a precise look, which requires the use of liquid liner first, then you should try to draw a shape that you want, using a soft brown eyeliner. It is easier to clean up the liquid liner, and you would be able to get a perfect shape.
  • For a winged liner, use post-it sticker. Place the post-it sticker on the outer edge of eyes to brows, which will help in directing the flick. This will act like a guide for making sure that they are evenly applied on both sides.
  • For erasing the mistakes, makeup primer works better than a makeup remover. Using a makeup remover requires a good amount of expertise otherwise, you would end up messing the whole makeup.
  • You can smudge the gel liner with the concealer brush for giving a smoky effect to the eyes. You can run the concealer brush front and back against the eyeliner tip till the brush is completely coated. Also, you can use that for smudging the liner. A brush can give you more control.
  • For people having mono lids, one should create a thick line with the brush and try to buff it.
  • Match the liner with the shadow for creating that unexpected combination. When you double the liner and shadow to make it budge-proof, it also becomes ultra-modern.
  • Look into the mirror for getting a better precision. Use handheld mirror instead of the bathroom mirror. Keep it in the counter, and lower yourself to look down at it. This will give you a clear view of the lashes, and you would not commit any mistake.

Brown Eyes Require Special Makeup

Brown eyes look very beautiful, and when the right eye makeup is applied, they look even prettier. Given below are some eyeliner tricks for brown eyes:

1. Eyeshadow

Apply gold, purple, blue or metallic eyeshadow: Gold gives the necessary glitter to the brown eyes. The golden eyeshadow on the eyelids will help in highlighting the golden specks in the eyes. The metallic shades such as bronze and copper can make the eyes stand out. The purple shadow can add layers to the eyes. You can apply the dark purple shade on the bottom of the eyelid, and use a light shade on the top of the lid. This blending will give a gradient of colour on the lids. The blue shadows, such as pale blue, navy blue, midnight blue, can also be used as layers for adding that fantastic glow to the brown eyes. You could also put the blue shadow on 1 half, and apply the gold on the remaining half. A blending of both colours will give a fantastic naturally fading look.

2. Mascara and Eyeliner

You can play with the eyeliners, for adding dimension and color to the brown eyes. An emerald green eyeliner on the top and the bottom lids to give a bold look to the eyes. Blue or purple liner can make the eyes look outstanding. You can use the eyeliner along with a little bit of mascara for creating that subtle look. And, if you add gold eyeshadow to it, it will give your eyes that bold look.

3. White Eyeliner

A white eyeliner can add some coolness quotient to the eyes, and make them pop out. Apply a thin layer of the white liner on the top lid so that your eyes open up, and have more dimension to them. And, if you wish to make the eyes look smaller, then, you could apply them on the lower lash.

These were some of the eyebrow tips and tricks that you should follow while doing the eye makeup. Eye makeup is essential for the complete face and gives that necessary edge to the eyes, making them sparkling and shining. Give your beautiful eyes a magical look, and let your eyes do all the talking. Your eyes would become the talk of the town.

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